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What's Coming Out This Year?


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Carbon 2185 is supposed to be delivered July 2019... It is a Cyberpunk game using an adapted D&D 5E system.
Cyberpunk Red is supposed to be delivered August 2019... It will be a bridge between the Cyberpunk tabletop RPG universe and the Cyberpunk 2077 videogame. It will probably explain the gap between 2020 and 2077.
Also, the Contagion Chronicles from Onyx Path will come out soon.
And probably Geist: The sin eaters 2E, Hunter: the vigil 2E and Mummy 2E...


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Aquelarre (in English), Cyberpunk Red, Under the Hollow Hills, Burned Over (AW PG-13), The True Story and Implausible Journey of Half-a-Fool, Swords of the Serpentine, Lex Arcana (in English).

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I had two games I wanted this year (in print):

The Princess Bride RPG, which should be out fairly soon I believe.

Honor + Intrigue 2nd edtion/reprint. As I've ordered the just released Lulu POD version of the 1st edition I'm counting this as a win (apparently the Spanish edition had less art in than expected, and getting hold of one of the initial print run was like finding a needle in a haystack).


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For myself, I've got some of my own work coming out for a couple of RPGs, but in terms of the work of others:

Definitely curious to check out Cthulhutech 2e.

I will purchase Swords of the Serpentine.

Hope to see what Break!! is like if it makes it out by the end of the year.

The future John Carter of Mars supplements.

Maaaybe future Scion, Pugmire/Mau, and Trinity stuff, but that'll all depend on what happens regarding Scion at the moment.
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