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[WFRP3e] What do we know?


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That's a good way to describe what I'm seeing.

What's a surge do in Descent?
Essentially, the dice have little symbols called surges (in addition to range and damage information). Each item has a number of additional effects that one can buy with these surges. They pretty much flavour everything.

So a two magical axes may roll the same dice. But with the fire axe you may spend surges to get burn effects, and a ice axe you may spend surges to get frost effects or piercing.

From what I can see WFRP3e uses the same idea, except there are multiple symbols for surges. I am guessing one will be for physical, 1 for mental and 1 for social (with others for other areas of speciality like frenzy etc). When rolled, you will spend these to get effects that will flavour how your task is accomplished.

With any luck you can pretty much tie all "effects" into the same system, whether it be skills, talents, magic, items and magic items. You simply list a different set of effects and costs on the card.
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