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[WIW] Anime-Gataris! Where the heroine’s favorite show is, just on the tip of her tongue...


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So, I’m back. It’s been a good minute. I needed the break, and things are looking at least a bit better than before. I found a D&D club at the local library, so I’m starting to go to that, which is a thing I really needed.

Obviously there’s going to be some shifts in things. Bluntly, 6 incredibly detailed recaps a week has not been sustainable for a long time, I just sacrificed my own shit to make it happen regardless. So…Here’s the deal.

We’re gonna get experimental for a bit. I’m gonna try a few things, and watch some of those less-talked-about shows out of the back catalog, see if I can’t find some interesting stuff. My end goal is to still be able to produce quite a bit of content, maybe even find a way to keep the six-a-week pace…Though real talk, I’m also trying to figure out ways to make money from producing content, so I’ve gotta settle on a balance that leaves more freedom.

Anyways. Point is, I’m not going away and the recaps aren’t either, but we need a more sustainable approach. We’re gonna see if we can find that together, you and I.

And it all starts here, with an anime about anime. Also known as the best genre. It’s Anime-Gataris, episode 01! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-Tiny girl watching an anime! …Okay, so, this is a huge mashup. Like…We just went from Gunbuster to a different mecha anime to some Ghibli era stuff to Sailor Moon to Macross to OH SHIT PRESENT DAY.

-Ah ha. She’s the mouth-toast type. Also, she’s Minoa. And she has sleep otaku syndrome. She’s got an athletic sister and caring parents, so we’re not getting our drama there…I’m curious to see where the bulk of our meat will be coming from on this one.

-Opening! I miss subbed lyrics so much. Also I need a clean version of this OP because I need DJ cat in my life. (I am not kidding.)

-So Minoa’s a bit of what we might call…A “norm”. She’s got ordinary friends in her class, a pretty normal upbeat personality, and seems to be living a very ordinary life. Not in a bad way, mind you. But it’s all a stark contrast to our first OP-girl meeting, who’s reading, and I quote, A Certain Report on the Irresponsible and Depressing Chronicles of Me and a Certain Eccentric Childhood Friend.

-I love light novel titles. They’re just taking the fan fiction dot net approach to “All I got is my title to get you to pick up the fucking book” and it’s a delight.

-And there’s our second OP-girl! She’s an ojou-sama type. Like, the only way she could be more ojou-sama is if we took the curlers to that blonde hair and made drills. Minoa is intimidated. And I can see why.

-So let’s pretend things aren’t inevitable, since Minoa has questions about clubs and why her friend joined the track team. Minoa, we know you’re going to join the anime club. She ends up mentioning that childhood memory of a particular anime…And both nerd girl and ojou-sama just quietly listen in. Fresh meat.

-…So…We’re not gonna talk about the teacher.

-Because at lunchtime, the ojou-sama pulls Minoa aside to schedule a chat after school…And refuses to divulge anything that’s about to be talked about. The crowd just watches, torn between the idea that their ojou-sama is into girls and the idea that their ojou-sama is about to hire someone to deliver a fucking beatdown.

-Let’s see which one it is, at the actual meeting after school. Minoa, on the way, bumps into a chuuni. He is very chuuni. But we’ll worry about him later. Because it’s time for the DRAMATIC MEETING OF THE OJOU-SAMA.

-The sky blackens. Ravens cry. Storm clouds thunder. And Minoa finds herself in the gaze of this, the most dramatic of the ojou-samas.

-Episode 01! Minoa, Anime Rookie!

-…So hey do you like anime?


-She needs an anime friend! Are you watching anything this season? What are your thoughts on Hero School and Ru:ZERO??? What are your favorite genres?! Are you into shonen or do you go hard in the paint for shoujo?! Tell her!

-Minoa is confused.

-Oh, sure, guess you probably don’t do the action. Yeah this is a really lopsided season, there’s barely any slice of life, she totally understands, Minoa.

-At least somebody does, because Minoa sure doesn’t.

-I am down for hardcore robot anime, though. Tell me about hardcore robot anime, ojou-sama.

-…You…Were talking about anime…Right?

-Just…Just the usual kid stuff, like Gachaemon…

-WELL OBVIOUSLY, Gachaemon is a classic! Sure people talk about the 70s original, but look, the 2000s remake was really solid in its own right and has amazing character design, and besides it’s not like it erased the original!

-Minoa is still confused.


-This conversation never happened, Minoa. Tell a word of this to anyone and she’ll have you assassinated. Understand?

-Okay, pulling out of the details. The thing Minoa notices is how much more…Approachable the ojou-sama was right now despite talking about something Minoa knows nothing about…And also she needs help figuring out this anime from her childhood, so if an expert like the ojou-sama could possibly help…

-It’s the scene from the first moment of the show, of course. Which keeps coming back to Minoa’s mind…The pieces are quite disparate, but she has her butler bring her a tablet, and starts flipping through any show that she can think of. Dogs of Decadence? Cinnamon Roll Z? Previous Genesis Everstrike?!

-I love fake anime titles so much, you guys.

-So much.

-So with no further leads from the ojou-sama herself…Minoa gets the idea that, hey, there’s an anime club! They’ll just take this to the anime club! And somehow the ojou-sama gets drawn in, as they go through the old club building…And find it all the way at the end.

-And find an old, abandoned room. Like, CRT television and betamax tapes left behind by the last members, old. The anime club isn’t active. …The ojou-sama looked it up her first day. But now they’re actually here, and—OH SHIT SOMEONE ABANDONED VINTAGE MAGAZINES HERE! RARE, EXPENSIVE VINTAGE MAGAZINES!

-It’s Minoa has the idea that, hey, they could just…Start it over. Which leads to the ojou-sama deciding Minoa’s a member now. You do not get to back out. And here’s your homework. A stack of blu-rays as tall as Minoa herself. Okay so start with the movies that’s easy low-commitment…MAIDS! Clean this place up!

-Also there’s another door. A locked door. Do they have a storage closet? Huh…Well, if they’re doing this, she’ll need the key. Gotta go talk to the staff, someone in this damn school has the key. Which leaves Minoa alone. She tries the door…And finds it’s unlocked…But being held shut?!

-By DJ cat! And past DJ cat, is brick walls, a chair, and a…beret…? As soon as Minoa touches it, something just pings, shudders through her very core…

-Also they feed DJ cat. And Ojou-Sama has already decided that Minoa is a member now and she’s not even acknowledging the girl’s attempts to get out of it at this point…Though she is all adorably nervous about actually thanking her and formalizing their camaraderie. Gotta show the soft side.

-As we see some of the members still to come. A flashy gyaru whose love of flash extends to rare merch. Our bespectacled, light novel loving maiden. The chuunibyou. And The handsomest boy in school.

-And on her way home, Minoa’s…Her eyes go blank. She drops to her knees, pulls out the beret, and something…But then it’s knocked out of her hands, and her mind kicks back on, as a figure picks up the thing…

-Minoa finds her phone’s missing. Goes back to school to track it down. And this time, DJ Cat is talking.


Oh, snap. We’re introducing Weird Shit from the start, I see. Okay, anime, you had my attention. Now you have my curiosity. We’ll just have to see where things go next time, in episode TWO of Anime-Gataris! Wait for it!


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Oh hey, this show! I bet you'll like this. I had mixed feelings about some aspects of it, but that OP is still amazing.

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Hey, glad things are going at least a little better! Hope you find a healthy equilibrium here. Given the choice between health and happiness on one hand and recap threads on another, I'll take the former any day.

-She needs an anime friend! Are you watching anything this season? What are your thoughts on Hero School and Ru:ZERO???


-I love fake anime titles so much, you guys.

-So much.
And they're not just generic, like the usual approach (which it took earlier with the light novel title) -- the anime titles are so specific that you can pin down the exact year the conversations are taking place in. It's even accurate to the time of year given the school calendar! (Any classic manga fans enjoying the adaptation of Talc is Breakable? Or Studio HAMMER fans watching Space Officer Loloca?)

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Ahh, this boyo. I'd put it in the same class as When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace or Fastest Finger First: a series that had some good ideas and a decididely different air to the rest, but didn't break through to greatness; to borrow from moviebob, a Good Enough Anime.


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Ooh! I was hoping you'd do this one. It's a rather strange series, and one that deserves commentary by someone familiar with a large variety of anime and its associated culture.
Bit of trivia: the show is a kind of quasi-prequel to Anime-Gatari, which was a series of short pieces shown as intermissions in movie theaters and simply consisted of the characters talking about anime. This version goes into considerably stranger waters.


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Hey, people, new day new logs.

So, I said we were gonna experiment. Last time, I tried to be more fast and loose with the details, only putting in the important beats. But that really only shaved about 10 or 20 minutes off of the workload. Small time improvement for what was a noticeably less potent product.

This time we’re gonna try a totally different perspective. Normally, I write these things as I go, pausing to note down facts. Tonight, we’re going to do this more like a review. I’m gonna watch the episode in full, and then I’m gonna come here and write about it. We’ll see how it goes, and you folks can tell me what you think. Sound good?

Too bad, I’m doing it anyways. Anime-Gataris, episode 02! There I WENT!

Spoiler: Show

So, episode 02! Anime-Gataris, Assemble!

Right from the start, we’ve got a doubling down on our core linkage; Minoa’s dream returns, but this time is altered by fragments of the anime that the ojou-sama Arisu shoved into her head, complete with Arisu herself going all Ultraman, and her own butler going Ultraman too to lift up the mech. I could be wrong, but I suspect the dreams will come up again and again.

Then there’s the scene before school, where we learn one very key thing about Arisu.

She runs on anime cliches. Nobody with less intense fandom would think to lean into the bunny suit trope for handing out fliers to their anime club…Though I’m still uncertain about whether or not she’s incredibly sheltered, or just incredibly aware that she can replace fucks given about social norms with money spent. But besides handing out fliers to generics, we also get the rest of our cast getting theirs…And people have earned real names.

There’s Miko, the bespectacled maiden who loves light novels. There’s Erika, our secret-otaku gyaru. There’s our chuuni, Kai. And lastly, we’ve got Mitsuki, the handsomest boy in school, and…Well, he’s not so much a secret otaku as just nobody notices his anime bullshit under all the handsomeness. But we’ll get back to them, because we don’t learn these details until later.

We do learn some interesting things about the characters, though. Miko’s not exactly a wallflower; she just shows up in the room and effectively goes “hey I’m joining”. And when Erika shows up, she’s the one who drags them off to see Kai…The two proving quite familiar with each other. Which suggests a past. Which suggests that Erika’s flashy gyaru style might be a rather more recent affectation. I almost wonder if she’s a bit like Chuunibyou’s Yuuta, someone who had to run hard from their tween years when they hit high school.

Anyways, she shows up, locking them in with five before the school day even starts…But as soon as everyone goes to leave, we get our return to the wrinkle introduced at the end of last episode. Because DJ Cat, who is officially called Neko-Senpai but my name is better, talks to Minoa once the others leave. Which involves a few key facts.

One, Minoa doesn’t remember the beret, not consciously.

Two, she’s the only one DJ Cat is talking two.

Three, that side room has importance. She’s in fact forced to promise to keep DJ Cat’s speaking a secret, and to never leave the side room open. Which suggests to me that it still wouldn’t open for anyone else, and that leaves further questions.

Once things go back to normal, they also go smooth. They even get the perfect teacher, a checked-out guy who wants to just rubber-stamp papers and not have to worry about them, to sign off on the club. With just one member short, they’re able to rapidly settle in…

Which leads us to the more mundane troubles. Poor Minoa is still lost in the anime conversations, especially the ones that involve adapted materials. With names thrown around hard and fast, everything from Sold Out Offline to Old Game!! (I FUCKING LOVE FAKE ANIME NAMES), Minoa can’t keep them straight.

Oh, and that presents us with the dilemma of where you start. Why, with classic anime! Which anime are classic?

Oh dear lord is that a can of worms. It’s a can of worms wrapped around another, smaller can, also full of worms wrapped around another even smaller can, like a can of worms russian doll. Every last one of them has their own version of it, a different criteria and a different reference to the thing that makes them think their favorite classic is a true classic. It’s chaos, I tell you, sheer chaos.

But let’s talk about the end of the episode. Because three things happen that are very important.

The first, is Miko and Arisu’s bickering reaches a head. Which includes the amazing line, and I quote, “I don’t think I can get along with this original story zealot”. Arisu’s anime-first mentality, where she typically only reads a light novel if it continues the story of a really good anime, clashes hard with Miko’s light-novel-centric ways, who’ll mostly only put real attention into a show that’s a really good adaptation. In fact, the entire argument starts off because of Miko’s frustration with a thematically important scene being cut out of Ru:ZERO and messing up the story flow of the episode…Which I’m guessing actually happened.

That argument has Miko pretty much ready to walk out the door and abandon this entire affair, until Minoa’s impassioned pleas about staying and how they’re drawn here because of this passion, this love of artistry and creation, and how amazing it is to see their eyes light up when they talk about something they genuinely love. It’s a heartfelt speech, a damn good one…And the one that incredibly handsome boy Mitsuki walks in on.

I mentioned at the start how he’s not so much “hiding his otaku side” as he is “too handsome for people to pay attention”, and it shows as soon as they question his presence here. All he has to do is open his uniform jacket to reveal BAM, idol show t-shirt underneath, and on his bag, waifu pins. This man knows his 2D girls…And also knows Kai. I’m starting to almost feel bad for Kai, because it really feels like he had this gaggle of little nerd friends and then they got embarrassed about acting all dorky and he kind of got left in the cold.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe they just wanted to double down on the humor of the biggest nerd in school knowing first this stylish and beautiful gyaru, and then this slick and handsome boy.

So what’s the third thing?

Oh the student council shows up with papers to SHUT THE CLUB DOWN.

We are in episode two.

With only a single cour to work with, this train’s not gonna hit nearly as many crazy turns as, say, Kamen Rider Build did, but it’s sure got that kind of breakneck pace.

I’m not sure if I picked the worst show to experiment with my format on, or the best one.

Anyways tell me what you thought of this writeup-analysis versus my usual moment-by-moment ones, and we’ll catch back up next time, in episode THREE of Anime-Gataris! Wait for it!

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Yeah, I think this works.

Nobody with less intense fandom would think to lean into the bunny suit trope for handing out fliers to their anime club…Though I’m still uncertain about whether or not she’s incredibly sheltered, or just incredibly aware that she can replace fucks given about social norms with money spent.
Alternate interpretation: She's fishing for people who are nerdy enough to get the exact reference she's making to The Melancholy of a Happy Vuvuzela, which had aired ten years before (precisely, in fact; down to the season). 'Cause anyone with any respect for the classics has got to have their attention piqued, and anyone like that is definitely someone you want in your club. Highly targeted advertising!

In fact, the entire argument starts off because of Miko’s frustration with a thematically important scene being cut out of Ru:ZERO and messing up the story flow of the episode…Which I’m guessing actually happened.
Don't know if there's a specific scene being referenced, but it is a very compressed show -- three episodes per light novel volume for the most part, IIRC. They should still be early in the season, so there can't be that many options for what they're referring to. Any LN readers want to weigh in?


Well, that’s just Prime.
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Musashisakai... <crosses arms> ...Kai!

I think the post-analysis format works well. Are you planning to experiment with more different styles?
A few. One thing I want to try is blending the two extremes, basically “checking in” at intervals. While this episode of this show largely spun around a single core thread from different angles, something with more plot threads going on might not be as easy to keep entirely in my head for post-watch thoughts...and if I’ve got to go back multiple times to check stuff, well, we’re rapidly eating up the time we saved and are back at the “why bother” area that the first episode’s lighter reaction gave.
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