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What system and setting are you currently using, and how is your game going?


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Simple question. I am just curious to see what system everyone is running, or what character options people are playing as in what kind of setting, and how you feel the game is going?

Currently running the tail end of a D&D 5e game. I really enjoy the system, the setting is a light homebrew dungeon crawl. And I am really enjoying the game, I've had a lot of fun running this campaign, but we're ready to wrap up to move onto different campaigns.

Currently playing in a post a apocalyptic dungeon world dungeon crawler, playing a druid. I am not the biggest fan of Apocalypse World games, but the GM and other party members have kept it interesting and engaging enough to distract me from the system.
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Running: Georgian period Ghostbusters using the 'Mini-Six' rules (variant on the StarWars d6 system). Just started, going ok so far.

Have run: 'Warrior, Rogue & Mage' system. A low magic darkage fantasy. Went ok, but stumbled because it was too hard to get players together. Also I may have made the main plot a bit too involved for the rules to easily support.

Playing: An updated versions of 2300AD (3d printers & mobile phones instead of Traveller like tek) with the 'Basic Roleplay System' (BRP).

Have played: Victorian horror WOD/Cthulhu mash-up. Using the White-Wolf 'Adventure' system. Basically Victorian Technocracy vs Vampires vs Sorcerer Cults fighting for an Cthulhu artefact, with the players as 'gifted' but ignorant mundanes in the middle.


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Presently running a light Dungeon World random series, using One Page Dungeons. Going well. Entertaining. Interesting. Will get going further with my DW extras now.


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Running World of Dew in the early Edo era; Going really well except for scheduling problems, though there are a lot of story elements to keep track of.


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Running: Fate, in a Weird West version of Mexico in 1866. Game is going well though a bit sporadically due to scheduling conflicts.

Playing: Marvel Heroic, in Pacific City, which is Australia's capital city in the "Omniverse" (the GM's own superhero setting). It's been running over 90 sessions (the first 60-70 or so in MnM3e) and is lots of fun.


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I'm still running a long-time PbP game for a childhood D&D buddy using a combo of 1st ed. AD&D and C&C rules, set in Greyhawk. Pretty old-school ...
I've recently started running Silent Legions for a couple of work pals. Only two sessions in, but we've started investigating a cult and mythos that I'm generating with the help of all the cool GM tools in Silent Legions.
I'm supposedly playing in a Savage Worlds fantasy home-brew, but it's been a while since the last session - the GM keeps putting us off, saying he's busy with work ...
And I tried out Car Wars 5e yesterday with a couple of pals - good times. :)


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I just ran a play-by-post of Phoenix Command; the player was an unarmed special forces member attacked at night in their own home by heavily armed terrorists. It wasn't as much a roleplaying game as a wargame scenario, but I wanted to test it out and see if I could summon up any interest for the game. It worked surprisingly well.


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Running/playing a homebrew setting with Cortex Classic, with rotating GMs. It's a mashup of all our favorite stuff - space travel, magic, gun play, and high class parties. It's been going for about a year and a half now, with lots of fun and stories. We're starting to wind down, though - closing up some major story arcs - and getting ready for something new.

I'm prepping to run a Cortex Plus game (Firefly for the ruleset) set in the 1920s where the players run a speakeasy. My players got all excited when I pitched it to them, and couldn't stop giggling at the prospect.

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Currently running 2 games...
• One is a pathfinder sandbox. Its going pretty well but we only get one 4 hour session per week so progress is slow and its tough to keep a flowing narrative. Not really a fan of the system so that makes it a little tougher personally. I'd love to get these guys away from pathfinder. Current plot revolves around helping a local farmer take care of local nightly pests, discovering the likelihood that the farmer and his family are lycanthropes, sabotaging his house and bailing on the defense of his property during a critical evening to go hunting for dragon treasure.
• Other game is a heroes unlimited/ninjas and superspies game focused on supers joining a soviet black market system running between Vladivostok and North Korea. Enjoying the low power sort of 'don't know who to trust' atmosphere and 'experiencing the drawbacks of making such a dangerous life choice at low levels' sort of schtick. Good drama and tension happening. They just discovered a North Korean smuggling vessel that was transporting a gol durn loch ness monsta... Who has not yet asked for tree fiddy.
• Have a third game on hold (two of the players just changed houses so lots of preparing their house to sell and moving and rennovation taking up their weekends) but that was an alien infestation turned zombie apocalypse that has ranged from waikiki to vegas. Also using heroes/ninjas with the twist that the only dead reign zombie type we're using is the fast zombie... Fun twist being the zombie outbreak was caused by the release of a biohazard purpose built to be unleashed globally by several governments around the globe, accidentally launched ahead of schedule by a combination of player activity and clumsy law enforcement in their wake. Nice to be running a campaign that is 'during the wave as it happens' instead of 'after'.
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