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[WIR] TMNT/After the Bomb/Road Hogs


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Boars are SL 11 but get 30 starting bioE. PS +2, PE, PP, and Spd +1 (PP?). They can buy Advanced Smell and Tusks that do 1 or 2d6 for 5/10 bioE.
Buffalo are actually bison, although a Cape Buffalo could use the same stats with a different description. They're SL 19 with no BioE, and can buy 1d8 horns, Advanced Hearing, and +10 SDC for 10 BioE (Not specified if this is a leveled trait) (I'd think they'd get some PS and PE bonuses, really, being huge freaking bovines)
Camels can survive several days without food or water, although this comes up again in animal powers, so there's some inconsistency there. They get +1 Ps, +4 PE and are SL 18. They can sell back some size levels for human traits, 1d8 teeth, spitting (range 12', +2 strike, can blind for 1d4 turns on a called shot to the eyes), and Water Storage for 10, which allows survival for 2 days per gallon of water consumed. 10 gallons max. Takes 12 minutes to chug that much.
Canines, Wild includes Coyotes and Wolves at SL 5/6 and 55/50 bioE, with which they can buy Advanced Smell, 1d8 claws (seems high), and a 1d8/2d6 bite (I'll tell you the truth, I'd rather be bit by a coyote than a badger any day). They have +4 IQ, and +2 ME, MA, and PP.
Canine: Fox (Mammal/Canine/Carnivore) (What is up with these random extra tags?). They're SL 3/60, with +2 IQ, +8 ME (are foxes known for a strong will, then?) and +3 spd. Their teeth come in 1d6 or 1d8 and they can get Advanced Hearing and Smell.
Dog (Mammal/Carnivorous/Canine) (seriously, can you at least format them the same?!) are domestic dogs, average SL 5 but there's a table to roll on for breed, ranging from SL 2 Chihuahuas and Pekinese (I have a chihuahua. He's bigger than a crow) to the SL 8 St Bernard and the Elkhound, size unspecified but those suckers are big. They get 60 bioE (reduced by 10 for each SL above 5, even though SL only costs 5 bioE per level, and smaller dogs don't get any extra bioE, so they're kinda screwed. Dogs from SL 3-5 get +2 IQ, +1 Me, and +1 PP, while SLs 6-8 get +2 each to IQ, PS, and PE. SL 2 dogs are apparently screwed again, cos they get nothing. Dogs can buy Advanced Smell, 1d4 claws and 1d6 teeth. (That's an exaggeration of how much harm you can come to from even a big dog's claws IME).
Cows & Bulls are SL 16. Bulls (only) get +2 PS and Spd (but Bison don't? I call shenanigans) and can buy 2d12 horns (wtf?) and +15 SDC for only 5 BioE. I'm forced to assume this dude's never been near bison nor seen what an angry one can do to a person.
Deer are SL 13 but get 20 starting BioE. They have +1 PS and PP and +2 Spd (I know I keep harping on this, but how the fuck do deer get stronger than fucking bison?) and can buy 1 or 2d6 antlers and Advanced Hearing.
Elephants are SL 20 but only as strong as bulls, though they get +3 spd. They can buy tusks for 10 bioe which don't have a damage listed, a trunk that serves as a partial hand for the same price, Advanced Hearing, and 20 SDC for 5 bioE from Thick Skin.
Elk are SL 18, with PP +1 and PS +2. Their antlers only do 1d8, and they can get Advanced Smell but not Hearing (again, BS.)
Felines are Jaguars 12/20, Lions14/10, and Tigers 16/5 (here an additional 2 SL only knocks them down 10 bioE) They can buy 1d8 or 2d6 retractable claws, at 10 and 15 bioE instead of the usual 5/10, and 1d8 Teeth for an unspecified price or 2d6 teeth for 10. They can buy Advanced Smell, Nightvision, and Swimming at 60% (10). Why Lions are able to buy this is unclear. Also, the Jaguar's claws ought to be Climbing.
Cheetahs are SL 8 with 40 bioE, 1d6 claws and 1d8 teeth. They have Spd +10 and PP +1 and for 25 bioE can run 120 (!!) mph for up to three minutes, granting +1 strike and initiative, +3 parry/dodge, +4 damage per 40 mph and for some reason +2 to roll with punch.
Mountain Lions have PP +3, Spd +2 and are SL 9. They get the same 40 bioe as a cheetah, but can get 2d6 retractable claws (that aren't Climbing but should be) for 10, Advanced Hearing and Smell, and Nightvision. But no bite attack.
Cat-Domestic we already covered, so moving on to -Wild which includes Bobcats and Lynxes at 4/65 and 5/60 (again, 5 per size step, someone hated dogs I guess) can buy 1d8 or 2d6 retractable climbing claws and nightvision, but not a bite attack again.
Frogs are SL 2 with 80 bioE, +1 PP and +2 Spd. They can get nightvision at half strength, Hold breath, Leaping ability that doubles jumping distance for 5 and swimming "Equal to competitive swim skill" for 15.
Goats have +2 IQ Spd +1 and +4 PE. They're SL 6/55 and can buy 1d8 Horns (bold in original, there's been some spacing errors too), Advanced hearing, and Toxic resistance for 10, granting +5/3 to save vs poisons/drugs.

Next: Hippo to Weasel.

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Note that if you're going to be a bear, you should be a polar bear.

And why wouldn't you want to be a bear?


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Wasn't Guinevere a swan in Mutants of Albion?
Yes, but Mutants in Avalon has Swan as a separate animal:

SL 4/45, +1 ME, +2 to MA, PS, and Spd, with Float, Glide, Flight, Run Across Water, and Insulated Feather as available powers. Genaever has none of the powers.

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A brief note on Hand to Hand, which will be covered in detail later: HtH Martial Arts is described as "some form of Oriental fighting skill". Really? Also, back on the skill list, it says Martial Arts costs 2 slots as a secondary skill, but here it says that Expert costs two slots and Martial Arts costs three.
Hand to Hand: Basic is one skill as a secondary skill, or one as part of a physical skill program. Hand to Hand: Expert can only be bought as part of a physical skill program, and costs two skills. Hand to Hand: Martial Arts is two skills as a secondary skill, or three as part of a physical skill program.

The lesson here is never, ever buy HtH as part of a physical skill program.


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Just wait til we hit Road Hogs. It's got cetaceans.

ETA: who still only get SL 20, having just checked.
The size chart was expanded to 25 in Transdimensional TMNT (copyrighted three years after Road Hogs), which goes up to 100,000 pounds. Based on the patterns in the expanded chart, a blue whale in an internally consistent rule set would probably start at SL 27, which would have stat modifiers of IQ -14, PS +21, PE +19, Spd -40, and SDC 375.
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