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[WIR] TMNT/After the Bomb/Road Hogs


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There Is No Wrong Way To Play Shadowrun.

I'm not sayin' nuthin', I'm just sayin'.
Is it your life goal to make an interconnected pony-verse of RPG settings or what? Because somehow I already played Paranoia with ponies...

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I have No Idea what the HELL is going on in that pic, and I am not an unintelligent person.
Having said that, it does indeed look AWESOME. :)


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This is a lot of fun. Palladium seems to have a bunch of rules and systems that are cool in their theming, terrible in their execution.
Yup, been that way since the beginning. If the author would just engage a proper editor, it could actually be a pretty excellent system.

There Is No Wrong Way To Play Shadowrun.

I'm not sayin' nuthin', I'm just sayin'.
We're a book and a half away from Whinnie Mucca. There'll be ponies aplenty there.


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Weapons and Combat:
First there's 'notes on ancient WP'
Archery: is WP: Some kind of bow. See WP tables for details. (Why does this classification even exist?
Rate of Fire: is abbreviated R.F. instead of RoF like everyone else does it (including, IIRC, other Palladium products). How many shots per round (Which is still called a melee round even in missile fire) you get; if that's lower than your number of attacks, you have to do something else with the rest. Crossbows only have the listed R.F. if the user has at least PS 14, otherwise they need a full round to crank it back and reload.
Strike bonus: Do we really need to go over this again? They're cumulative.
Throwing Miscellaneous Objects: you can throw them 60', or twice that at -4. Every point of PS past 14 adds 4' to basic and 10' to max range.
Weapon Replicas: Your generic mail order wallhangers. They have 40 SDC and take full damage from the attacker's weapon any time they're used to parry. (Np damage penalty, though; I'd expect one)
Weapon Proficiencies: Even the book says we already covered this; why's it here.

Ancient [Japanese] Weapons (There's also the Heroes Unlimited ancient weapons table at the end after ninja gear.)
Aikuchi/Tanto: A Japanese dagger with or without a hilt that does 1d4 and costs $20-1000. By comparison, an ordinary Western knife does 1d6 and the price tops out at $100. Why is this here?
Bisento: Is a Japanese Glaive, only it costs $100 more and has to be imported from Japan.
Blowguns do no damage and have a range of 50', but otherwise like bows. Can be used to poison people.
Bo staff: is actually on the HU table too, at $20 more. Does 1d8
Bows: Come in Ninja, Samurai, and Modern, doing 1d8, 2d6, and 1d10. Samurai bows (800") have twice the range of ninja bows (400"); modern ones have no range listed here.
Crossbows: Fullsized does 2d6, pistol does 1d10. Looking back at WP (Bow), we find that short (ninja) bows do 1d6 at out to 420", Large (long bow) bows do 1d8 out to 700", Compound Bows do 2d6 out to 800", and Crossbows 1d8/700". So there's a bit of a discrepancy here, which is to say that Wujcek didn't actually consult the skill section copied from HU before putting his own stats in.
Daisho: Is a subclass of WP(Paired). You need separate WPs to use Katana and Wakizashi individually. (Which means, according to the RAW, it's quite possible to be an expert with the two swords, but if you put either of them down you become a total tyro)
Jitte/Sai:Does 1d6, can be used to entangle weapons. Paired use is common; entangle with one, strike with the other.
Katana: Does 2d6/ 3d6 for a really food one (costs at least $5000) (Ethnic Cool strikes again; a Western hand and a half sword does 1d8+2, and the upper range is equivalend to a halberd or zweihander. (note that's written "1-8+2")
Kusari-Gama/Kyoketsu-Shogi: One is a sickle with a weighted chain attachment, the other is a sort of one-hooked grapnel with a weight at the end of the rope. the latter is a climbing tool, but no rules are attached to that. They can both entangle and attack in the same round. 1d10/1d8
Kawanga: Also a grapnel with a wieght, same damage.
Manriki-Gusari: Chain with weights on either end. Counts as paired weapons, can entangle. 1d8 damage, easily made from parts at the hardware store.
Naginata/Yari: Shitty polearms that only do 1d8
No-Dachi: Is a Japanese zweihander/flamberge, at a $100 premium.
Nunchaku: Can entangle if you use only one. 1d8
Sa Tjat Koen: Is actually Malaysian; it's a three-part staff doing 1d10 (What's this doing here I wonder?)
Shikomi-zue: A fragile bo staff with a hidden blade. doesn't do any extra damage from being a spear.
Shuriken: Throwing stars; 1d4. Throwing knives are the same, but need a different WP.
Wakizashi:Does 1d8/2d6 depending on quality, compare to 1d6 for a Short Sword and 2d6 for a claymore.
Ninja Eqipment:
Hand and foot spikes: each gives +15% to climb when worn. Natural climbing claws are better.
Eggshell bomb: Full of pepper, save vs poison gas or be at -6 to combat rolls for an unspecified period.
Ippon-Sugi Nobori: A lumberjack's climbing belt, +24% to climb trees or wooden poles.
Ninja Emergency kit: Has some food, firs aid kit, some gear and a couple small weapons. Ninja are advised to stash them around, just in case.
Ninja Clothing: Is not a stagehand's outfit in any way, although the only difference is loops and pockets for small gear.
Rope, rope ladder: ...
Tetsubishi: Caltrops; do 1 damage, and probably make someone stop to pull it out, but there's no rules for that.
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I am rather tickled that there's special rules for replica weapons. Think Siembieda had something against LARPers or cosplay?
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