What about a game mechanic for the RPGnet dice roller?


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So it's late. This might not make sense. But!

We have a dice roller. There's a bit of a catch though--you need to post, then edit, and then you can roll. So I wondering--what could you do with a system where you declared you action and THEN rolled the dice? Not a "I want to jump the gap", but instead "I jump the gap". So the dice aren't going to tell you if you succeeded or failed--you get to decide if you make it or not on your action. So that means the dice have to represent how things go AFTER your action...

Just kind of a weird idea. I wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas where we could go with it...


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That sounds like it's perfectly situated for a system where the dice tell you what your action costs you. It'd be somewhat like Fate in that respect, as Fate point expenditures are what really matter there.

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That's kind of a fun idea. Maybe failure on the roll could indicate that the next roll gets harder. This might be cumulative until the player either chooses to voluntarily fail a roll or maybe until the next failed roll. Something like that, anyway. It would mean that rolling indicated a sort of ebb and flow of narrative impetus.

I don't know, but it's interesting.
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