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[+? -? Who knows] But no, seriously, fuck Kender


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Clearly, both tables should direct you to cross-reference the other if your result is just a bit too low to qualify for "Roll again twice".

EDIT: "90-94: Nature of result blocked from memory. Roll twice on table 8-15 to determine contents of underwear next morning."
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The completely intentional aspects of Krynn that made it fodder for novels - a world with a certain peace (for a fantasy world), threatened by an outside force that must be vanquished in 1-3 books for the sake of drama, with romance and innocence-as-comic-relief imperiled to make the stakes immediate to the reader - make for a poor permanent campaign setting. And vice versa.
As I've been saying for years, not every setting needs to be a "permanent campaign setting." There's absolutely nothing wrong with a setting that's made for one particular adventure path. Finished? Cool, go run something else now. Maybe come back to it in a few years to run it again and see how things go differently this time.

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