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What do you all look for in a fantasy larp (as far as cosmology goes)?


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Do you prefer having defined good and evil, or do you like it morally grey? High magic or low? Dark ages technology, or Renaissance? What else do you like in a setting/cosmology? What's your personal preference?


Sadie Hayashi
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I don't personally look for cosmology at all; I look for characters with interesting and emotional scenarios. But then again, as far as LARP, my preference is jeepform, so like...


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I'm the same way. It's not that I'm "looking for" a particular sort of cosmology. A game with lots of grey is fine, if it suits the setting. A game with a very strict good vs. evil divide is also fine, if it suits the setting. I just don't want to be in a game that bills itself as one thing and then delivers another.
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