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[Where I Read] The Death Gate Cycle


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Oh. OHHH. I remember this book now. I remember finishing this last chapter and closing this book and saying the 12 year old equivalent of wtf :confused:

I guess I had managed to completely block it out, but I remember it now. God was I fucking pissed off at the stupidity of that ending. The Kenkari want Haplo dead now, for plot device-y reasons? And they're passing Bane's wishes along as their own? Hugh, who had been desperate to be killed, is suddenly not only alright with being let off the hook, but actually seems almost relieved about the whole thing? No resolution is given to the Haplo/Kicksey-Winsey storyline at all? Killing Bane, in a particularly painful and horrific way (seriously, asphyxiation in the open air via his own mother's magic?) is somehow saving him? What. The. Fuck. Hand of Chaos? Warglbarlgel!!! :mad:

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