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How do I edit the content of a review? I've been asked to do so to correct a factual error by the author of the game.


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How do I edit the content of a review? I've been asked to do so to correct a factual error by the author of the game.
You need to resubmit the review and Allan will replace the current one with the corrected one. You may want to drop him an email to let him know you're resubmiting a corrected review, too.

allan (at) rpg (dot) net


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If it's not a big error I just add a correction in the first post of the review thread. Some folk wont see it, but it's a lot easier than resubmitting.

Just a thought.


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Are there any reviews of Fiction work like WoTC stuff? I went through the forum and didnt see any, but a search on the main page had a few older things.


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Does anyone know whether there are any plans for another themed week like we had with Supers Week in May? I thought that was fun and a great incentive. For that matter, does anyone know how the first was got started? Is it just a matter of saying "Hey, why don't we do ___ Week?" and trying to get momentum?

Why don't we do:
  • Anime
  • Cyberpunk
  • Fairy Tales
  • Furries
  • Hard Sci-Fi
  • Mystery
  • Noir
  • Space Opera
  • Steampunk

(I'm trying to go for variety here!)


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I believe last time it was Allan Sugarbaker organizing it. I think it's a great idea, but I dropped Shannon an email to check on approval/support. Never know what the Skotos folk have planned :)

Allan Sugarbaker

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Hi, sorry to be a pain, I think my review might have got stuck in 1969 :eek:


I've replied to the e-mail telling me that the review was posted but I didn't know if that would get through to anyone so I'm asking again here.
In case we had a low turnout of reviews, your review got held for Sci-Fi Week, which is this week. It will be going up on Wednesday.

Sorry for the confusion.


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ISTRRKO what to do if you have a few comments to add to a review (of someone else's) which has been posted a long time ago.

To be more specific: I saw a copy of Abstract Nova's Heaven & Earth (3rd Ed.) at a local convention, read the three reviews here on RPGnet, and bought it. Now I have finished it, I'd like to add a few things that came up during reading and weren't covered by any of the reviews. At this time, they are no more than nine lines scrawled on a sheet of paper (though the number may change as I put them in legible prose), they are relatively minor points and I don't think they warrant expansion into a review of their own. Partly, and in a way, they might not be of interest to anybody but the game's designers, to use or ignore as they see fit when writing a 4th edition.

If one of the reviews were (relatively) recent, I'd add a message to the review's discussion forum thread, but the last one is of September 8, 2006. What's more, the points I'd like to make aren't present in any of the three RPGnet reviews. So what do I do?

  • Nothing.
  • Send an email to the publisher's. NB: this may never be done, I'm as vain as the next man and I wouldn't want to deprive you of an opportunity to bash me[/sarcasm].
  • Submit a new, full-blown review. Ditto, I might just be too lazy to "fill up" the rest of a proper review, and there already are three good reviews.
  • Necro about in the latest review's thread, adding my comments.
  • Necro about in all the reviews' threads, adding my comments to one and a link to the others.
  • Just start a new thread in Tabletop Roleplaying Open.
  • None of the above, but (your suggestion here).



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