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We are an impoverished lot.


Try to remember peace
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Evlyn, a gifted and wonderful person recently left tabletop gaming for good. She brightened our days with art and creativity, but we're apparently too married to our regurgitated Gygax, Clark-Ashton Smith and Jack Kirby. Fuck that.

I'm done buying games from people I can't look in the eye. I'm done with mealy-mouthed 'both sides', or people defending assholes from the shit they jumped in themselves. I've been done with most of these stains for a good while, but now I am purging. We fucking need to care more bout people that our toys.

I played "Fais pas le con, Bob!" with her and the author a few weeks ago. It is a game about exploring a person's past as they are deciding whether life is worth living. She drew this doodle while we played, and it sort of contains the whole plot. This is what we've lost.

I think Evlyn will do well. She is talented and has a ton of ideas. She has good friends that do underground comics. It's us who are stuck here in each other's sour stink.
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