[Where I Watch] My Little Pony 3: Celestia Is Love, Discord Is A Dick


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*Checks last thread's post count*
IT'S OVER 1000!

A long, long time ago, in the mystical era of the 80s, the first generation of My Little Pony showed us the nightmarish adventures of Megan, Savior of Worlds and her diminutive equine friends as they strove to survive the horrors of the hellish Dream Valley.
Over two decades passed. First some pony "tales", then a dark era of direct-to-videos abominations whose studios received a $5 budget and failed to get their money's worth.
Then, in the year 2010, something wonderful happened.
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic took the world by storm, as Twilight Sparkle and the Elemental Harmony Squad saved Equestria and studied the magic of their elements. It was grandiose. It was glorious. It had God-Queen Celestia in it.
And now...They're back!
Welcome to Season 2! Pilot review coming this week-end!

Relevant links:
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The index, for those who just want to find specific parts without having to search through thousands of posts.
The corrected, redacted, and (in some cases vastly) improved reviews on DA (still a work in progress at this time).


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Oh, my, my, my. Discord is Dickord. Or Dicklord... Hmmm, the parody porn writes itself...



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He's kinda making me think "Ebon Dragon" so far. Hell, the mind-control he's been using is right up the Ebon Dragon's alley.


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Can't wait to read the next chapter of your "The Elements of Harmony Meet the Savior of Worlds" fanfic. :cool:
Thanks, and I'm writing it as I type. Spykoran and Mei Long! Megan's daughters having a mini-freakout about their mother! EPIC PIZZA EATING!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :D


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Am I correct in thinking that, at a meta-level, Discord is why Dream Valley was hellish? He'd just wake up and think, "Weeeellllll now! Feeling a bit chilly this morning! I know! I'll create a race of lava creatures to heat things up around here! Hehehehe!"

I'm wondering if Episode 2 will feature some subtle call backs to the earlier generations of ponies.

(Secretly hoping for Pinkie Pie to join up with her earlier incarnations to form the Legion of Pinkie Pies!)
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