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[Where I Play] Oblivion (as a Pacifist)


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What can I say, I'm a masochist.

The idea here is to build a character from scratch, and get as far as humanly possible without once:

  • Striking a Living/Demonic/Undead/Animal/Vegetable/Mineral/etc personage with a weapon or bare hands.
  • Shooting anything with a health damaging spell or arrow
  • Conjuring anything (to help with combat)
  • Giving anyone a Poisoned Apple
  • Riding a Steed (so it can't help with combat)
  • Sidetracking while accompanied by a Quest companion(I have to escort them direct to their destination)
  • Using Chameleon, either spell or enchantment (otherwise might be too easy)
  • Fast-traveling to avoid danger.

I WILL be allowing myself to
  • Rely on the kindness of strangers/guards
  • Hide, or failing that, Run like crazy
  • Mess with minds(raise disposition to gain allies, etc.)
  • Lead enemies into traps

I'll be measuring success on survival, wealth and luxuries attained, and quest progress. (The Dark Brotherhood will almost certainly not be appearing :) )

I'm going to use the Oscura's Oblivion Overhaul mod. This makes the world significantly more dangerous, and adds lots of stuff, good and bad. The ONLY help I'm going to give myself is the Frostcrag Tower, as I'm pretty sure I won't be able to complete at least one of the Recommendation quests(though I'll try). I'll also run the Knights of the Nine expansion, and the Orrery add-on quest. These will be all the gameplay tweaks.

Here is our heroine:

And....off we go.... (right after dinner)
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Oh, right. I'll also be allowing myself to guide enemies into traps. Edited above.

Man ... your balls are larger than mine.

So...you're joining the Arena first I take it? :p
Yeah...that might be problematic. :)

Sleep and stun spells (if those exists, I was while since I played) will be your friend. As will stealth.
No sleep, no stun. There are Calm spells, however. And yes, Stealth will of necessity be my official Way of Life.


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No sleep, no stun. There are Calm spells, however. And yes, Stealth will of necessity be my official Way of Life.
You can make a "Damage Endurance" spell, that with sufficient potency and a Endurancing-draining dot will knock targets unconscious. That said, they're horribly ineffiecent to cast - but it might be worth investigating.

I once made one so potent it quite literally knocked the entirety of one of the city-districts unconscious for 3 in game days. (It did however require cheats to cast, due to it's OBSCENE mana cost.)


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Our story begins in the Imperial Prison.

Our heroine, a young Breton lass, is known only as Rue. Fire-haired and quick to anger, her already-legendary temper has gotten her into all kinds of minor scrapes and troubles.

Until six days ago, she had been lucky.

Of the events that followed, the less said now the better. Suffice to say, its memories are punishment enough, her sorrow and regret more torturous than anything the gaolers may dream of. The cuts on her knuckles haunt her, and the creak of an opening door haunts all her dreams.

In a fit of impetuosity, she vows to the Nine that she will mend her ways, and never again take up arms, or strike out at another being, nor do harm with the magic that comes so easily to her people. It is a hollow vow, and she knows it, just as she knows it will be forgotten come the morn...when the last breath of her whispering is echoed by a distant footfall.

Salvation comes.

The Emperor himself and 3 Blades, his elite bodyguard, enter Rue's cell. It seems they are fleeing danger. They open a secret door in the stone wall, and enter within.

"Looks like your lucky day," mutters one of the Blades.

Rue follows them hesitantly, and soon the face of the enemy is apparent.

The Blades soon finish with the assassins, though one of their number lies dead. The Emperor and his two surviving warriors are quick to hurry on, and Rue cannot help but see the tempting pair of weapons that lie across the fallen Blade's corpse.

After a moment, she resists the temptation, and whispers a word of thanks to the Nine. She sets out after the Emperor, but the way is soon barred, so she tries a different path. The way is fraught with danger, but she keeps to her vow.

She sneaks past many a vicious rat, and worse, and runs when hiding fails her. Fortune continues to favor her, and a clutch of goblins fall victim to their own traps, letting her find some lockpicks and a few coins.

(( look Wendy, I can fly! ))

Eventually she manages to reunite with the Emperor and his guard, but the assassins are not done. Rue keeps her fists clenched tightly by her sides as she watches the ensuing slaughter. The Blades hold their own for a time, but at last another is cut down, and the final bodyguard is assailed as the Emperor is cut down only twelve feet away.

Rue continues on alone. Goblins stand athwart her path, but she recalls the magic teachings of her childhood, and manages to bind them with a Calm spell, a small cantrip that works on only the simplest of minds. She makes good her escape, and soon finds herself breathing the fragrant air of freedom.

....stats coming next...


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I've got to say, I can't work out how you'd get through the initial dungeon without fighting at least some of the goblins. Doesn't one of them have a key you need to get through the dungeon?

EDIT: apparently I am wrong :)
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So far, so good, though that was the laughably easy part. The world now officially wants to kill us.

I decided to go with a Breton, simply because they're the best overall race, with no drawbacks. Birthsign was a tough choice. I contemplated Mage for the extra Mana, Lover for the once-a-day Paralyze spell, and Shadow for the once-a-day Invisibility spell. Thief is the best stat-boost though, especially for Luck, which I'll be needing a lot of.

Classwise, I went for custom of course. Not too difficult when you take out all the damage-related Skills...the only other possible was one of the Armor classes, and possibly Acrobatics. I need a way to open chests(you can't open Hard & V.Hard Chests in OOO unless you're very skilled), so Alteration was possible, but I didn't really have a use for other Alteration spells.

Actually, Feather would have been nice, now that I realize that the way I'm playing, I can't raise Strength. Ever. Ah well.

I took Magic as my focus, simply because those skills reap more benefits at higher levels. Took Luck and Endurance as my class skills because the latter will also be hard to raise, the way I'm playing.

Picked up a few coins, potions, etc. in the dungeon, but the only really noteworthy thing is the new shirt. :)


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I've got to say, I can't work out how you'd get through the initial dungeon without fighting at least some of the goblins. Doesn't one of them have a key you need to get through the dungeon?

EDIT: apparently I am wrong :)
There's ONE locked door. The key is on the goblin corpse beside it, or you can lockpick it. :)
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