Why does this female superhero pose keep happening?


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Compare this month's Green Lantern New Guardians

to this classic gem

Seriously, comic book editors, why do you keep letting this happen?

edit add: For the record, I know why it keeps happening. Boob cleavage + ass cleavage in the same shot = drool-soaked dollars. I get it. I just can't look at these poses without thinking of those poor ladies' spines!


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Comic book artists should realize that although a good segment of their audience really likes T&A, you can use two different panels to show them off. You don't have to contort the characters into these ridiculous non-poses!


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Didn't this come up on the forums before? If I recall correctly, someone pointed out that these poses were often traced/ drawn from porn videos.


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They're done because because a lot of people find it erotic.

Sometimes I wish this forum had a circlejerk subforum or something. I think it might be good for it. :/
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They're done because because a lot of people find it erotic.
Too deep in the goddamn uncanny valley to do anything for me. THAT'S NOT HOW THE HUMAN BODY WORKS!!! Hell, that's not even how artistic exaggeration of the human body works!

Plus, if I want to see porn, I'll look at actual porn.

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Weird holdover from the X-treme! early 1990s school of comic book art.

In those distant faraway days, a bunch of those seminal artists introduced a lot of fluidity to comic book art (McFarlane on Spiderman) replacing an earlier cinematic style, even naturalistic style. Jim Lee combined anime-ish lines with a sense of naturalism. And yer man Liefield did what he did.

Now while they worked for the big-two, their work was still pretty restrained, though there was an energy and sexiness to, say, Silvestri's X-men work which was evident even then. However, once Image was formed, there was less restraint to be had. Furthermore, while the gritted-teeth-guns-pouches look defined their heroes, there was also the commercial need to sell. And et voila, suddenly you had shelves groaning under the weight of books of x-treme! heroes whose membership were half bikini clad girls with unlikely bodies, twisting them in weird ways.

It sold. It especially worked on covers.

And thus it is, even now, years later when everyone should know better, there's all these ninja chick characters who contort in ways that would make Cirque Du Soleil weep so they can show off cleavage and buttcrack and maybe their abs while fighting Bob the Supervillain. The worst of it is - half the time you don't even notice. So ninja chick is showing off her amazing contortion ability and all you remember is "and then she stabbed the villain and the plot moved on"

Really wish they'd knock it off.
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