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[WFRP] Big List of City Adventure Seeds


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Greetings all!

I've been running a new WFRP2e campaign recently, all of which is set in the city of Marienburg, and as such I have taken a lot of inspiration and ideas from the original 1st edition book Marienburg: Sold Down the River. In fact, I've even used that as the title for my own campaign.

However, the style of campaign I am running - episodic and job focused - means that I am using small "side quests" as the main story line, and forgoing a real big narrative. This then means that I need HEAPS of quest hooks.

Therefore, this thread has 2 purposes. The first is that I will post up the ideas that I already have, as well as the ones that I've already used. The second is for anyone else who has a cool idea to throw them out here so that other city-campaigns can benefit from them. Most of these can be easily used for any city-based campaign, so anyone interested should jump in and join in the quest hooks.

  1. The city is being terrorised by a mass-murderer who kills seemingly unrelated people, but has a very obvious tell tale mark that is left. The locals are scared to snitch to the law enforcement, so the PCs are hired as "outside help" to investigate the matter and put their pieces together.
  2. A local noble wants to open up a "Haunted House" tourist attraction when he discovers that an old derelict family property has been left to him in his father's will. The noble hires the PCs to clear the property out of the squatters within (a gang of orphans), and to pacify, but not remove, the tortured ghost within.
  3. A young girl's father has gone missing, and she thinks his involvement with the local crime gangs is the reason for the disappearance. She hires the PCs to track down her father, going through thieves, drug lords, and potentially cannibal butchers!
  4. Tensions between two races within the city are reaching their boiling point. Simultaneously, the PCs are contacted by both parties to send a message to the others - something big and bad enough to act as a warning, but not so big as to start an all-out war. The PCs could negotiate a peace, as neither side wants conflict, or they could profit by playing both sides.
  5. An enterprising merchant has just invented "Insurance", and it is going swimmingly. However, after the fourth shipwreck and insurance policy this month, the merchant becomes suspicious, and hires the PCs and a crazy ships captain to act as a decoy. It is up to the PCs to stop the fraudulent ship wreckers, or perhaps join them and make a mint.
  6. A rich family is heading out of town to inspect their holdings, leaving their son at home. Their son is a burgeoning magician, and has secretly attracted the attention of several other wizards and unsavouries who wish to harm or exploit the child. The PCs are hired by the family as an "armed baby sitter squad".
  7. The local church hires the PCs to find and kill some heretics who claim to have received a message from a banned God. However, on arrival, the PCs discover that the God is far from the evil that the local church claims it is. Do they aid the Cult in bringing the benevolent deity into being, or do they follow the contract and damn their souls?

Looking forward to hearing some of your quest hooks!
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