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Weird West Characters went to Fantasy


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In my current Campaign, my Weird West (Ghost Mountain ... quite similar to Deadlands) Characters went through a Portal and are now in a Fantasy World. Now I am thinking about cool Scenarios that shows the differences between these Worlds.

My first Ideas for big differences are:
-) Pantheon(s) vs a single God
-) Fantasy Races
-) High Magic (they already know magic, but not in such a bombastic way as high-level DnD)
-) A Dragon. They already fought many Demons/Monsters so fighting against Fantasy Monsters is nothing special, but a mighty Dragon is still something they have not seen.
-) No Guns or Bullets.

So a good Scenario would be to throw them into an elven town. Gladiator Arena fights would also very untypical for Wild West Characters.

Any other good Ideas?

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Think how surprised they will be when there is no mayor or marshal, but there are various lords with much more sweeping powers.


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Army of Darkness would be great inspiration for this sort of thing.

Showdown at Rivendale!

Have the high-fantasy elven town be in some sort of isolated area that's beset by a dragon. Their best knights have become chow and their archwizard was reduced to ash by dragonfire. An ultimatum has been given by the dragon now; surrender your young men and women for sacrifice or he burns the town to cinders.

Enter our rough-ridin' cowboys!

The posse discovers that their only means home lie with the dragon; it looted most of the elven archwizard's most potent magic to add to its horde. Then give them the opportunity to use their unique skills to provide the town with defenses. There's no guns, but it turns out there's plenty of gunpowder in them thar mountains if you know where to look! The remains of the archwizard's magic looks intimidating, but any cardsharp realizes that this ol'spellbook is just some highfalutin' cardsharp magic! It's time for the posse to show these fancy folk how you keep the peace when varmints come calling... even big, scaly, fire-breathing varmints.

Romantic subplots between your rugged cowgirls/cowboys and ethereal elf lords and ladies I'll leave to your discretion.🥰
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A curse like the seven swans where one person cant speak because it would keep her brothers swans forever.

Tremor Grabboids, Goblins, and a little drink called Death Rides Tonight. Mix and match as the players try to keep the goblins from being obnoxious, the grabboids from eating everything moving, and anyone from drinking the personification of mass murder.
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