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What is the most heart-wrenchingly sad scene in any TV show/movie?


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two more, both montages of a girl driving in a car:

a) The last 6 minutes of the last episode of 6 feet under. I never have seen anything of that series beside that clip, but still I am affected by that kind of manipulation

b) The end of the Angel episode "A hole in the World" (IIRC), which finishes the dead of Fred with the backflash of her leaving her parents farm for a bright future ... we know she will never have


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Originally Posted by Yo! Master
Buffy 5.16 The Body

The whole episode. I especially 'like' Dawn crumbling down, while us, the viewers, cannot hear what the characters on screen are actually saying.

I pretty much have to go with that specific scene in "The Body," yeah.
That episode, but the scene that always gets me is Anya's breakdown :(


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A product of it's time but have to say the end of Arrivederci Yamato. By any standards it's melodramatic in the extreme and the animation looks painfully dated (it's from 1978) but it works for me. Though really the entire film is just one long gut-punch as pretty much the entire cast dies one by one. Still the final scene as the Yamato goes on it's final run gets me every time.

Joshua Ford

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The elderly Sherlock Holmes-skit from season 4 of That Mitchell and Webb look.
In that vein of comedy shows that have genuine pathos, I'd like to nominate both:

The Fast Show - Rowley Birkin, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlQ9KLrC4Us - for those who dont know the character he usually reels off incredibly rambling funny stories whilst always finishing with the catchphase 'But of course, I was very, very drunk.'

Dad's Army - Mum's Army, when (Mainwaring re-enacts Brief Encounter)

A. Wilson (Manager?), just for the final shot when Wilson finds the door plaque for what would have been his office and

And wikipedia reminded me of another. In The Battle for Godfrey's Cottage, with rumours of an invasion abounding, Mainwaring, Godfrey, Frazer and Jones (along with Godfrey's sisters, who are completely unaware of the invasion) decide to stay at the cottage to delay any German advance, giving the rest of the platoon time to warn the town; "Of course, that will be the end of us", says Mainwaring. "We know sir", replies Frazer, before getting on with the task in hand.
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