What makes a good Murder Mystery RPG?


I am new to the forum. I am working on developing an app to be used to play murder mystery games. I want to keep the games engaging and allow a certain level of role play while keeping it simple enough that anyone can play and have fun. I'd love opinions on my current format and any ideas on how it could be better?

Currently every player gets a character background sheet with information about themselves as well as information that they know about the other characters at the party. Background information about the gathering that brings them together etc. The roleplay is guided by giving characters specific objectives (talk to this person about x, try and blackmail this person because you saw x) as well as the more open ended objective of do whatever you think your character would do. Then one of the players dies at the party and more info/objectives are revealed. I am trying to give every character two main tasks. The task of finding who the murderer is (which may not be a priority) and a task specific to that character that can be somewhat gaged as successful or failed at the end i.e. the person who was killed was the love of your life so at the end if you think you know who it is you kill them, or you are trying to find buried treasure by getting pieces of a map, or you want to frame someone for the crime and you are successful if the detective accuses that person etc.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have experience playing this kind of game! The goal is to create a fun game that can be played from 2-3 hours by anyone and isn't really supposed to be an intense LARP.


p.s. if you think this sounds fun it will be launching on kickstarter sometime and you can sign up to get notified here: mysterynightapp.com
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