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Which games have random character career/lifepath creation like classic Traveller or WHFRP2e??


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...you know: lots of tables to roll tons of dice on - and when you're finished you know everything about your charakter from his race, eye color, and education to his hometown, best combat skill, and the number of his siblings...


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Mekton Zeta has this for older characters; the only problem is it produces characters who are significantly underpowered compared to the generation system for younger characters.

Reign has something similar: there's an automated version here. And Burning Wheel nad Burning Empires have a very thorough lifepath chargen system which is unashamedly a solo minigame.

EDIT: Just playing with the Reign automated one-roll character generator and I rolled up a real corker.

  • 1x1 Exiled: You are no longer welcome in some province, country or region. Just what did you do that was bad enough to get kicked out, but not bad enough to merit summary execution? (Dodge 1, Plead 3, Run 1)
  • 1x3 Love Triangle: At some point, you were in love with her and she was in love with him. Or maybe she was in love with him and he was in love with you. Or maybe they were both in love with you and you didn't want either. Whatever happened, there were lots of hurt feelings and regrets and probably at least one really embarrassing public scene. (Lie 1, Plead 1, Advantage: Beauty 3, Mission: Find True Love)
  • 1x5 Stranded: You could have been shipwrecked, the lone survivor of an exploration mission, or simply gotten lost somewhere desolate. In any event, you had to survive solo for a really long time. (Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Throwing 3)
  • 3x6 Veteran Soldier (Body 1, Dodge 2, Fight 2, Fight OR Weapon -1+Expert, Parry 3, Weapon (Choose One) 2)
  • 3x8 Officer (Command 1, Endurance 1, Fight 1, Inspire 2, Parry 2, Ride 1, Tactics 3)
  • 1x9 Strange Birthmark: You never thought too much of that birthmark on your neck (or ankle, or shoulder-blade, or wrist). You know - the one that looks like a fish (or an anchor, or a crown, or a tree). But a few people who've seen it have had very strange reactions, ranging from eagerness and awe, to anger or even fear. What does it mean? You have no idea. (Knack for Learning, Problem: Enemy)
  • 1x10 His Majesty's Personal Cobbler: You made the most beautiful, most comfortable, most durable shoes in the entire kingdom, and as a result you are one of the relatively few people to have seen the monarch barefoot. Do you still have this exalted position? If not, what happened? If so, where'd all your money get to? (Expert Cobbler 4+Master)
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I think all version of Mekton had life path generators. That's the first place I ever saw it before and believe I bought the original Mekton (1984) just for that feature which I used in other games also.


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Harnmaster works like this somewhat.

The old Central Casting books (Heroes of Legend, Heroes Now, and Heroes of Tomorrow) had an unbelievable amount of tables like this.

Heroes Unlimited was like this as well.


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Every game that uses MongTrav as its base system..

Legionairre: The Renegade Legion RPG

Fasa's Star Trek RPG
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Dark Conspiracy (GDW)

On second thought, I can't recall if this was truly random.
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