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What system and setting are you currently using, and how is your game going?


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*doffs hat respectfully*
I was surprised by how well it worked, but it was a very short scenario; "two terrorists have broken into your apartment at night, find a gun and kill them or escape" with the victory-condition being to disable both or leave the apartment. Since it was a play-by-post, the book-keeping problems disappeared entirely, and the resolution-time disappeared in the time between updates.


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GMing an occasional duet game of Runequest 6 in a homebrew world full of queer cultures/politics and blood-fueled sorcery. It's great. The PC, a trans woman warrior who is a member of an elite war-boar cavalry sisterhood comprised entirely of trans women that defends her home city-state, is my favorite character this particular player has ever made. We play only every couple of months but keep detailed notes of everything. Currently the PC is dealing with having come into possession of a powerfully enchanted but haunted spear, ravaging warbands of re-skinned Gloranathan-style Broos, possible outbreak of sorcerous plague, and hints that a malevolent, living city from another space/time may be attempting to colonize her home town.

I'm also GMing a nascent Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign in which we're exploring the recent Deep Carbon Observatory module. One session down. It was initially pitched as a 1-4 session one-off, but it looks like it might turn into an ongoing thing.

My 2+ year Ars Magica saga (set on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the Transylvanian Tribunal, though we're playing very fast and loose with history) is on hiatus due to GM burnout. In the mean time, that group is playing Night Witches. I started out as GM, but as the front has moved west, we've rotated and now I'm a player. Just this past Sunday, my airwoman Sr. Lt. Oksana "Deathless" Boykova died in a fiery plane crash, earning a posthumous Hero of the Soviet Union medal.


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GMing two games currently.

The Climbers is my Apocalypse World game set in Florida about 50 years after a fungus has infected and killed most of the population. Society was further advanced than present day with automated hospitals and various weird tech. Most of which doesn't work and the rest is as dangerous as it is useful.

The game is going well except for many month long or longer breaks in play. Hopefully I'll bring it to a conclusion by the end of the summer.

My other game was designed to fill in those gaps in play. I'm calling it String Theory and it uses Night's Black Agents. We haven't gotten to far but there's a weird science vibe and the characters (ex-spies who have just learned about a strange conspiracy involving vampires in an otherwise normal seeming modern day) are trying to figure out their next step. We might reboot this once it becomes our main game.


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My Serenity Game converted to Firefly. We are still working with the change of emphasis, but we like the conversion (so far).


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Running: Pathfinder's Kingmaker adventure path. I've heavily modded the AP to fit into the Birthright setting from AD&D2, still my default world for things D&D.
Playing: Pathfinder's Thornkeep module, as part of a group that is teenagers and parents. In both games, I'm familiar with the PF rules and two of the players are very familiar with it, so there haven't been any great problems. Both games are on a 6-week break, as it seems everyone is on vacation, shortly after Origins.

Playing a Dark Conspiracy game, using BRP rules. This is also on a nearly 2-month break, same reasons. I think I've grasped the core of the rules by now.

Not quite running, but wrapping up my thoughts and preparing to run for next year's Origins: a game of Twilight:2000, v.1, and one of Space:1889, using Red Sands (aka Savage Worlds). Those also went rather well. I'm the kind of DM who cannot run just a one-shot, even my convention games have to carry over into next year's convention. Even it it gets played once per year, it still counts as a campaign!


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I'm running my homebrew fantasy setting using the Reign (ORE) engine. We're into the third act of the story now, probably only a half dozen sessions or so from the end (we've been playing for 3 years).

Interestingly, the ORE ruleset is beginning to show its limits in the game, as the heroes are so powerful now it's hard to present a good challenge that doesn't also have the possibility of insta-death through a bad roll.


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I'm running one active game at the moment, and one in planning stages.

Chronicle Name: Ruche's Peace
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5E
Frequency: Twice monthly
Status: Leaning campaign, getting to know the rules of D&D 5 through the system. Going strong, but reaching a point where I'm finding the hit points on some enemies are a little high. Going to research to see if I need to up damage potential in the group of just offer more opportunities to fight weaker opponents.

Chronicle Name: Unnamed
System: Call of Cthulhu (30th Anniversay Ed)
Frequency: Planning stage
Status: Game for my fiance. She selected CoC over WitchCraft when she looked at the book. Is going to feature a focus on twisted faeries instead of mythos.

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Interestingly, the ORE ruleset is beginning to show its limits in the game, as the heroes are so powerful now it's hard to present a good challenge that doesn't also have the possibility of insta-death through a bad roll.
I've often wondered if the intrinsic cap in the system mechanics could have some of that issue.
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