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What system and setting are you currently using, and how is your game going?


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God have Mercy on my Soul, but after years of bashing D&D (I mean I have disliked this game since 1977), I am currently running a D&D 3.5 game for our Boyscout Troop.

I chose 3.5 because it was the most portable game. I did not run a traditional D&D mishmash of races, clases, and such. We are playing a game set in the time of English Chivalry (11th to 12th century). They are all squires (fighters), soon to be knights (if they level up a time or two), or are the sons of other key people in their Lord's Castle (ranger, ranger, fighter), or are part of the abby (cleric and cleric). They have realized that the DarkWoods (a magical domain inside the local large GreenWoods forest (east of Nottingham) was contained by ancient druidic wards and that these wards are being broken. So they are tromping through the forest mostly, looking for monsters.... trying to find out who did it and why... and trying not to get in trouble for shirking their duties at the castle.

Character generation was semi-random. I created blocks of stats/ skills and feats (which they could mix and match)
More description here: Post 5 http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?762865-Sing-o-TRO-of-younger-teenagers-and-the-games-you-ran-for-them

Each session/ encounter in a session, we introduce more rules (or start more strictly enforcing the rules). Character generation was a semi-random affair.

It is going pretty well. They are learning the rules. They are learning how to role play. They are realizing that this is not a simplistic video game.


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I am running a Monster of the Week game that is sadly not a weekly game. So far they have been hunting demon dogs through the storm drains of Los Vegas. They have been dealing with the attacks by the demon dogs but have not been able to figure out who or what is behind summoning them or what the agenda is. It has not been going on very long as we are having a horrible streak of bad attendance.

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At present I am running and playing in a round robin HERO 6th/Champions game. Its great, lots of super-hero smashing and crashing to save the world and small town America

I am playing in a pretty good D&D 5th edition game set in the Elder Scrolls setting. I am the most ignorant of the setting which is odd but I never got into it for some reason. But the game is fun and we are all enjoying 5th edition very much.

In the next couple of weeks or months I hope to get back to running some Savage Worlds fantasy of some kind. Lots of stuff bouncing around in my head right now...


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Running a game set on Tekumel, using my own 1st ed AD&D hack. One party of my old gaming buddies on Roll20. The other in person, adults and kids, including my own 12 yr old daughter.

I'm also having my daughter create characters for other games that we haven't got to yet. Chaosium RQ2, Classic Traveller, and Mad Monks of Kwantoom.

She's planning to run a dungeon of her own using 1st ed AD&D.

I ran a one-shot Call of Cthulhu scenario, plan on another soon.

And we're talking about resuming our WEG Star Wars game, too.

There just isn't enough time!
I cannot put into words how much I approve of this post.


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I'm not in a game now :eek:, but the last two campaigns I was in were Savage Worlds games. One was Necessary Evil (powered villains fighting against alien invaders) and the last one was Savage Worlds adapted to Star Wars. In regard to Star Wars, the only other version I had played was West End Games (which was a very memorable experience), but playing Star Wars under Savage Worlds was a ton of fun (although our pilot PC left halfway through which left a bit of a vacuum). One thing I love about Savage Worlds is the exploding die and the excitement it brings.


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Running: Savage Worlds
Setting: Zombie apocalypse
Enjoyment: It's great!

Playing In: Pathfinder
Setting: Golarion, Wrath of the Righteous AP
Enjoyment: Having fun. The system gets in my way at times, but it's a good group.

Playing In: Shadowrun
Setting: Seattle, 2075
Enjoyment: None. At all. Seriously, we're planning on asking the GM to step down and let someone else run something, since it's a round robin game night.


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We're running Atomic Highway presently. The party is still getting established (we're only four sessions in) and everyone is loving it.


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Delta Green - (Mondays - running) The Actual Play is in my sig. It's been going really well for more than a year now.
Mage: the Ascencion - (Tuesdays - running) Just started this one about a month ago, but it's shaping up nicely. It's set in and around Dallas, Texas in late 1958.

Vampire: the Dark Ages - (Saturdays - running) I ran this game for two years, and then we all moved away. After a break of about 14 years, we picked it back up, and it's as good as ever.

Delta Green - (running) We just finished up a Delta Green PbP, and I started a new one. It's in the early stages, but I think the players are good and paranoid already.
Call of Cthulhu - (playing) I get to play for once! This one is going well, too, and I'm enjoying it a lot.
Vampire: the Masquerade - (running) This one was going well, but it seems to be losing steam.

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World of Warcraft - This is the only way I get to role play with certain friends, and it's only when opportunity and desire intersect, but it's fun.
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