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[WIR] Finishing Homestuck


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making this happen etc etc

So, many years ago I was really into this particular infamous webcomic, and then all these pauses happened and other stuff happened and I kinda drifted away. Ever since I heard it finished, I've been meaning to get back into it, and now I guess I finally am.

I'm gonna try to keep this going at a decent pace and not get bogged down, even if I end up being pretty cursory in what I write. We'll see how it goes. I've already reread everything up to where I was not long ago and I'm not gonna write about all that (though if you want to know about anything in particular, feel free to ask), so I'm just diving back in right where I left off, pretty deep in. Page 7208, [A6I3] ==>, Meenah's second adventure flash thing.

P.S. Best characters: Rose, Kanaya, Vriska, Porrim.


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Now where were we? Ah, yes, John was throwing a tantrum. And then dreaming. And now we're back to The Ghost Adventures of Meenah!

Hey there's a new character right away: Cronus. Is he gonna be better than Eridan at least?

(partway through the first conversation) ...well, okay. He hasn't murdered anyone yet. That I know of. So I suppose he is better than Eridan, tentatively. But that's about the only positive thing I can say about him. This story really does not give Aquariuses like me very good patron trolls.

Ahab's Crosshairs get broken again, in record time!

...I GUESS I'll go back and finish talking to Cronus... nope, nothing too interesting. Next!

Mituna, hm? ...what even is this guy. What even is this typing quirk?

Oh no now Kankri too? These trolls are all so awful. I'm not even reading all this :(

I can actually be Mituna... but I don't want to. Not until I've exhausted everything I can do with Meenah, at least.

Next: Kurloz! Hm. Skull-painted, unspeaking, vaguely hostile? That makes him the best troll we've met on this page! By far!

Further on: Hey, Meulin! Now here's someone I'm actually interested in! She's very genki. I like her! Sorry, Kurloz, you've been dethroned. although those gifs can be a bit much

Okay there's probably more I can do with these jokers but I have all the keys now so I'm going to check that out first.

Karkat is, surprisingly, a breath of fresh air after those other trolls. It's pretty cute how he and Meenah can relate to each other about trying to be (bad) leaders.

Hm, it looks like being Karkat is the way to progress further, so I'll go back and finish up stuff with the other trolls first.

Okay, Cronus is, like, borderline sexually assaulting Mituna. I don't like Mituna much but Cronus is by far the worst of these trolls.

These areas are separated, so I can't go talk to Meulin as Cronus or anything... that makes the amount of text in this flash slightly less ridiculous. There's still a ton here.

Yep, Cronus is the worst (murder aside). I think I'm finally done with this screen.

Aww, Meulin and Kurloz get along so well. ....aaaaaaand then it got creepy.

Seems Kurloz is secretly supporting Lord English... I'm not sure if Meulin is actually into it too or if she's being hypnotized or something; those flashing eyes were weird. Kurloz is also under the impression that Gamzee is on their side, but there's a possibility that Gamzee has his own plans. Mysterious plans.

Okay. Done? On to Karkat!

Hey, it's Terezi! She's in a bit of a funk... because she's feeling less radical than her ancestor? Heh. Well, Karkat has a pretty decent perspective on the situation, and seems much less obnoxious after some of those other trolls.

Now being Terezi... Meenah's found her way here?

Hah, Meenah thinks of Karkat's offer to join her ghost squad as "a date". Although, she might not be entirely wrong there!

Meenah appreciates Terezi's colorfulness! And dragonness! But, Terezi is in too much of a funk to care much. :(

Here's Aranea's booth again. Are we at the end? Well, I'm happy to talk to Aranea again first.

According to Aranea, Cronus is Harry Potter.

Kurloz may or may not have had a part in what happened to Mituna? (probably did)

Aranea isn't listening to her own instincts enough when it comes to Kurloz.

It's still not entirely clear what's going on with Meulin, or what happened with Kurloz back then...

And that's the end. Whew!

Okay I went back to check if there was a Kurloz->Meulin conversation I'd missed and yeah, there was. That makes it pretty clear that Meulin is being hypnotized. Or has some kind of double personality. Or something along those lines.

Done for real now! I think that's everything, unless there's something really hidden.

There was a lot here... I think I'm going to pause for a bit and let all this settle in my brain before continuing.


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Judging by the size of the log page, I'm about 2/3 of the way through the comic, so there's a pretty sizeable amount left. (And I started reading back when A5A2 had recently started, which is about... 1/3 of the way through! So, I guess the comic is neatly divided into thirds for me.)

Okay, after that last page, I think we've met all of the Beforus trolls except for Aradia's analogue. Anyone I'm forgetting? (next page) Oh, right! Th8t guy! not-Tavros. But it looks like the narrative is yanking us away somewhere else first...

Oh hey it's Jack. And PM! Jack is tired of running... nope, no sympathy. I'm on PM's side here.

Ducking into a dreambubble... full of memories of all of Jack's murders? If you wanted to get PM to cool off her pursuit for a bit, this may not have been the right place to go.

On and on. Is anyone alive in here? ...oh hi John. Now, is this going to work out any better than the last time you tried fighting Jack directly?

This is tremendously surreal. I don't even know for sure if this John is the current, primary one or some other memory. Either way, he's capable of fighting Jack now, though I'm not sure if he's capable of winning.

...and nope, vanishing due to waking up was the only thing that stopped him from getting stabbed by Jack again. Or... wait, is he waking up? No, that was some kind of mistform dodge! That's a pretty sweet new wind power.

Rose shows up being all mysterious for a moment, Jack gets hit and actually takes some damage, and maybe the resulting silly hat cheered up John a bit? Then PM catches up and the chase resumes. That seems like it was largely pointless! :p

Still, John's not done here yet. Where's he wandering to now?

Horses... is Vriska out here? No, Tavros is. And a ring. How is Tavros sleeping, anyway? Like, what exactly happens when ghosts sleep? And okay there's Vriska too.

Far future Vriska, apparently. She's been out here long enough to be pretty different from the Vriska John knew.

...well, that was a long conversation!

Okay. First of all: I don't think either Vriska or Tavros has really changed as much as they'd like to believe. They've changed and grown some, sure, and they seem generally more competent, but they still have a lot of the same flaws and pretty much the same kind of messy weird relationship between them.

Vriska is as entertaining as ever, though! :D

Seems the main point of this conversation is laying out what's going on for John and the reader both. And I have to say, Vriska is remarkably well connected at this point in time, able to lay out basically everything that's going on with English and what everyone is planning to do about him.

It's actually really nice to get something like this as a foundation for what's going on in the comic now? Like, ever since English supplanted Jack as the primary threat there hasn't been a real central thread to the story. There's been the new kids doing their stuff, and Meenah's adventures, and that's all been entertaining enough, but then there's been the glimpses of the original kids and trolls and the myriad ghosts and ghost death and all this stuff, and a lot of it has been so surreal and disconnected that it's hard to really care about. (Like that short fight with Jack a few pages ago.) But now it's starting to come together into some sort of structure.

So, three main quests, at least according to Vriska:

One, finding Calliope. I feel like this is the most important one? Maybe just because Calliope is adorable and I want to see her again.

Two, ghost army. I figured this was just Meenah being silly and wouldn't actually go anywhere, but if it does? That'd be pretty cool.

Three, treasure! I like those maps, they make a nice puzzle, though Vriska's method for solving them might be a bit... foolhardy? Ridiculously irresponsible? Bonkers crazypants? Whatever, it's Vriska. :D

Next time: back to Meenah's Ghost Adventure!


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The Ghost Adventures of Meenah, Part 3

...aaaand the new troll is named Rufioh. I really should've expected that.

He's actually pretty nice? Heh, Meenah thinks so too: "almost alright".

Sounds like he's been through some shit though. Damara (Not-Aradia?) sounds like a real piece of work.

Oh, and there's this Horuss guy? Sounds like Not-Equius. I guess we haven't met him yet either. Back when I was keeping up with Homestuck as it came out I read enough discussion that I'd know all this stuff like who we have and haven't met offhand, but now it's like my mind is a sieve. Comparatively.

...okay, Horuss is right around the corner. Hm. He seems like a cheerier Equius? Even after Meenah orders him to can his forced smiling, he still seems cheerier. That's about it.

And now Damara. After that conversation with Rufioh, I'm actually quite curious about her...

...hm. Silence. Okay, there's a double bird!

ああ! 日本語!? でも、呼べる。

Hah, Meenah calls Damara's Japanese an accent. That's one hell of an accent.

Wow, Damara's being pretty explicit here. Did these two have an actual blackrom thing going? I'm not sure if this is supposed to be intimidation, teasing, mocking, or some combination of all of those.

Okay Damara said that sometimes she masturbates to her memories of fighting Meenah so I'm gonna guess "not actually a blackrom, but Damara kinda wishes it were".

...stone-throwing? What? If that's slang for something I'm not getting it.

(Is this actually properly-written Japanese, or a bad translation? I'm not exactly fluent, so I can't really judge, but the cadence seems weird compared to other things I've read.)

Moving on! Time to be Horuss!

Horuss & Meenah: *ignores Kankri again*

Horuss & Damara: Well, Damara is being just as explicit with Horuss. And going on quite a while. I wonder what reading this is like if you can't understand her words? Like, you can get that she's making sexual comments from the other characters' responses, but not the precise content of them. And they're way more explicit than anything else in this comic. I've read out-and-out porn that's milder than this.

...aaaaaand there's an uncensored horse dildo. I suppose that's pretty explicit too. This comic sure has gone to some interesting places while I wasn't watching.

Horuss & Rufioh: These two... may not really have the best relationship. On the other hand, considering what the other trolls around here are like, it could be worse. It could definitely be worse.

Rufioh's turn!

Rufioh & Horuss: I feel kinda sorry for Rufioh, past and present. He seems mostly nice, though sometimes in over his head, whereas Tavros got weird and entitled pretty quickly once he tried to stop being so passive.

Rufioh & Damara: These two have some history... and neither's entirely innocent, though what Damara did was certainly far worse. Anyway, Damara's not being nearly so aggressive when talking to him, and only a little sexual.

Also, this really isn't good Japanese. I wasn't entirely sure before, but when you're using the word for fine (as in monetary punishment) to mean fine (as in ok) even a novice like me can see that that's wrong.

Now, Damara!

Damara & Rufioh: Rufioh may be having problems with Horuss, but he doesn't want Damara to kill him or seduce him. And I'm not sure if Damara knows how to do anything else! (She's already been trying the latter, too...)

Also, sounds like she's working for English too, though Rufioh is trying to play it down/ignore it. Rufioh had mentioned that she used to be nice; did something English-related (directly or indirectly) happen back then too? If we're doing the "controlled by Lord English" story again with her, it kinda makes her less interesting. :(

Damara & Meenah: Well, this conversation is really plain about the Lord English stuff, if you can understand Japanese. "Your pitiful army will fail", "he will consume reality itself", etc, etc. If you can't and you're just going off of Meenah's responses, well, she's got this one all wrong.

Damara & Horuss: This conversation, on the other hand, is just more porn. Damara gets pretty dang aggressive with her fantasies.

Next zone. I guess we're moving on as Damara rather than going back to Meenah? ....or not. She can cross to the next zone, but can't do anything there other than get the cold shoulder from Porrim and Kanaya.

Also: hey Kanaya finally worked up the nerve to talk to Porrim! Yay! It's not going to let me see what they actually talked about, but I'm happy to see them getting along so well.

Hahaha, Kanaya has no respect whatsoever for Meenah. This is great.

Inside the meteor... it feels kinda weird to be in such a relatively plain place after all this dream bubble nonsense.

Hi Rose!

Oh hey, Kanaya isn't glowing. I didn't notice until Rose pointed it out.

Rose and Kanaya seem to be pretty close? This isn't a very personal conversation, though. I suppose Meenah is hovering over them at the moment, so.

Dave is being silly, as usual. Kanaya... isn't quite into it.

There's some mysterious pendant in a chest. I don't recognize it? Am I forgetting something or is that really a new symbol? It was only on screen for a moment.

Well, let's try being these other characters before moving on. Can Rose visit that other room?

...yes, she can, and Gamzee is in here. He wasn't when I peeked in here with Kanaya.

So, Rose and Gamzee are on speaking terms with each other? I suppose I can't blame Rose for not telling Kanaya about that. Though, I'm really not sure if it's a good idea to let Gamzee stay alive.

Gamzee has a blackrom with Terezi? Huh. No other comment, really. Just, huh.

Rose seems to be staying in her "observing from on high" mode, not getting involved in anything Gamzee-related. Really, her offer to Kanaya to stay by her side and help her resurrect her species is way more direct action than she usually takes.

Went back and talked to Kanaya with Rose, and Rose basically just asked her out on a date. These two 💖

Dave is being Dave.

Hah, Dave finds Karkat's dream self next to his sleeping self in the side room! I was wondering if he was actually in the same bubble still or off somewhere else. And Karkat finds this to be utterly ridiculous, this is great.

That everything here?

Okay, moving on... back to Meenah solo. And here's Aranea.

Oh? Aranea's actually getting more interested in Meenah's ghost army plan? Looks like it's indeed going to be important.

This part about Damara's past is interesting. So, Meenah was responsible for some of what happened with her... but not all. There's English's not-so-subtle influence again.

Hm, that's not the end? There's another zone... is this all Vriska's stuff?

Well here's Hussie being silly. And Meenah scammed him out of money from some kickstarter, apparently! :p

And then Meenah comes upon the conversation that Vriska, John, and Tavros were having... but that actually is the end, before she gets into the conversation herself. Whew! Jeez these adventures have been getting long.

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FYI: You can move Damara all the way to the end screen, once Meenah opens the way, for an informative Easter egg.


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FYI: You can move Damara all the way to the end screen, once Meenah opens the way, for an informative Easter egg.
You know, I thought about trying that, but I didn't go back and check it. But, I suppose that's why Damara could move to the next screen at all when the other non-Meenah trolls couldn't. Tsk, should've known.

Let's see... she acts all innocent around Rose and Dave... Terezi's on to her, though.

And here's Hussie with the exposition!

Re: Damara: yeah I suspected Google Translate was involved. Damara is angry at being given such shitty Japanese to speak! And someone may be drawing porn of her, but it's not me... I mean, not right now... >_>

Nice shout-out to Dante Basco.

"What? I told you these stories would suck. You get what you pay for." does that apply to Homestuck as a whole, 'cause, I mean, I haven't paid to read it

I liked Feferi. :( She's one of my favorites outside of my actual favorites. Meenah's pretty cool too but Feferi had more style and... it's just a bit sad to see her being dismissed like this.

also "throwing a bone to the Pisces people" when are you gonna throw a bone to the AQUARIUS people HUH :(

And that's as far as Damara can go. Well, there's not a lot that's new in Hussie's summaries of this set of trolls, but it's nice to hear a little of his thoughts on them. Thanks for telling me about that! :)


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Hey, at least Eridian did something pivotal to the story. Feferi... supposedly convinced the horrorterrors to make the dream bubbles, and that's about it.


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Okay, what's next? Back to the meteor, here's Dave, here's Rose...

wow Rose you're looking very dressy there, very reminiscent of Roxy

...wow Rose you're sounding very much like Roxy too. You're drinking? You're actually drunk? Was this was you were aiming for with your experimental drink chemistry or did you just stumble into it and roll with it?

also how are you doing the *typo correction thing when you're actually talking, that doesn't even make any sense

Oh this is right before that date with Kanaya? Rose, this is maybe a little bit too drunk for a date.

Hm. Rose dressed up, didn't tell Kanaya, who was thinking it was gonna be a bit more casual... and started drinking way too early... and then was in the wrong place so Kanaya was waiting for her to show up for hours. This is getting incredibly awkward incredibly fast. You're lucky Kanaya already loves you, Rose.

I was going to say something about how Rose talking about Gamzee and Terezi and other relationships wasn't the best conversation for a date... but then she brought it back around to her desires for Kanaya wonderfully. And then she kissed her! They actually did it! With an especially fancy illustration and everything! I've been waiting for that for a long time - I'm one of those people who started shipping them basically from their first conversation.

And sure Rose then immediately fainted due to her drunkenness BUT STILL. That was lovely. 💖

Switching back to Meenah and Vriska... you know, I am curious about how those two will get along.

Just need to wait for this flash to load...


...okay. That fake loading gif? With the in the page title? And the spoiler warning on the page? Okay, that one got me. (It didn't help that I've had a lot of internet problems recently, so when the loading speed slowed to a crawl I just assumed that it was my internet acting up again.)

Now Meenah and Vriska, for real this time.

And they start off kinda grapping for dominance with each other... not the most interesting way things could go, but I suppose that's what they're like.

But hey, this quickly became more about fashion than fighting. Also, Vriska has enough luck that she can casually toss out perfect dice roll powerups, even now?

Then they started calling for backup and... um. Things quickly got absurd.

Really absurd.

Well, they both wanted a multitude of ghost followers, and now they're getting 'em! Kiiiiind of.

Okay they are getting down to an actual fight, at least a little bit of one... and then... suddenly, Calliope!?!?? Is that really her? I was kinda expecting English or someone with the ridiculous number of ghosts around. Calliope is a very pleasant surprise.

...hm. Seems it's sort of her. That picture was from a book, and if what's written below it is accurate, then she is there, but the others can't perceive her at all. She's like a ghost even to the ghosts! Or, it's just a story and she's not there at all, could be that too. Aranea's quest won't be finished that easily after all.

Aaaaand Caliborn is scribbling in the book... (Caliborn? English? whatever) ...but then we're switching back to John as he wakes up.

John still has the ring? Carried it out of the dream with him, somehow? How very strange. I don't know what the significance of that might be, but I'm sure it'll be significant somehow. (It's probably one of the rings from the new zero-prototyped session, unless I'm forgetting something - I don't think we've seen where it originated.)

But with that, it seems that this ridiculous "intermission" of A6I3 has finally come to a close.

eeeeeeeeee Rose/Kanaya eeeee 💖 💖 💖


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(Is this actually properly-written Japanese, or a bad translation? I'm not exactly fluent, so I can't really judge, but the cadence seems weird compared to other things I've read.)


Also, this really isn't good Japanese. I wasn't entirely sure before, but when you're using the word for fine (as in monetary punishment) to mean fine (as in ok) even a novice like me can see that that's wrong.
A bit late on this, but Hussie was very open about the fact that Damara's Troll Japanese was English run through Google Translate. And then tweaked so that running it back through Google Translate the other way would get an approximation of what he originally wrote.
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