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What is the least playable RPG?


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It's neat seeing other former Alpha Omega players on this thread. I have fond memories of that game. Of course some of those memories are of being able to plot out my next 3 combat moves, window shop in the weapons pages for what melee weapon to strap to my pistol, and go make myself a snack while someone fills out IRS paperwork to cast a spell.

That magic system was simultaneously the coolest thing about that game and an epic millstone. Had there been some manner of app that let you punch in numbers and spit out results on the fly, I might still be playing it.


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Yeah, I wasn't going to go there but for me FATE, Risus, Fudge, Powered By The Apocalyse are all unplayable and useless. So, yeah, perspective.


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someone fills out IRS paperwork to cast a spell.
Sounds like someone made a setting out of Robert Sheckley’s The Accountant.

The tall, thin old man turned to Mr. and Mrs. Dee cowering in a corner of the living room, and said, “Know that I am The Accountant. And now, moreover, that this child has signed a contract with me, to enter my apprenticeship and be my servant. And in return for services rendered, I, The Accountant, am teaching him the Damnation of Souls, by means of ensnaring them in a cursed web of Figures, Forms, Torts and Reprisals. And behold, this is My Mark upon him!”

The Accountant held up Morton’s right hand, and showed the ink smudge on the third finger.

He turned to Morton, and in a softer voice said, “Tomorrow, lad, we will consider some aspects of Income Tax Evasion as a Path to Damnation.”

“Yes sir,” Morton said eagerly.


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I don't believe in unplayable games. Provided the thing is a game by some measure, someone can play it. You might not like it, and you may fail to learn to play it, but that says something about you, not the game.
If we're arguing strictly by the rules as they're written, it's certainly possible to create games that are extremely difficult to play.
Just as an example, a theoretical RPG that required a phone app would be unplayable to someone without phone access.

Or you could create an RPG in a conlang or cipher, such that only those able to decode the game are able to play it.

And I've already mentioned in this thread The Tragedy of GJ237b, which is a game that immediately ends as soon as someone attempts to play it after the setup.


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Yeah, I wasn't going to go there but for me FATE, Risus, Fudge, Powered By The Apocalyse are all unplayable and useless. So, yeah, perspective.
I feel that's rather out ofnthe spirit of the thread, personally. I mean, I don't like any of those games either, but I can easily see how they are played, and could do so myself with a pressing enough reason. As opposed to things like deadEarth, World of Synnibar, or even Palladium which have failures of editing and/or rules creation that lleave them lacking essential components or render existing components unnecessarily difficult to use. A certain amount of houserules are necessary to make a character or perform actions in the game at all.

Edit: I followed the link. I say again: o_O
It's a metaphor, style of thing.
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