What would be the best upcomming RPG?

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None of them are worth it, yet

NPC MuaD_diB said:
I was checking all the post and noticed that we're all talking about already existing games... If anybody knows about games that are worth it and close from realease, it would be sweet to share the info!
It is kind of hard to talk about games that don't exist yet let alone judge them as "worthy". The only information available either comes from the publisher or playtesters.

Publisher are extremely bad sources of objective information for obvious reasons.

Playtesters are even worse sources of information. They tend to be too close to the source to make a good assessment of a game before it is released. Playtesters often know more about a game than is sometimes published thanks to mailing lists, web pages and easy access to the authors.

It only takes a few bad edits and mistakes (layout gafts, using out of date files, ect....) to turn a game that looks good from the playtest copy to a game that is bad in the published version. It is the published version that is sold and therefore the only real thing that can be properly judged

I've done a lot of playtesting over the last 10 years and it is always interesting to compare playtest copies with the final product. Sometimes the playtest copy is better than the published version.

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1. Mechanical Dream. The promo was excellent.

2. Godlike. Nuff said.

3. Nobilis.

4. Hellboy RPG (powered by GURPS).

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Then Maybe WILD TALENTS is your cup of tea...

Menchi said:
Mechanical Dream and Nobilis definitely. I'm intrigued by Godlike, but the whole Supers in WWII schtick doesn't appeal too much to me. Adventure! already has cornered the Pulp market IMO and I'm happy with the way it handles supers.
Well, ADVENTURE! and GODLIKE don't really tread the same territory. Pulp is as much an attitude as well as writing style and motif, and GODLIKE is not all that Pulp (unless getting reduced to a Pulp qualifies, but it doesn't for me.)

But you might check out our website to see the announcement on WILD TALENTS, with the Talents of Christopher Shy (Art) and Kenneth Hite (Design your Own Alternate Future) on board...


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Spaceship Zero

- 50s style retro look a la the CRPG Fallout - in space! Looks very cool.

Galactic Underground 3
Lock and Load 3rd ed
Rift Runner book (by Pulsar Games)

- All new stuff for Battlelords of the 23rd Century

Iron Kingdoms

- D&D sourcebook

Plus lots of other games already mentioned.


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Children of the Sun

I'm waiting patiently for Children of the Sun to come out. Well, probably semi-patiently.

The setting is very promising, and the mechanics are great.. coprehensive, but fast; they flow well. I think that the level of magic and technology reminds me in some aspects of Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III for all you SNES US-release-only people :) ) with Magic-Machine melds. Though there's no 'spiritual creature draining' necessary for Arcane Engineering. Definitely fun.
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