What would be the best upcomming RPG?


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I was checking all the post and noticed that we're all talking about already existing games... If anybody knows about games that are worth it and close from realease, it would be sweet to share the info! For my part, I only know about Mechanical Dream from http://www.steamlogic.com but i'm sure there is other ones comming up? And i mean real game, with a core book and expensions; not few text dropped on the net with nothing serious behind !...

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In the short term, Transhuman Space.

It's GURPS, which isn't my favorite system in the world, but it's a very cool setting. I haven't seen in yet in Columbus, but it's just shipped, so it should be out Real Soon Now.

In the longer term, the Buffy RPG is looking to be very cool if you're into that sort of thing. If you're not into it, it'll still be cool, but you won't care.


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Kipling AND the Mahabharatta inside the same pair of covers? (of course, I don't care particularly for the SYSTEM, and they could screw up...(like they did, AtMT, with Steampunk) but I trust my luck. I trusted it with GURPS Russia, and still think it's my second-best purchase of 2001 (1st being Sorcerer's Crusade).)


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for me it has to be GODLIKE and Nobolis. I'm just itchin to get me hands on both.


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Mechanical Dream and Nobilis definitely. I'm intrigued by Godlike, but the whole Supers in WWII schtick doesn't appeal too much to me. Adventure! already has cornered the Pulp market IMO and I'm happy with the way it handles supers.



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Transhuman Space, no doubt about it...


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I'm eagerly anticipating Transhuman Space and Nobilis, and Godlike is certainly something I'll be picking up when I get the chance.

I'm also crossing my fingers hoping to see Fourth Millennium.


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I would have to say the GoO Tekumel RPG, I've been looking forward to this for some time. The old Minds Eye Theatre rules where almost unplayable (and at £30 for the core rules just to find you don't even get the character generation rules with the boxed set and have to buy another product for them I was a smidge naffed off).
Oh yes and Spelldancer obviously (erhem):D


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SpyCraft. Unknown Armies 2e. Skull and Bones. d20 CoC. Decipher Trek.

5 places to spend all of my money...

Honorable Mention goes to Judge Dredd.

--Eric, who didn't add Exalted: Dragon-Blooded because it's a supplement, sorta.


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For me it's the new Lord of the Rings RPG. I don't know if I'll ever run it, but I'm a sucker for Middle-Earth stuff.
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