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Hello. Thanks for taking a look.

Here’s a bit about myself so you know what you are getting into.

I’m Evan. I’m in my mid to late forties, have played and run rpgs since the start of the 80s.

For a while in the 90s I wrote and ran a large number of games for conventions, being mostly Cthulhu, GURPS, DnD and my own design or systemless, across tabletop and freeform (10-40 player) scenarios.

In the 00s I wrote up some of my freeform notes and 3.5 dnd game stuff and popped them online under the name Plot Device. I also participated in the 24 hour RPG challenge for a couple of years (And reviewing a huge number of other 24 hour RPG entries here on RPGnet). I became mildly obsessed with a web based game called Nexus War and was hungerer on that for a few years.

Since then I’ve run a number of home campaigns in my own systems as well as DnD, but mostly I’ve been a father to a now-almost-5-year-old, and a Change Management consultant in Sydney, Australia. So that’s me.

The purpose of this blog is for me to do a bit of a brain download of the thinking process leading to the MASS compendium. I got obsessed with putting some of the RPG ideas I had had floating about in my head into a form that others might be take a look at and maybe find useful. The end result is a generic system with an odd target audience that won’t appeal to everyone. So herein I try to explain the why of it all. If I continue to be inspired to do this blogging thing, I will post about thematic stages in the development of the first key supplement to MASS, currently being written, and being a newish twist on Supers role playing with the working title of Sidekicks Anonymous.

This will be a bit rough, as this is my first go at doing something like this. I’m very much a hobbyist, but a devoted one. I can’t promise to be comprehensive or completely self-aware, but I can at least promise to be honest. I hope that at least my ideas and my enthusiasm for gaming resonate with you.

Thanks again for your interest even if you only got this far. I'll get going in the next entry with Part One - Design Goals.
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