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WH40K Wrath & Glory - Dark Tides Campaign advice

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Hey all. I'm gearing up to run an extended session of Wrath & Glory for some of my friends who've been 40K fans for forever. This is going to be kind of an "Event" (have at least one player coming in from out of town). We've blocked off a whole saturday to play, and I'm going to try to run through the first 2 scenarios from Dark Tides. My hope is that if the game goes well and we can get people's schedules to line up I'll be able to run a second session in the next couple months to do the 3rd and 4th scenarios.

My thinking is that everyone will be Tier 3, which seems to allow for a pretty wide range of characters, since part of the point of this game is "play around in the 40 universe like you've always wanted to", so I'm not really interested in nixing any character concepts. If this is going to be someone's one chance to play a Hard-bitten but selfless Imperial preacher or a ratling tech priest, I'm not going to tell them no. Also, I'm liking the fact that W+G seems to really live in the "The 40K universe is huge and wierd, and there are all sorts of things out there that you aren't necessarily ever going to see on the minis battlefield" space that GW has been pushing lately.

I'm hoping that with some careful pruning, and the fact that tier 3 characters are really kind of overpowered for the 1st scenario, I should be able to fit them both in one long day. This is one of the areas I'm looking for input on - am I totally off base here? I think that by virtue of being higher status and more talented, a lot of the encounters in "Descent" can be resolved with a minimum of fuss, making it a quick intro to the world and each other's characters, as well as basic rules. Then after lunch we can settle in to tackle "sleepwalker" in more depth. Specifically, I think that the bits with Praetor Borst, Magos Carborast, and Ivill Kreet will probably be resolved very quickly one way or another, and the Piscator fight will likely be hilariously one-sided, keeping things moving at a pretty brisk pace.

I'd like to maybe up the difficulty of the fight at the end of descent, to make it a more satisfying mid-day encounter to close out that storyline for tier 3 characters, and this is another area I'd like some advice. I could just add an extra fanatical protector and maybe an extra mob of cultists, but I'm unsure of how much power level actually changes between tiers - Fanatical protectors are listed as "Elites at tiers 1-3", which means they apparently should be credible threats but not solo bosses for parties that could be at the level of a fire team of guardsmen, or a fire team of space marines? that seems like a pretty wide range, but now that I look at it... a tier is 100 points, which works out to a big difference in terms of power level between 1 and 2, but gets less impressive as you go up the scale.... If your primary dice pool is already maxed, it takes about a third of those points to up it to it's new max, which is the difference between 10 dice and 12 dice, which is not that earthshaking, all things considered. I dunno, Should I maybe be more conservative and let them rock the encounter as written, knowing that things will ramp up anyways in the next set of encounters?

As far as "Sleepwalker" is concerned, I think I'll be able to run that much more by the book. I probably will throw in not as many random unpleasantness encounters as probably would normally be used, in the interest of time and moving things along, but I'm more going for horror-flavored action session than full on horror - More Aliens than Alien or Alien3. In the same vein, I probably want to add a more direct combat element to the final encounter, so everyone else has something to unload rounds into while the psyker messes with Andras. I'm waffling between maybe a couple of Khymera, or Daemonettes, but I'm actually thinking that a single Fiend of Slaanesh might be more fitting - I want it to look wierd but still be obviously something to fight, whereas I think Daemonettes would be a much better subterfuge/trick into going off course encounter, maybe for when they return (hopefully) another day to play through "Ironwatch".

Anyways, has anyone else run these adventures and have any advice, or at least played some W+G and have some advice on encounter pacing? Am I mad to try and cram both scenarios into one day like this? Open for any thoughts people have.

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