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[WIR] Gamma World, first edition (1978)


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That also applies to computers in Traveller.
Yes, it does indeed, doesn't it? I've never had the opportunity to play TRAVELLER, but I owned the original black box set and the hardcover TRAVELLER BOOK back in the day. Much love for that game, and the retro-tech feel was/is definitely part of it for me.


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Well, its worse than that; they were written by gamers for other similar gamers. That's an important distinction since you could have people from other parts of the hobby who, upon encountering, say, an armor combat game, would not go in with the assumptions the game designers had and thus not fill in the blanks in the way the designers would assume.

You still see some of this; I've been involved, both as a playtester and an editor, with games written with the assumption end-users would use the system the way the designer and his friends do, and were startled when they got reports of problems because they aren't just selling the game to people like their buddies. The advantage these days is if you do any sort of playtesting or early release at all, you'll probably hear about it if it catches any significant interest; the only question is whether you listen or decide that people responding are outliers (I'm of the opinion from having seen enough playtests that ignoring feedback is the cause of a pretty fair amount of game design problems).
Most of the problems with 3E grew out of the fact that the playtesters played it like it was 2E, instead of actually exploiting the new opportunities... so the problems with said opportunities weren't found and fixed.


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With the artifact examination flow charts is there a difference between the squares, diamonds and circles? Or are they just random images?
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