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WFRP (2E and 3E) PDFs no longer available?


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So I was finally gonna break down and buy a couple WFRP pdfs, and it appears that none of them are available anymore!

see here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/...6_4943/Warhammer-Fantasy-Roleplay-2nd-Edition

What's up with that? Who is the current rights holder for them? And is there any legal way to still get them? (Maybe a bundle of holding would be a good idea...)
That's interesting. A couple of months ago they were still available. And 40K is also not avalable.

The German and Spanish versions are still on sale.

It may very well be a licensing issue.


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I don't know how rumor-y it is, but I have seen speculation, at the least, that the current Warhammer licensees may not be renewing their agreements in the new future. This may be for 40k stuff, wrt to FFG or it might be for all Warhammer lines. I don't know. It's just something I've seen floated about of late.


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Wow, all W40K PDFs are missing too. No more Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and so on.

That's HUGE.


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Stuff still seems available on the FFG site.
I just checked. Physical books are available, but it looks like digital downloads are not (there's still a drop down menu for digital downloads, but they're all marked as "Not Available" where an actual price used to appear). The fact that this coincides with the disappearance of PDFs from RPGNow/DriveThru seems to indicate, to me, that something has changed with regards to licensing.
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Well, shit. I was afraid that this would happen sooner or later, and I always wanted to buy the full run of WH40K books, but I didn't have the money in recent months and now it is too late.

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Wow, that's too bad. Does anyone know why it's so sudden?

No official announcement yet, but I suspect that their license is about to run out.

Which is not surprising, since they hardly did anything with their Warhammer properties as of late.


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The writing has been on the wall for FFG's Warhammer RPGs for quite some time, to be honest. In principle a bunch of products have reprints due, but in practice those products have been stuck in a holding pattern on the "Upcoming Products" page under the "Awaiting Reprint" category (AKA "We'd like to reprint this stuff, but we haven't actually devoted any resources to doing so yet"). Some of them have been in that holding pattern for well over a year.

As far as the suddenness of the PDFs going away is concerned, that may be down to factors surrounding the licensing negotiations. It is possible that Fantasy Flight didn't want to give people a warning along the lines of "Heads up, these might go away soon" before going into negotiations with Games Workshop because that would weaken their negotiating position. It is equally possible that Games Workshop either exercised an option to shut down PDF sales without giving Fantasy Flight time to let people know - or that the terms of the licence precluded leveraging the impending end of the licence to drive sales. Or maybe sales have been so sluggish Fantasy Flight didn't figure it was worth bothering to warn people. Without being privy to the negotiations and the terms of the licence, we'll never know.

In general, though, with an end-of-licence situation what I would expect to see would be electronic sales and printing of new stock ending immediately, and Fantasy Flight having a grace period to shift any remaining physical stock.

I also note on their upcoming products page that literally the only Warhammer-related product which isn't in that "Awaiting Reprint" holding pattern are a couple of reprinted expansions for the Talisman boardgame and a single new expansion pack for the Warhammer 40K: Conquest card game, all of which are products which have already been printed and are on the boat from the factory. The only recent news items I can find about Warhammer stuff are bits noting the release of new 40K Conquest packs. The Conquest pack sounds like something that could be printed fairly cheaply to give the product line a send-off; the Talisman expansions would be the sort of thing where the arrangements to do the reprint were probably fiddly enough that they were set up a good while ago.

Certainly smells like the licence is going away to me.
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