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What makes the Forgotten Realms a great setting


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I like the Realms primarily because I loved (and still love) the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale CRPGs (and, to a lesser extent, Neverwinter Nights). Those games created a vivid, living world, with lots of excellent NPCs, and were beautiful to look at as well (okay, maybe not NN so much). So when I think of the 'Forgotten Realms' I think of the portions of the Sword Coast and Savage North covered by those games.

I also quite like the 1e FR version of the Moonshae Islands. It has a cool 'Vikings-versus-Celts' character (sort of a FR version of 9th-10th C Scotland and Ireland). It also is pretty isolated from the rest of the Realms, which allows for some measure of freedom in creating adventures, etc., whilst still being able to draw upon the rest of the world when desired. If I had to create my own FR campaign, I'd use the 1e version of the Moonshae Islands to do it.

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My experience is simmilar to Acrasia's.
Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Night's were main reason I love Faerun.

Now I'm running Faerun DR 1647 - bit more modern version, based on 3,5 canon with some bits of 4e added (mainly Zhentarims and Red Wizards as less evil, more pragmatic and ruthless mercantile corporations, Thay bit devastated after Szass Tam failed attempt to become new Myrkul, Netheril attempts to restore their Empire, Asmodeus ascending to divinity) - but I learnt much through this year, and now I'd probably made this Faerun more homemade, especially by trimming all lore that is overlapping with Greyhawk/Planescape and adding cool bits from old NC-17 Greenwood Game DoctorDogGirl revelead in one of his threads - harpers as hated terrorists, paladins being equally against chaos not only evil, polyteism rather than henoteism.
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