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What system and setting are you currently using, and how is your game going?

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Call of Cthulhu - Running Masks and the investigators have made it to Cairo. While half the group heals up in the hotel from their London wounds, the other half hires mercenaries and stumble their way into a trap. As cultists descended on the camp, our dear Professor Bob casts a new spell, passes out, and awakened in the noon sun, the only signs of the campsite being a beat up truck and himself. He's got some splainin' to do back at the hotel.


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I'm currently running a Roll20/Google Hangout Star Wars campaign, using WEG, and set in the Old Republic. It is run on Saturdays.

My players are an eclectic group of Jedi Padawans. I had them create the characters to be pre-Jedi Trials, between 16-18 years of age. I had planned a prologue session or two to get them from 10-11 to their supposed current age, ala a time jump of 6 to 8 years.

That was six sessions ago and I've only covered one year in-game. Everyone is having a blast, which is great. I just love and hate my players sometimes...at this rate, they'll be "starting" the game come 2016! :eek:

I play in a Shadowrun 4e game, also using Roll20.
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Running a game set on Tekumel, using my own 1st ed AD&D hack. One party of my old gaming buddies on Roll20. The other in person, adults and kids, including my own 12 yr old daughter.

I'm also having my daughter create characters for other games that we haven't got to yet. Chaosium RQ2, Classic Traveller, and Mad Monks of Kwantoom.

She's planning to run a dungeon of her own using 1st ed AD&D.

I ran a one-shot Call of Cthulhu scenario, plan on another soon.

And we're talking about resuming our WEG Star Wars game, too.

There just isn't enough time!


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Currently running Numenera for my primary group; it took them a session or two to warm up to it, and I have a number of chronic low-rollers in the game who tend to roll 2s when they need 3s, but it's starting to really gel now.

I'm also gearing up to run Secret of Zir'an for my cousin (who is new to RPGs) and some of her coworkers.


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Running RQ6 in Glorantha currently with very low power level and have been doing that for quite awhile. Campaign has been on a jungle island for a bit but has Fonritan and Pamaltelan influences. Really enjoying both the system and the campaign.


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I'm DM-ing 5e, a group I got together to play the starter set last summer (but some players have left and others have joined).
First we played the Lost Mine of Phandelver, then we played some old-modules (Caverns of Thracia + B4 The Lost City) ported to al-Qadim, then we started Princes of the Apocalypse.
One player asked us to put the Princes campaign on hold over the summer as he was leaving the city, so I threw together a homebrew setting just for fun and now we want to continue that even though he's back! But he said he's willing to give it a try. Hope he'll like it. Honestly, I'd rather switch to a boringer campaign than lose a player.
We play weekly and I really like our playstyle. It's good to be the DM, I'm easily the most opinionated on "the right way to play D&D" in this group.
We've played three sessions and everyone died last time so people are starting anew.

I'm playing in a Dwimmermount campaign. None of my own players are in this group. It's sort of a "DM's game", lots of DMs and game designers around our table. Even though Dwimmermount is available for several retroclones, the DM has ported it over to yet another one, Lamentations of the Flame Princess. He's removed halflings (as per Dwimmer) but added backgrounds + insp + advantage from 5e. Which to me saves the system. We played every second week but now it's been many weeks since the last session. We've played four sessions and I'm on my third character already. That bigger group of people have played various incarnations of Lab Lord, Lab Lord AEC, LotFP, Sword & Wizardry and TSR 1e.
I've gotten really unsold on both descending AC (OD&D style) and on BAB vs ascending (3e style), I wish the ACKS style of "roll over" could catch on.

D&D is my favorite game and that's from someone who's played lots of hippie games
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Colin Fredericks

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I'm involved in two games:

1. D&D 5e, in the Planescape setting. I'm the DM. We have a half-elf thief, a bauriar fighter, a modron mage, a myconid cleric, and an elven ranger. It's going nicely. I like the system.

2. GURPS 4e, set in 1600's Ireland. I'm playing a cross between Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Kronk from Emperor's New Groove, and Richter Belmont. This game is a blast - the GM has done some great world-building and prep, and the other players are doing a great job too.


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2. GURPS 4e, set in 1600's Ireland. I'm playing a cross between Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Kronk from Emperor's New Groove, and Richter Belmont. This game is a blast - the GM has done some great world-building and prep, and the other players are doing a great job too.
Oh, wow, Castlevania was the very first thing I wanted to do with GURPS but I never figured out how to do it back then.


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Running all the stuff in my sig (some is just getting off the ground), plus an OSRIC PbP and getting a Dungeon World face-to-face set up (though it's slow-going due to real-life scheduling conflicts). So, I'm busy with gaming. All of it is great so far, even though some of it is still putative.

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Currently running two Cortex Plus hacks, both set in homebrew worlds:
  • The Shadow Protocols is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting with urban-fantasy type supernatural stuff. System is Action (almost straight Leverage), with the supernatural stuff being done with Smallville-style Talents. The crew are a bunch of former experiments (and one researcher) who just escaped a sinister corporate lab. It's been fun so far, but we're really just getting started.
  • Champions of the Awesomeverse is a Heroic hack in a setting where rock music "awesomeness" propels you temporarily into a parallel post-apocalyptic universe made up of the stuff of heavy metal cover art. The group is a band led by the lost prince of the Awesomeverse, trying to get his kingdom back. It's been crazy fun, and just plain crazy (dice explode, which makes for absurd rolls sometimes). The other thing I did is give them Approaches instead of skills: Flashy, Loud, Brutal, Gothic and Soulful, just like rock music approaches.

I also have my Sunday pick-up group. We've mostly been playing Star Wars using Fate, but yesterday we did a fun battle against undead using Cortex Heroic (a homebrew setting that's a high-fantasy Romans in Britain analogue).
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