What's Your "Curt Schilling Blowing His Fortune"-style RPG or Setting?


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There will be some flavor of BRP for the classic Tri Tac games (Bureau 13, Fringeworthy, FTL 2448), Jorune, Jack Vance's Tschai Planet of Adventure (and probably a couple other based on his work), Michael T. Desing's Army Ants, Gamma World, and Poul Anderson's Time Patrol.

A new edition of Supers! Revised with a series of setting books based on the Action Lab comics Actionverse (along with hiring the various creators to continue with new comic series of the various characters), and a setting book along with a relaunch of most of the Ultraverse comics (Night Man, Hardcase, The Strangers, Firearm, etc.).

I'd have 6 employees running games at various cons throughout the year, in teams of three. One works a booth, while the others run games.

I'd also spend a crazy amount to bring back the All Pro Football videogame on the current and future consoles. Maybe swing a deal with the NFLPA to have the actual players in the game, but I'm not paying $60+ million for the full NFL license and have them dictate how the game plays. A robust Team Create mode that included a player/uniform/logo/stadium editor and let the gamers create whatever leagues they wanted.

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I would go with an official 5E Dragonlance. Its long been one of my favorites, and while I know there are fan based adaptations... I'd love to see all the storylines done (Pre-Cataclysm, War of the Lance, Chaos War and Age of Mortals).

Chris Goodwin

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For settings:
  • Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures
  • Lawrence Watt-Evans' Ethshar
Probably some others I'm not thinking of at the moment.


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Everway for me. Rerelease the Spherewalker's sourcebook, release a bunch of sumptuous sets of cards related to my favourite settings (Nobilis, Chuubo's, Tekumel), probably via Kickstarter, then release the whole thing as an app with story generation tools for a reasonable price some time later.

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I would promote the hell out of Teenagers From Outer Space (2e): the book is genuinely funny, and its irreverent comedy implied setting is just my speed.


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Err...I've been saying Aeon/Aberrant/Adventure! for so long that I've no idea what to say now...
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