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[Weapons of the Gods], Tell me about it

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Thanks almost entirely to this thread, I have just recently found out about Weapons of the Gods. Went on to DriveThruRPG to find out more, see that it's written by Borgstrom and right up my alley as far as content is concerned (wuxia Big-Damn-Heroing? FUCK YEAH!).

But as much as I like Borgstrom, I find her writing style to be a bit...labyrinthine sometimes.

So how does this system handle being a Big Damn Hero and doing Beyond the Impossible? 'cause that's what it seems to be selling me.

If it doesn't, then what does it do well? What does it do poorly?

The search function seems to be down on the forum for me, so I apologize if this thread has been made before.

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It has truly amazing fluff and a fairly well-put-together combat systems (a few flaws, but still pretty good).

There's a successor game in the works, Legends of the Wulin, but you should still get WotG so you can read Dr. Moran's amazing fluff, which are nothing short of perfect for explaining the culture of Mythic China. (All the setting material is about culture and milieu--it doesn't really say anything at all about geography.)

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The game itself is pretty awesome. It has a pretty solid fighting system (with a couple bugs, as Rand mentioned) and a very nicely done though occasionally difficult to understand social system. And the fluff is awesome.

You can definitely be a Big Damn Hero. It's part of the core assumption of the game.

Going "Beyond the Impossible"... less so. There's certainly that stuff *described*, but there's not a whole lot of mechanical support for big world altering things that aren't impressive ways to punch people, you'd have to write that yourself, and it's not something that's likely to be accessible to starting characters.


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I was excited. I bought it.
And then I had to slog through to read and grok it. It's horribly edited/laid out and Borgstrom's writing is... It's "needlessly overwrought" if I want to stay polite.


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From my experience the game does 1 on 1 duels very well. Turns for teams of multiple named characters could get slow. This may be solved in the next edition.


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Sadly the one chance I had to play it only got about two sessions in -- but those two sessions were packed full of awesome. Over-the-top Kung Fu fun was had by all. I enjoyed their combat system more than their social, but both had lots of potential. Some basic understanding of the setting can be gotten just from the sourcebook (I'd never read the comics, personally), and they had some really neat twists on classic RPG abilities. For instance, there was a merit (or quality, or edge, or whatever they called them) that let you have ties to a legendary artifact, some knowledge of it, maybe you were fated to someday get it...but it served as a plot hook for the GM, not just as a power up for the PC; now the GM can try to work The Flawless Seventh Blade (or whatever) into the campaign, instead of the PC starting with it and that being that.

It's a fun little game. I miss it.


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It is definitely one of my favourite games, and even though I´ve shifted over to using the sleek engine of Legends of the Wulin*, I´ll always treasure the lovely compendium of Moranian prose. The setting material is cool, colorful, poetic and evocative - the worst thing about it (apart from the lack of a proper index!) being possibly that it sets the bar so high that it gave me performance angst before I learned to just throw that out the window and cut loose with the exciting stuff.

The system, though buggy and target of excessive errata-ing that solved some initial problems and underlind others, still served to bring me some of the most action-packed and exciting fights that I´ve ever had the pleasure of playing through in a roleplaying game. Back then, we gave some serious thought into adapting the engine for Exalted (but gave up due to the excessive amount of work it would take to make something like Charms fit in!).

As people might have stated already, it is not so much about "doing the impossible" - you do play Big Damn Heroes in the wuxia tradition and they are hella powerful, but it is nothing at all like (say) Exalted and its´ stated theme of punching out gods and breaking the pillars of Heaven. It is very high-powered kung fu-flavored, SFX-heavy kung fu action in the vein of Storm Riders/ Storm Warriors, basically. The Saint Seya conversion basically aims a little higher in power than WotG stands by default.

* Note: being a writer, I´m hella partisan. But still.
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I looked at the eos stie but maybe someone can clearify, is Legends of Wulin a new version of Weapons of the Gods?


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Legends of the Wulin is a direct sequel to Weapons of the Gods. It derives from its ideas but expands upon them for the better. It's going to be good, and very beautiful. Full disclosure: I was one of the editors of the manuscript.


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Legends of the Wulin is a direct sequel to Weapons of the Gods. It derives from its ideas but expands upon them for the better. It's going to be good, and very beautiful. Full disclosure: I was one of the editors of the manuscript.
ok, so I take it Legends is not out yet?

also, is it worth it to track down a copy of Weapons before getting Legends?

and grats :)
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