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Who handles the charsheet?

Who keeps the character sheet?

  • Player

    Votes: 171 45.0%
  • GM

    Votes: 159 41.8%
  • Special Snowflake

    Votes: 50 13.2%

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In your games, who keeps the charsheet between sessions?

the question was inspired by the recent threads on cheating and charsheet "audit".


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Ideally, I prefer online character sheets that way both the player and the GM can see them outside of the game.

If not the above, then as the GM, I prefer to have at least a copy of them so I can tailor adventures to the players' skills and whatnot. If I don't have a copy, I expect my players to at least tell me when they buy a new skill or anything like that.


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In our group generally the GM, excepting one annoying player who insists on keeping all his in his folder. This means that on any week when hes away or when a GM wants to see his stats between sessions to see if he has power X or skill Y or not he cant.
In our group the GM has them.

That way:

1) The players never lose or forget them.
2) If a player misses a session, someone else can play their character for them.

This is by the players' choice, by the way - not by the GM's demand.
Copies EVERYWHERE. Because everyone loses them. I lose them, the GM loses them, if I'm the GM I lose them AND the players lose them.

Make copies. Give them to everyone, give them to your cat!

Then forget to actually look at them for sessions at a time, but never mind.


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I voted "special snowflake," because when I run, I always make sure to keep a copy of the character sheet for myself (usually stored in electronic and paper form). Players can either keep a copy or not as far as I'm concerned; I feel I need to have them so I'm not taken by surprise when player X has skill Y which is able to completely defeat my planned encounter Z which should have taken up 1/3 of the session, or something.

When I play, I expect to at least have electronic access to a copy of my character sheet (e.g. character database file, wiki page, or something).


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Weird guys, weird.

Player always. some games the GM keeps a copy but I've never ment anyone who does it the other way.


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As the GM, I always hang on to the character sheet.

1 - It keeps everything together and lessens the chances of someone forgetting their sheet. As GM I keep everything for the current campaign in a single bag so it doesn't get mislaid or left behind.

2 - In between games or campaigns I like to have the sheets to hand so that I can tailor certain parts of the game to certain PC abilities so that everyone gets a shot at the limelight. Having the sheets to hand is a bonus.

3 - I don't like several copies of the same character sheet because they are all set to change as the PC grows. I don't want any 'that's not what it says on mine' arguments, which may sound strange if the player has a copy of the exact same sheet but it has happened.

4 - It minimises the sudden appearance of phantom skills or equipment between sessions. Some of my players over the years have added beneficial stuff to their sheets in the hope that it isn't noticed by the next session.

5 - If any players want to write up info on their PC they can write down their skills and abilities and base it off that. They don't need a copy of the character sheet to make detailed background notes for their character. If a player desperately wants the character sheet for any reason then I have them write it out again/photpcopy it for their own use but I have them use the character sheet that I have during the game.

6 - I prefer any upgrading/advancements to be done at the table in front of me and the other players so that everyone is aware of any changes to the PC (that they want made public, at any rate). This way I can keep an eye on any rulebending that might go down.

7 - If the player does not turn up then we have the character sheet to run as an NPC during the absence.

It's not a question of me not trusting my players (but over the last 26 years I have run across many who 'modify' their character between sessions which is why I started keeping them in the first place), it's a question of practicality. It's simply easier for me to hang on to the character sheets between sessions.


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Weird guys, weird.

Player always. some games the GM keeps a copy but I've never ment anyone who does it the other way.
We have two fairly forgetful players who have the GM keep their sheets. So, there are two copies of their sheet, these players have one during the game and give it back to the GM at the end of the session, and that way the sheets don't get lost.
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