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What race, rule, setting detail, etc. kills an RPG by its mere presence in the game?


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For me, the worst example is flying elves (or really any flying humanoid race).

The perpetual Dwarves hate Elves dynamic can also put me off (unless that is the express purpose of the setting). Having the D vs E hate so that they can't even be in the same party, just because that's the way it has always been... is a no go for me.


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Winged humanoids reminds me of Moorcock's people of Myrhhn, which is a good thing. And also of Stratos' people in He-Man.

Mind you, flying characters don't mix with a lot of combat systems, but I like the idea.

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Winged humanoids reminds me of Moorcock's people of Myrhhn, which is a good thing. And also of Stratos' people in He-Man.
For me, it's the Hawk-Men. Especially Vultan. Can't get no cooler than him.


I don't know if there are any single things that would completely turn me off a game. I'm not a huge fan of "Exactly like the real world except MAGIC! or SUPERS! or ETERNAL CONSPIRACY! has been operating all through human history" settings, but only because most of them are too lazy to put any real thought into how the world would actually look if their premise was true. Either put some real effort into the setting or completely ignore the illogic and ask me to suspend disbelief, I can be happy with either. Don't half-ass it and expect me to fill in the blanks on my own, though. Hate that.

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Cat girls. Furries. Mainly anything inspired by anime. It's too flat and therefore boring. Dopey and trope-y.

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Playable races or classes that limit player options, like paladins who can only be good-aligned or gnomes who can't be necromancers

Monocultural races, like "all orcs are CE, nomadic, and innately intimidating" or "all elves are pretty and love trees" or "all humans are inherently more versatile than everyone else."

EDIT: And anything trying to integrate Lovecraftian mythos into an otherwise non-mythos setting. Pathfinder's the biggest example of that one, particularly the difficulty vetoing it out of Golarion.
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It's not a 100% sure thing, but most instances of non-human PCs lose my interest right away. Because for the most part, so called non-humans are just a mono-culture of basically humans who live in [specific terrain] have [single cultural feature to separate them from humans] and who have [some trait or suite of generally superficial traits to make them appear different than humans].

There are some exceptions, I guess, but mostly I've been exposed to so many non-human races that fit this pattern that I'm not interested in digging through the huge pile of them to find the rare exception. It's far preferable to me to take that space and use it to make another interesting human culture or two. Or if you can't manage that, just don't write anything and shorten the book by a few pages. But if I open a game book and fine elves, dwarfs, and such, I just close the book again.


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I was pretty much fed up with elves and orcs before the LOTR movies came out. Now, if they're in a game, they'd better be easily extracted.

Comedy races are well up on my hit list as well, because it just never works.

Lately, I've been getting fairly blah about undead as well.

Naturally, all of these have parallels in sci-fi games as well.

There's more, but that's a working list.
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