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OOC [WFRP] Strange Thunder


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To forestall any potential disappointment, I'll say now that I'll take a pass on an immediate sequel. I really enjoyed this game, but I've started an AW game of my own and need to focus on that (and my other two PBP games that are ongoing).

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The pace was perfect for me. Tip top. I like short games and its how I run mine here. Closure is great.

Yeah I will certainly sign up for the next one. Im a big fan of character death as it seems to happen so rarely in pbp.


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I am up for a second game, but I think it could wait a bit. With the nature of the Roadwardens job having a variation in the group members can fit well.

I think the posting rate worked well as daily can be too much for a lot of people.


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I would actually like to run another game, and if you guys want to sign up for another one with the same characters (or a replacement for poor Maggie), then I can do that. I am away for a chunk of July, though, so I'm a bit leery of not being around consistently enough to keep up the momentum. What do you guys think?

As for the early pace, I chose to update every two days out of combat because even though daily updates are better, they also very quickly leave people behind. It's a really delicate balance between maintaining the crucial momentum and not being so demanding that players drop out or ghost from stress at having to contribute.
I'd be up for a new game after July if that works best for you?


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OK, let's wait until the end of July. I can't promise something won't come up until then to stop me running something (e.g. I might be moving), but I'll pencil that in as a goal.
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