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What system and setting are you currently using, and how is your game going?


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Running: It's a troupe style game that uses Smallville (Cortex Plus Dramatic) for many of the sessions but uses Marvel Heroic for the big fight sessions. It's an Individual MCU film and then Avengers film style game.

On roll 20, been going since March or April, I think.

Going pretty well. The game isn't using either system to its full capacity because we have so many characters and have to link them together a bit more slowly than others, but the players have been building the world around their main characters and have eagerly jumped into various people as the story dictated.


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RMu Beta2 (Rolemaster united) in homebrew setting. Campaign is not very involved as we are testing the system. An RMSS campaign is paused in the same setting because of RMu playtesting.
RM2 (Rolemaster 2nd edition) solo game in Shadow World. Long lasting solo campaign +15 years. Only 4-5 sessions /year.

D&D 3.5 in Forgotten realms.

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The most recent game I played is set the Dale Lands of the Forgotten Realms. The system is actually homebrew, based mostly on a mixture of Trinity, NWod and SR4. It's great fun. Some of our characters are a bit on the silly side. One PC is an Aasimar Paladin with the Huge Size merit who rides on a huge celestial sheep and wears a plate mail that belonged to an oger that she killed. My PC is a neutral good Drow who rebelled against society (as they do ...) who is quite chirpy, dresses sensibly, also has the huge size merit and is blessed with the very enchanting name "Viconia Everhate*". Her sworn enemies are the Sisters Malice and Talice Godeep* (nope, doesn't sound like 70s porn at all) and she has an old flame named Gomph Zolond*, the flower of the underdark

The most recent game I DM'ed is totally homebrew, I'd say the setting is about 30% D&D-ish, 10% Exalted-ish and 60% soft** Transhuman Sci Fi. It runs on a slightly different version of the homebrew system mentioned above. The characters are paranormal investigators. It's somewhere in the Urban Fantasy genre except that the paranormal stuff is pretty much out there in the open, it's just that non-specialist do not like to engage the paranormal pretty often. One character is a former cultist turned hard boiled detective who has relations to the fey, they other is a dhampir goth girl*** who excels at necromancy and shadow magic. Up until now it's been great fun for me and the players.

* Btw. those effed up names all come from "Drow of the Underdark" for AD&D, I simply can't tell if the authors were taking the piss or failed epically at sounding exotic and/or evil. I only know we almost died laughing when we read the name list.
** Soft as in "contains implausible technologies". It's already supersoft due to the very blatant magic and fair folk and spirits.
*** On an open ended goth scale with 0=western european average and 1=The Sisters of Mercy she is roughly at 3. I don't care what Andrew Eldritch has to say about that.
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Running: "Secrets of the Ancients" for Traveller
After some self-written adventures in order to introduce the players into the OTU and link them to a very important character for the main campaign, the group finally got into the actual campaign. The game has been running for about 2 years and will probably last for about 2 more years.
The group has an own 200 ton ship and consists of a small group of ex-military people (drop ship pilot, Marine, navy engineer), who used to work together in the armed forces, before a military disaster lead to their discharge (because of a mix if injuries suffered during service and disobeying amoral orders). Also part of the group are a young, female doctor from Core sector, who is on the run from her fiancee, a scout on "extended leave" (after some screw up) and a strange, fragile, but highly skilled guy with memory loss, which the crew found hidden inside a cargo container.

Playing: "Horror on the Orient Express" for Cthulhu
Also a campaign running for almost 2 years, but now nearing it's closure. The group consists of
- Italian forger and mobster from, well actually Italy
- a female art student from New York with occasional visions (actually the character is a survivor of a previous, uncompleted campaign)
- a British merchant, dealing in antiquities
- a strange, bousterious guys who is handy with weapons and seems to have connections to the IRA
- my character, a modern olympic pentatlete, preparing for the Olympic games in Paris


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I'm the GM for all of the following:

System: Pathfinder
Setting: Midgard
Frequency: Monthly
A campaign set in Kobold Press' world of Midgard run for my eldest son and his friends. It started as the typical vagabond adventurers traveling wherever their interests took them but is now largely based in the city of Melana to allow for the easy drop-in/drop-out of players with busy high-school schedules and is a sandbox-style game. That said, in order to have the prep time I wanted to get the sandbox ready, the players played through TPK Games' The Reaping Stone.

It's been a big hit and is definitely the most popular campaign thus far.

System: Pathfinder
Setting: Midgard
Frequency: Monthly
A campaign set in the southern regions of the Wasted West in Midgard run for my youngest son and his friends. Aside from my son, they are all new role-players so I adopted a similar campaign approach to the longer-running campaign of my older son's group. It's primarily a sandbox with the expectation that the town of Caeltornash will be the home base/hub in the near-term. While the initial quest/job was assigned to them to jump-start the campaign, side quests will abound and where they choose to go after completing their first mission will be driven by their decisions.

System: Pathfinder
Setting: Midgard
Frequency: Varies
The one that started it all for the next generation. This campaign is run for my two boys and was their intro to role-playing. While it's been largely supplanted by their respective friend-group campaigns, this one is an ongoing one that I run just for them as schedules permit. Sometimes we go months between sessions, sometimes we play multiple times a week.

System: Savage Worlds
Setting: Home-brew
Frequency: Varies. Usually quarterly.
While my first genre love is science fiction (fantasy is a close 2nd), fantasy is #1 for my players so this is largely a "2nd option" campaign. They wanted to play in a horror campaign and I agreed to run one on the condition that it was a science-fiction/horror mashup. The campaign setting is evolving but started from a baseline of Dead Space/Alien style of setting mixed with generous helpings of other science-fiction video game settings that the players would know. It would also mark my first Savage Worlds campaign. The players quickly learned the system and loved the game, wanting to make it an ongoing campaign rather than a one-shot. With the Pathfinder campaigns settling back into a sandbox-mode, I expect alternating between Savage Worlds Sci-Fi and Pathfinder fantasy will become easier.

For me, it's been tremendously satisfying. Star Frontiers was the system that hooked me on role-playing even more than AD&D. I've tried various science fiction systems over the years but most were securely latched onto their respective settings. Savage Worlds gives me enough mechanical variety/crunch yet is so easy to adapt things for it that I can build a sci-fi setting the way I want it. The game also runs very smoothly at the table. A complete win-win for me.

While the main campaign will be sci-fi/horror, space is vast, so any additional science fiction campaigns or one-shots that I'll be running will be set in the same setting. As a side-plug, Lone Wolf Development's RealmWorks is a godsend if you're creating your own sci-fi universe and want to be able to provide a Mass Effect-style codex for conveying setting info to the players.

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Just revived my old tabletop group and introduced them to Ars Magica 5e. We've only done one session so far, with a second scheduled for the near future. They seem to have gotten the hang of the system basics, at least as much as could be expected for one session with a game that has a relatively steep learning curve, and there is much potential for a gloriously chaotic sandbox here. I do have one minor gripe, which is that they don't seem to be making as much use of the wiki I set up as I hoped they would. Oh well, still makes it easier for me to organize everything.

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Running a Vampire: The Requiem 2e game set in post-Katrina New Orleans. It's been 9 months now and still going strong. The system does vampires better than anything else, and the setting provides ample opportunity for politics and conspiracies. Two beer-and-pretzel D&D players have turned into a couple of master manipulators, so I'd call that a good sign. Better yet, apart from adding characters and setting bits to the current stable as necessary, the game requires virtually no prep most of the time, especially since nWoD makes it so easy to pull random NPC dice pools out of the air.


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Never have run.


Redeemed Abyssal in an IRC game that's wandering somewhere beyond Malfeas in the wilds of Oramus. Former preacher of death, then redeemed snarker. He was an NPC in a previous game by the GM, I picked him up mostly out of my own desire to not have implausible numbers of Celestials in one place. I kind of regret that.

Kalashtar telepath modeled on Marika Kato and some magical girl tropes, in a Pathfinder Eberron game.

Bard modeled on Yona, in a PbP homebrew Pathfinder game.

Twilight Exalt modeled on Hayate Yagami, in a PDQ Exalted PbP game.

Ars Magica maga modeled on Fate Testarossa in another PbP game.

"Modeled" is in a loose sense: character appearance and personality, and possibly some elements of history, but I rewrite a lot to fit the setting and game, rather than just importing and trying to bend the setting to make them fit. Mostly "what would my character do?" is a lot easier to answer if I can reduce it to "what would character X do?" Or so I thought. Using Marika and Yona was easy, but it took some work to get a fictional character I wanted to play emplaced in Exalted, and the game's too young to be sure I made the right choice.


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I started up GMing again after years of hiatus a couple of months ago and I am loving it. I currently run L5R 3rd ed over Skype and it is working really well.


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Got three weekly slots at the moment: one is D&D 5th ed (using Forgotten Realms and the old "Savage Tide" AP), one is Anima: Beyond Fantasy, and the third slot alternates between D&D 5th ed (Spelljammer) and Advanced Fighting Fantasy.
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