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[Where I Watch] My Little Pony 8: Savior of Worlds 2.0!


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We are past the halfway mark of season 3. So far, the aweso-meter is holding steady at high levels.

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The index, for those who just want to find specific parts without having to search through thousands of posts.
The corrected, redacted, and (in some cases vastly) improved reviews on DA (still a work in progress at this time).

Anyway...I apologize for my lateness. I should be spending more time writing, and less time playing Arkham City, but...I dunno, it ended up this way.

Senator Tight Purse: "I'm just saying...This whole 'technology' thing may be the latest craze, but I think it's too early to tell if it will stick. Equestria has managed without railroads, moving pictures, or airboats for most of its existence, after all."
Fancy Pants: "True, but consider some of the recent achievements: The railroads alone are driving a new economic boom, which started even before the new trade routes to the Crystal Empire. As for those charming new 'movies', as they call them, they have much untapped potential as an artform. Why, there are rumors that Sunny Days herself has been drafted to write a script for one, called 'Rescue at Midnight Castle'. I will freely admit that I am looking forward to it."
Senator Tight Purse: "Fair enough, but what of airboats? Given that we already have pegasus-driven rickshaws, surely you must agree that they are redundant!"
Fancy Pants: "Actually, I'm afraid I have to disagree with you there, old friend. Air boats provide something rather different. A chance for earth ponies and unicorns to experience flight at their own leisure, transport goods to Cloudesdale, and more. Even pegasi find uses for aerial stops that aren't as fragile as clouds."
Fancy Pants: "In fact, I have recently invested large amounts of money in a company that designs some of the best airships in Equestria. They have a track record of well-designed and, dare I say, stylish machines. I believe they go by 'Appletech'?"


Granny Smith: "Canned goods, security perimeter... All is set!"
Applejack: "Granny Smith, do we really need those things fer tha Apple family reunion?"
Granny Smith: "Probably not, but tha last reunion was followed by tha Mare in tha Moon breakin' out. Ah ain't takin' no chances."
Granny Smith: "So, who's comin' this time around?"
Applebloom: "Everypony!"
Granny Smith: "Pony what?"
Applebloom: "They're all able ta come this time! Even Babs Seed! Continuity, BUCK YEAH!"
Granny Smith: "No-one's too busy? No-one's unable ta attend? Tha odds were one in a million!"
Applejack: "Seriously? That's almost as unlikely as one in a thousand!"
Granny Smith: "Ye're like a reverse idiot savant, ya know that?"

Granny Smith: "Bless mah old hooves, tha family seems ta be gettin' bigger with every reunion!"
Applejack: "That tends ta happen, yes."
Granny Smith: "Well, it's goin' ta be hard work organizin' it. Reminds me o'that time when that dumbass flooded tha Augean stables - cleanin' that mess up sure was some work!"
Applejack: "Ah, Granny Smith? How 'bout lettin' me handle tha workload this time around? Ah mean, ya may be full o'energy fer yer-"
Granny Smith: "Call me old, li'll filly, and tha only form o'apple ye'll be able ta eat will be juice."
Applejack: "Yes ma'am."
Applejack: "But still, how 'bout it? Ye've done organized a zillion reunions. Ain't it yer turn ta sit back and have some fun?"
Granny Smith: "Hm. Maybe. OK, if tha God-Queen can trust ya with tha safety o'Equestria, Ah guess Ah can trust ya with a family reunion."

Granny Smith: "All-righty then. Let's go over tha photo album o'previous reunions. Should get ya an idea o'what's needed."
Granny Smith: "Hey, here's pictures o'Applesauce! Ah remember how she lost her original dentition in that jam cauldron. Ah believe tha tooth fairy made one o'our customers mighty rich that year."
Granny Smith: "Here's how we done started workin' on that quilt. Been gettin' back ta work on it on each reunion."
Applejack: "Wait, what? Ya and yer cousins have been workin' on that same friggin' quilt fer generations?!"
Granny Smith: "Sysiphean, ain't it? Ah think Applebloom will be gettin' her cutie mark before that thing gets finished."
Applebloom: "Thank y...Ah mean, how dare y...Ah mean... Was that a compliment or an insult?!"
Applejack: "Sewing equipment. Check."
Applebloom: "Hmph. Hey, what's this picture?"
Granny Smith: "That's tha time yer big sister - who wasn't so big at tha time - tasted apple fritters. Half tha family had ta be hospitalized fer heart attacks after witnessing tha sheer cute."
Applejack: "Defibrillators. Check."
Granny Smith: "This here is me an' mah favorite cousin Apple Rose, at tha seven-legged race. Don't think we ever done won a single one o'them."
Applejack: "Games and races. Check."
Granny Smith: "And then there's tha traditional picture o'tha whole family taken in front o'tha barn."
Applejack: "Magnesium. Check."
Applejack: "Wait. If this is a family reunion everypony is attendin'... an' probably tha last reunion where no-one's missin'... then Ah gotta make sure this one is more memorable than a Derpy cameo voiced by John De Lancie!"

Applebloom: "Sis? Ain't it way late fer such late-night cloppin'?"
Applejack: "..."
Applejack: "Tha Internet has ruined our vocabulary."
Applejack: "But Ah canna sleep. Family reunions are serious business, and Ah shall not rest nor sleep 'till Ah got that perfect event planned fer-"
Applejack: "Wait. No sleep? No rest? Last time Ah tried that, Ponyville got hit by a bunny stampede."
Applejack: "Lesse...What did Ah do wrong last time?"
Applejack: "Oh, right. Ah tried ta go it alone. Well, this time, Ah'm gonna call in favors from mah friends an' family! Ha! Me, Applejack, am too genre-savvy fer tha plot!"
Plot: "I'm surrounded by idiots. Good thing, or I'd be out of work."

Applejack: "A zillion apples a day keep tha famine at bay!"
Big Mac: "Eyup!"

Applejack: "Fer all yer sewing needs, try tha Carousel Boutique!"
Rarity: "Just do be certain to mention me to your Manehattan relatives, dear."

Applejack: "Why waste time going all tha way ta tha river or tha reservoire, when ya got a friend who can push clouds around?"
Rainbow Dash: "Free electrostatic charges included!"

Applejack: "Sugar an' spice an' everythin' nice...with tha addition o'Element Pink!"
Pinkie Pie: "Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see."
Bee: "...OK, I was hoping for either Templar or Illuminati, but fuck it, you're too random for even the Dragon. I'm outta here."
Pinkie Pie: "Huh. I'm sure that would make more sense if I played the right MMO. Oh, AJ? Don't forget the glitter!"
Applejack: "..."
Applejack: "Pinkie, be honest: Does this make me look like Sweetie Belle?"

Applejack: "Dragons: Nature's own acetylene torch!"
Spike: "...Don't you mean lighter?"
Applejack: "Lighters are fer wimps."

Apple Family Reunion!
Braeburn from Appleloosa! Dumbass Pony from Canterlot! Socialites from Manehattan! Mountaineers from the Yodel Hills! Gadgeteers from Appletech! Lawyers from Forbidden Fruit Inc.!
Applejack: *grabs megaphone made by Royal Canterlot Voice Industries*

Applebloom: "C'mon, where is she where is she where is she..."
Babs Seed: "Peekaboo."
Applebloom: "AUGH! NOT IN THE FACE! NOT IN THE... Sorry, flashback."
Babs Seed: "Yeah, I get those."
Applebloom: "Well, Pavlovian fear aside! Ah'm so glad ta see ya! Ah know it's only been four episodes..."
Babs Seed: "...but I was afraid I'd never show on-camera again!"
Applebloom: "Exactly! So, how's life been treatin' ya off-screen?"
Babs Seed: "Pretty awesome, actually. I got transferred to a new school, which was an excellent start, away from all my old bullies. Then I met these two other fillies in my class, a pegasus and a unicorn - they're called Hyperloo and Saucy Song - and they were both interested in joining the Cutie Mark Crusaders..."
Applejack: "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! If ya kids are gonna be doin' some catchin' up, do it during tha activities!"
Applebloom: "Er, if ya say so. What sorta activities?"
Applejack: "Fer starters, y'all do a seven-legged race over several miles. Then, an iron pony competition. Then, y'all enter a three-way fight with Gravity and Centrifugal Force. Then, crawling through half-a-mile o'mud under barbed wire. Finally, repeating 'Un chasseur sachant chasser doit savoir chasser sans son chien' while tightrope-walkin' until ya canna move yer tongue anymore. Fun!"
Applebloom: "..."
Applebloom's imaginary self: "STOOPID YOU'RE SO STOOPID!"
Applebloom's actual self: "Didja slip on yer brain?! How the blazing Everfree didja design such an unforgivin', insane, ludicrou- Ya asked Rainbow Dash fer advice, didn'tcha?"
Applejack: "Sure did!"

Applesauce: "...and then Ah danced tha macarena on their grave."
Apple Rose: "Heh. Beatin' yer enemies is overrated. Outlivin' 'em is where it's at!"
Granny Smith: "True that."
Applejack: "Hey there, Team Quiltbag! Hope ye're ready fer ye're part!"
Applesauce: "Sure are, on tha condition ya don't call it that again. That word, it ain't meanin' what ya think it is."
Apple Rose: "Doesn't necessarily make it incorrect, though."
Applejack: "Anyway, Ah've replaced yer usual sewing equipment with these newfangled sewing machines Ah borrowed from mah good friend Rarity. With 'em, this year will be tha year y'all finish that quilt!"
Apple Rose: "Finish it? B-b-b-b-blasphemy!"
Applejack: "And knowin' that yer decades-long hell is finally over, and ye're never gonna have ta spend more time together workin' on it, should provide ya with all tha excitement ya can take at yer age!"
Applesauce: "Darn kids."
Applejack: "Mah job here is done! Now, Ah must go - mah family needs me!"
Granny Smith: "..."
Granny Smith: "Ah am so so sorry about that."
Applesauce: "We'll say it makes us even fer that time with mah kid, tha banana, tha snowball, and tha bag o'marbles."

Babs Seed: "...and that's how we won the talent show. In fact, we did so well that the local theater offered to hire us right away, but we decided we were too young for a showbiz career."
Gravity: "Keep going, Centrifugal Force! Any moment now, we shall be breaching their defenses!"
Centrifugal Force: "Indeed, Gravity! Today, victory is ours!"
Applebloom: *Apple crash!*
Applebloom: "...Once this is over, mah sister is gonna be findin' an anthill in her bed."

Applejack: "Havin' fun making apple fritters?"
Apple ToNewton'sHead: "Sure are! What a better place to catch, up, and talk, and..."
Applejack: "An' make apple fritters. Seriously, keep up tha pace. We got a massive family ta feed! Most reunions don't have this many Apples in them, so we got greater demand!"
Apple ToNewton'sHead: "But, wouldn't that also mean more hooves ta make tha apple fritters anyway?"
Applejack: "Me an' math ain't on speakin' terms, so Ah ain't takin' chances."

Babs Seed: "...doit savoir chasser sans son chien. Anyway, after we were done following the alchemy lessons from the weird-but-nice mysterious lady down the street - following her safety precautions to the letter, of course - we decided to try our hoof at journalism. We became reporters for the school paper, started doing some investigations, and cracked open this massive smuggling ring that had been operating through the harbor. The police were extremely grateful when we brought it to their attention..."
Applebloom: "Un chasseur sachant chasser...Oh Celestia, Ah'm gettin' flashbacks ta tha cutie pox!"

Applejack: "Everypony is expendin' tons an' tons o'energy on all tha fun activities! Total success!"
Applejack: "An' look at all those smiles!"
Applejack: "Those invisible smiles."
Applejack: "Which are totally there. Somewhere. They're just hidin'."
Applejack: "..."
Applejack: "Quick quick quick, how do Ah make 'em all smile? Oh, of course. Tha next activity!"

Applebloom: "Ah know mah sister means well, but that was freakin' STOOPID. Wow - is that how tha rest o'tha town feels whenever me an' mah friends screw up?"
Babs Seed: "You have a habit of screwing up?"
Applebloom: "...Let's get back to your story."
Babs Seed: "Oh, right. Well, we figured we should quit the school newspaper, since as a matter of integrity journalists shouldn't write about themselves, and the paper insisted on dedicating the entire issue to how the mayor gave us the key to the city. The key ceremony was kinda nice, though, and-"
Applejack: "Yo, stragglers! No time ta rest! There's more ta do!"
Applebloom: "Applejack, this is supposed ta be an opportunity fer us ta catch up an' hang out! How're we supposed ta be doin' that if ye're keeping us busier than durin' apple-buckin' season?!"
Applejack: "Don'worry, ya won't be exertin' yerselves in this one."

Applejack: "Now, folks, as y'all know, every reunion, we have a nice, relaxin' hayride."
Apple family: "Ahhhhh."
Applejack: "Which is why this year, Ah decided to scratch it, an' replace it with somethin' more excitin'!"
Apple family: "AAAAAH!"
Applejack: "So Ah hired these fine fellows from Dodge Junction ta pull tha cart..."
Fine fellows from Dodge Junction: "We charge quadruple."
Applejack: "Sounds cheap ta me!"
Apple family accountants: "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"
Applejack: "So, hi ho, Silver!"
Silver Bullet, fine fellow from Dodge Junction: "Hi ho indeed."
High-speed cart ride!
Granny Smith: "Celestiadammit, Applejack! If Ah get outta here alive, Ahmma gonna put ya in a giant hamster wheel with Pinkie Pie and a pot of chocolate-flavored coffee!"
Granny Smith: "Wait. Are we headed toward tha Est orchard?"
Big Mac: "Eyup."
Granny Smith: "Tha one we canna harvest apples from?"
Big Mac: "Eyup."
Granny Smith: "Tha one we get paid ta keep as is by tha Canterlot Zoological Society?"
Big Mac: "Eyup."
Granny Smith: "Tha one full o'fruit bats?"
Big Mac: "Eyup."

Applejack: "Ah'll have tha thank fluttershy again fer herdin' 'em bats based on color. An' now, tha show-stopper!"
Applejack: *bucks tree*
Fruit bats: *are...fruit bats. Sort of. Forget it, Jack, it's Equestria.*
Fruit bats: *form a Bat-Rainbow*
Batman: *shudders at uncomfortable memories from the Silver Age*
Apple family: "Oooooh!"
Apple family: *have spent the whole day surrounded by apple fritters*
Apple family: *now smell like the fruit bat's natural prey*
Fruit bats: "BANZAI!"
Apple family: "ABANDON THREAD!"
Fine fellows from Dodge Junction: "WE'LL SEND YOU THE BILL!"
Apple Acre barn: "Save yourselves, ponies - I'LL handle the cart!"
Cart: "BANZAI!"
Apple Acre barn: "TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!"
Apple Acre barn: *dies*
Applejack's dream: *dies*

Applejack: "All mah plans fer tha perfect family reunion. Doomed. Entombed. Kaboomed."
Granny Smith: "Quotin' a source no-one will recognize is like stealin', child."
Applebloom: "'sides, it ain't so bad that yer plan are deader than dinos'."
Applejack: "How the Dream Valley is it not so bad?!"
Applebloom: "Well...yer plans stank, mostly."
Granny Smith: "They kept eveypony too busy ta actually enjoy each other's presence."
Applebloom: "So, we're all actually kinda glad that they're over."
Applejack: "..."
Applejack: "Thanks fer doin' such a mighty fine job o'cheerin' me up."
Applebloom: "Yay! Ah'm helpin'!"
Applejack: "Granny Smith? Ah'm so so SO sorry Ah ruined tha family reunion."
Granny Smith: "Don't they teach ya anything nowadays?! It ain't over 'till it's over!"
Applejack: "...Yeah. We could take tha traditional family picture in front o'tha barn! ...Wait."
Applejack: "..."
Applejack: "Let's see. What would mah heroes do in this sorta situation?"
Applejack: "Smart Cookie would...have been tha one who advised against mah dumb mistakes in tha first place. Not applicable."
Applejack: "God-Queen Celestia would...do somethin' smarter than Ah can come up with. Not applicable."
Applejack: "General Killcthulhu would find tha nearest Elder Evil and kill it as a way o'apologizin'. Technically applicable, but takes too long."
Applejack: "Colt Sawyer would...Heyyyy..."
Applejack: "OK, quick question: Is everypony in this family an irrecoverable workaholic?"
Apple family: "Are apples fruits?"
Applejack: "Then Ah think Ah know a way we can all still make good memories today."

[To the tune of Emerson Drive's "A Good Man"]
Gather 'round, ye of the Apple Fam'ly
And of your love of labor give proof
We done smashed this here perfectly good barn
So please do all lend us a hoof
All we want is a place we can lay our grain, and a family we love to sooth all our pain
Kind of understated
Apples aren't that complicated!

We wanna have it done
By each and every one
Who is an Apple, helps through trouble, and wants to fix this pile o'red rubble
For we are a family, and we can see perfectly
That each one's a worker, helper, sister, and a friend
Apples to the end!

Make the beams and raise them to the sky
And together they'll form support
In this way they are much like our fam'ly
'Cause alone you bet we would fall short
So bring those nails and let's each do our part, putting in all our heart, don't stand apart
Our barn we'll earn
Teamwork's something you gotta learn!

We wanna have it done
By each and every one
Who is an Apple, helps through trouble, and wants to fix this pile o'red rubble
For we are a family, and we can see perfectly
That each one's a worker, helper, sister, and a friend
Apples to the end!

When this day ends I wanna leave a legacy
Of love and laughs and honesty and farming
Yes faaaarming!

We wanna have it done
By each and every one
Who is an Apple, helps through trouble, and wants to fix this pile o'red rubble
For we are a family, and we can see perfectly
That each one's a worker, helper, sister, and a friend
Apples to the end!

Uncle Apple Strudel: "And that's how those weirdos with all their weird accents managed to have a mountainload of fun while raising a barn."
Uncle Apple Strudel: "I'm still not sure who those strange ponies are, or why they keep inviting me over to their weird rituals, but hey, the food is always great."

Applebloom: "Well, that sure ended up bein' fun."
Babs Seed: "You can say that again! Hey, maybe I'll have the Manehattan CMC visit a construction site next week. Heck, I'll ask my teacher if we could organize a class excursion on that theme!"
Applebloom: "Ah'm glad ta hear tha CMC branch is doin' well!"
Babs Seed: "Yeah, it's cool. I'll have to tell you next time about our class visit to the gates of Tartarus, and how we noticed a weakening seal and notified the guards just in time..."

Applejack: "Dear God-Queen Celestia, today Ah have learned that, when it comes ta makin' good memories, what ye're doin' may very well be way less important than who ye're doin' it with."
Twilight: *looks over letter*
Twilight: "Er, Spike, you don't need to retranscribe her accent."
Applejack: "What accent?"


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The parts I find really fun is how Babs' CMC are being super competent at everything our CMC failed at.


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The parts I find really fun is how Babs' CMC are being super competent at everything our CMC failed at.
Except finding their cutie marks, one would assume. Otherwise they could have closed the Manehatten branch after the school performance.


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At least the CMCs can be reassured that it's not their incompetence that keeps them from reaching their goal.

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Applebloom: "C'mon, where is she where is she where is she..."
Babs Seed: "Peekaboo."
Applebloom: "AUGH! NOT IN THE FACE! NOT IN THE... Sorry, flashback."
Babs Seed: "Yeah, I get those."
Well... that's bittersweet. Good that they understand each other, at least.

And there is the usual "too many good bits for me to show my reactions to" thing, of course. :)

I think my favorite might have been Applebloom getting to use the STOOPID line.
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