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💯 {Staff Pick} WIW: A Submariner watches "Down Periscope."


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Yay! I was waiting for this thread to pop up.

Oh, and Cessna? When your museum crew was told that the movie would be making the sub look old, unloved, and rusted out, what was the reaction?


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Oh, and Cessna? When your museum crew was told that the movie would be making the sub look old, unloved, and rusted out, what was the reaction?
Just fine. The movie was fun to work on, and we knew the difference between reality and fiction. ;)


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Since there hasn't been much discussion yet (or much to discuss), I went ahead and posted part 2.

Rachel Cartacos

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Their sonar operator has super hearing. In reality, most sonar operators started losing their hearing of certain frequencies – the frequencies that they listened to most.
Well... that's something the recruitment officer I spoke too neglected to mention to me!


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There are definite restrictions on what can be done to you at Captain's Mast. You can lose half a month's pay for two months. You can be restricted to the ship for two months. You can have extra duty for two months. You can be reduced in rate by one rank. I saw these a lot. You could also be assigned to the brig for up to 3 days, and you could be sentenced to bread and water for 3 days. I never saw either of those – subs don't have brigs. I believe that the Captain could also give you the Big Chicken Dinner (Bad Conduct Discharge).
Well, I never expected to find out you can still be sentenced to Bread and Water in the USN...
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I'll definitely be doing more sub movies. Cessna is more than welcome to continue commenting, along with everybody else who has some insight on the subject at hand. Doing one of these is a lot less fun for me than just watching a movie (and it takes a hell of a lot longer), but reading all of the comments more than makes up for it. If Cessna wants to watch a war movie, like maybe Kelly's Heroes, I'd gladly read the thread and comment on it.

The current list:
Hunt for the Red October (Next - I can borrow it from a friend)
Run Silent, Run Deep
Das Boot
K-19, the Widowmaker
Operation Petticoat

I think that's it for now. Unfortunately, all but Hunt for the Red October will be tough. They aren't available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.
I'm beginning to think we might be able to help ya on that, somehow. LOVE these, still. I do like that a lot of the things you are pointing out as wrong in here can pretty much be chalked up to "worst crew in the fleet".

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Heh, I remember enjoying Down Periscope when it came out. It had a plot that was, at the times, almos tliterally ripped from the headlines. About the same time I'd been reading in Popular Mechanics or Time about the issue of foreign powers using diesel subs. They were being pitched as cheap, ultra-stealthy coastal defense options for powers like, say, Iraq, Iran, or China that could cause problems in the event of hostilities. It was definitely interesting to see a scenario I'd been reading about turn up in a silly comedy movie! :D


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I don’t remember the movie scene-for-scene, but most of the “base” scenes were filmed at the Presidio. The Presidio is now a park, run by the Park Service. The Park Service was a partner-organization with the NMMA, and both worked on Pampanito and on Hyde Street Pier, a nearby collection of historic ships. The company office of the museum was also on the Presidio at the time.

Much of the Presidio was a military (army) base during WWII. The architecture of many of the buildings still has that “base” look – or, more accurately, did in the 90’s when the movie was filmed. Also, the Presidio is where the Golden Gate Bridge hits San Francisco; in several scenes if they’d moved the camera even slightly the bridge would be in the background.

Here’s an older photo – you can see the base and the bridge:

I can (almost) see my house! The row of houses visible right along the bottom of the photo is Funston Avenue, in the early 1970's (when the Presidio was still an Army post) my Dad was stationed there and we lived in 7a Funston Avenue.
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