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Weird Chargen Question


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To followup on what johnthedm said... You could also set some sort of destiny/clan mechanic. Same homeland? do you hate the clan the other is from? Would you die for them, try to kill them. and all of this can be done at the table; So Bob picks the Dark Kingdom of Agather and so does Steph. Later in the process Bob is a noble steph a recently freed slave.. So the Destiny says they have to come up with why they are on this journey together. They dont like each other, want each other dead? or one secertly desires the other? or they have both sworn to do something to help both their families... Character depth created, by choice. That gets you buy in and that makes a huge difference in such situations.


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The notion of blind bid mirrors how character creation works in Amber, where players bid to be the best in a stat. You could do something similar, only in a series of rounds (bidding for each nation in turn).

I'd just go with random though, if people can't agree


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You could do a blind bid. Each player gets X points to spend. They divide those points among their homeland choices, spending more on the choice they prefer. Reveal all bids and highest wins for each homeland. Ties negate each other, effectively wasting those points. Make X a fairly high number.
I think a way to make blind bid less wasteful is the highest bidder loses points equal the least of his bid or the sum of competiting bids. That way if you bid 10 and then discover others only bid 1,1,2 then you lose 4 rather than 4. The losing bids lose their bid points of course.


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1. Each player has a PC from a different homeland.

Is the character's homeland so defining or are the characters so similar that this must be this way?

Are there enough homelands for my group with its nine players?
Are you limited to the number of players?
And if your answer is, well if you have more players than homelands so someone will have a duplicate home... then why is this so defined?

The main trope of the grouping of pc’s is that a code of peace requires penitence on pilgrimage with persons the PC would never associate with normally.
So if a homeland is large enough you could have people who are part of the same country that do not "play well with each other". Thus people with the same homeland, but different sub sections or other variations, serving the same purpose. Plus other difference like rich/poor or which side of the water line you are on or my county was annexed by your country -i.e. Lorraine (or would that county have to be a separate homeland?)

So your game forces us to all build characters at one time together. Or you might build several characters, then have to toss them aside because of homeland selection.

2a. Homeland could be chosen but then locked out for other players to choose. Downside: who chooses first? Second? etc. (random?)

Start around the table from the GM to the left. Or pull cards from a 52 card deck and go from high to low.

If you gave players some kind of meta currency (spare points to buy first spot in a given round. Unspent spare points convert to starting EP or advancement checks.

Again... why?

2b. Homeland could be randomly rolled for, but future rolls would need to disallow repeat. Downside: gets clunky.
2c. Homeland cannot be based on a unique card draw/chit draw/etc. Downside: fiat decision, no fiddly bits allowed.

Why not? 2C would be just the same as 2b and not clunky.

2d. Varied "homeland" character sheets could be used (sort of a PbtA thing, stealing the notion of "playbooks" -- but there is some criticism of this extra if the only driving element is homeland variation.

Again, your playtesters are not seeing enough value in homeland to warrant different character sheet. It also makes the GM's life tougher as they have to have one or more copies of each homeland's sheet should unforseen things happen to the copy.

2e. Bidding (what?) build points for first choice, etc.
3. Is there a good reference RPG that has something like this
Amber Diceless - a classic that is all about bidding. Then you should investigate it and Lords of Gossamer and Shadows. Some people love it. Some people hate it. YMMV.

4. Is there an easy solution with a d100 table or a matrix sort of thing, like a d10xd10 or d6xd6 type of thing, which would push dice roll results into categories "open" (i.e., away from others already allocated)?

Again, you thought 2b was clunky, this would not be any different.
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