OOC [WFRP] Strange Thunder


Are you mochrieing me?
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I somehow think that things are not that clear cut for us to finish the investigation tonight.

Time for the IC discussion.


I used to be Ovid.
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So I'll update on Friday at the latest. Are you heading back to the barn now, or shall we jump to the next day and the 'scene of the crime', and we can do the discussions as 'flashbacks'?

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There are monkey boys in the facility
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Hey gm Maggie told Amboss that she expected him to come too

Maggie tips her hat and heads outside to round up the rest of the gang.

Finding Amboss there she stops to give him a long hard look. "We'll be heading back to the barn then. I'd like you to accompany us to the ambush site on the morrow."

It wasnt a suggestion, her tone left little in doubt concerning that
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