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[WIW]Fate/Extra: Last Encore - Because Red Saber is Love


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Nero is actually quite interesting in wider Fate lore. Her Noble Phantasm is something very similar to, but not quite exactly like, a Reality Marble, which her class shouldn't be able to utilize.

Quick exposition:
- There are seven "main" Servant classes (and a whole bunch of others that show up in other works, and there's some hints that the main seven were never set in stone in the first place), split into three "knight" classes (Saber, Archer, Lancer) that are supposed to be all about fighting ability, three "cavalry" classes (Rider, Caster, Assassin) that are supposed to be more about trickery or specialized skills, and Berserker, which is a warrior driven mad by a special skill, sacrificing higher cognitive functions and the ability to use skills for raw power.
- Reality Marbles are a type of extremely rare and specialized magecraft that very few beings in the Nasuverse can access, because they're essentially an imposition of a fundamentally different view of the world onto reality, and thus require the user to both have a perspective that's detailed enough to comprise a fully realized alternate world that's incompatible with reality and yet be lucid enough and skilled enough in magecraft to turn it into a Reality Marble. Of the two characters in Fate media famous for using one, one of them (Iskandar) gained his after he turned into a Heroic Spirit as an expression of his legend, and the other (Emiya Shirou) was psychologically damaged and then magically altered to have the concept of "swords" permanently grafted onto him.
- Knight classes, being about direct confrontation, shouldn't normally be able to use Reality Marbles, and Nero doesn't have the excuse EMIYA has of being based on a person who could use one in life. This has led to some speculation that is only now starting to pay off in Fate/Grand Order, as things start to get revealed about Nero's true nature.

It's a common misinterpretation of official statements to claim that it requires a specifically disjointed mentality to produce a Reality Marble. Specifically, an incompatible mentality is the basis of how demons create Reality Marbles. Other beings (such as human magi) are not dependent on that to make one - it's just a very advanced magecraft that most traditional magi wouldn't waste their time focusing on because it's inherent to oneself, so one can't pass it down to a descendant.

Getting into the deeper details on how Reality Marbles work involves delving a bit into the metaphor behind the very name "Reality Marble", and the associated concept of "Marble Phantasm".

There's nothing explicitly saying that a Knight-class Servant couldn't have a Reality Marble... but as it's such an advanced spell, a Servant with a Reality Marble is likely to be a Caster.

But yeah, there has been hintings of lore for a while that there is something weird about the fact that Nero manifests as a Saber. In fact, it's suggested that she's been making use of Imperial Privilege to access the Saber class specifically to avoid being summoned into a class that is more natural to her.


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It's a common misinterpretation of official statements to claim that it requires a specifically disjointed mentality to produce a Reality Marble. Specifically, an incompatible mentality is the basis of how demons create Reality Marbles. Other beings (such as human magi) are not dependent on that to make one - it's just a very advanced magecraft that most traditional magi wouldn't waste their time focusing on because it's inherent to oneself, so one can't pass it down to a descendant.

Getting into the deeper details on how Reality Marbles work involves delving a bit into the metaphor behind the very name "Reality Marble", and the associated concept of "Marble Phantasm".

There's nothing explicitly saying that a Knight-class Servant couldn't have a Reality Marble... but as it's such an advanced spell, a Servant with a Reality Marble is likely to be a Caster.

But yeah, there has been hintings of lore for a while that there is something weird about the fact that Nero manifests as a Saber. In fact, it's suggested that she's been making use of Imperial Privilege to access the Saber class specifically to avoid being summoned into a class that is more natural to her.
What is it with Roman emperors and using Imperial Privilege to hide their true nature anyway? Romulus uses his to seal his divinity, crippling his own stats in the process, Nero uses hers to force herself into the class least fitting for her, at this point I'm pretty sure if I dug deep enough into the lore I could find examples of Caesar and Caligula using it improperly too.


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What is it with Roman emperors and using Imperial Privilege to hide their true nature anyway? Romulus uses his to seal his divinity, crippling his own stats in the process, Nero uses hers to force herself into the class least fitting for her, at this point I'm pretty sure if I dug deep enough into the lore I could find examples of Caesar and Caligula using it improperly too.
Don't forget Ozy and Cleo, who also have Imperial Privilege, even though they're Egyptian royalty.

And they all have one thing in common. They're all out of their minds!


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Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Fate/Extra: Last Encore, where bloody tyrants of old are turned into cute girls with killer figures.

In our last episode, Hakuno had a spiritual meeting with Hakuno, Saber's previous master. There, she proceeds to tell the sad and tragic tale of the Servant, showing her to be a loving Emperor, who did the best for her people, but in the end, was overthrown by the Senate and committed suicide, though she survived her wounds for three days. This is when we learn of her true name, Nero Claudius, the Fifth Roman Emperor.

This is all happening while Hakuno is in a near dying state, but thanks to Rani, who somehow survived the Third Stratum, used Nero's regenerative stamina to keep him alive. Thanks to that, the two are reunited, but Hakuno wants to give it all up, because he learned that he is nothing more than a collection of dead spirits who just want to ascend for the purpose of killing. But Nero isn't going to let him have his emo moment, and motivates him to see who he is. His own person. With this push, Hakuno decides on a new goal. Not to ascend for hate, but to ascend for hope, which Nero can get behind.

And so, the two have one more confrontation with Julius and his Servant, Li Shuwen. In her fight, Nero unleashes her Noble Phantasm, giving her the edge and allowing her to be victorious over the legendary Marital Artist. Hakuno, however, is in a bit more of a fight with Julius, but thanks to his renewed spirit, and a little luck, he is able to win over the assassin, securing his way to the next floor. But Rin warns them that the next floor is hell, and yet, it is the floor that she and Rani worked so hard to get a Master too.

What hell awaits them on the Sixth Stratum? Let's tune in and find out.

-Our episode begins with just the title, then with Rin and Rani talking to one another. Apparently there's nobody let and there's nothing they can do about it now. Though while it seems like there is no hope, Rani thinks there is some left. And we see Rin drinking out of a glass with a ridiculously large straw, because this is that kind of show. Rin agrees, but they can't come up with a solution on their own, and even Moon Cell has given up. Which means they need to start a new battle... and why are they having tea so high in the sky?

-...Just remember, this isn't Utena. Just because we have a scene like this doesn't mean there's some deeper meaning behind it. Maybe. Possibly. Anyway, Rin suggests the two make a truce, which Rani agrees with, but she thinks the mission has a low chance of succeeding. But they should try their best anyway. Rin is shocked, because Rani is smiling and that is kind of freaking her out a bit. She asks if that's something the young girl should smile about, but Rani, keeping her stone expression, says that it was the appropriate time to smile. Because you should only smile when it makes sense.

-Rin smiles herself, thinking on how she and Rani used to be mortal enemies, but Rani corrects her. They're still mortal enemies, they're just trying to figure out a third solution. So now the plan is to bring up a Master who is still alive to serve as their sacrifice, so that they can keep living. Oh, look, they were actually evil all along! Because this is Fate and everybody has an ulterior motive.

-No opening for this episode as we get right into it. In the Ladder, Hakuno is thinking upon a memory with him, Rin, and Rani on top the School Roof. There, he asks Rin why she joined the Holy Grail War?

Spoiler: Show

-I put these images in a spoiler block because of recent events. They aren't so bad and it only comes up once like this, which does define part of her character, so I can't exactly get rid of it, either. In this flashback, Rani asks if Rin was chasing after Leo, who, if you remember, is the successor to the Harway clan, leader of the West European Conglomerate. And when Rin heard Leo was coming to the Moon, she had to go after him. This is because, should Leo win and get the Holy Grail, the Harways' domination on land would be unstoppable, and that's a huge crisis. But this is also an opportunity, since he won't have his guards around. Rani can go with this, but does that mean Rin's goal isn't the Holy Grail? She doesn't exactly answer that, only saying she wanted to change the future. Rin not going after the Holy Grail. What kind of insane universe is this?

-And now we get some backstory. According to Rin, the human race has entered a stagnant state when they entered the 21st century. Worst yet, the West European Conglomerate controlled the remaining resources, and nobody dreams of a bright future that existed in the 20th century. Wow, this is hitting a lot closer than you'd think. Rin doesn't think the world as it is should continue, because that could lead to the end of humanity. She then asks Rani and Hakuno? Rani wants it because of her mentor's teachings. Oh, and she was told to learn more about humanity, but these human emotions are such a pain to deal with. But despite all of that, she will search for a wish to grant as a human being, which was the one last hope her mentor embraced. We'll get back to this later.

-So now it's Hakuno's turn, but we return to the present, allowing him to wake up to the best thing to wake up to.

-...Okay, I'm being totally bias, but honestly, she is my favorite character in the Fate franchise, so I'm going to own up to it, dammit! Nero is happy to see Hakuno awaken, but he's a bit depressed since they parted ways with Rin and Rani. Nero can see that he's a bit lonely and asks what's on his mind, but he replies that he has Saber, so he isn't lonely. Nero, despite being a terrible actress, can see right through him and calls him out on it. But she enjoys the comment all the same. She runs around him in a happy giggle, wanting to open her Golden Theater for him as a reward. Speaking of, Hakuno asks more about it, since it had to have been an incredibly powerful Noble Phantasm to defeat the likes of Li Shuwen. And Nero is just so, so giddy from all the compliments.

-And that brings the Umu count to 41. So Nero explains what it is, the renown Domus Aurea, or at least, a recreation of it. It is a theater that she had designed and built in Rome, and when deployed, every ounce of luck turns in her favor. Or, to put it simply, she basically becomes an Overpowered Iseaki Protagonist. Hakuno thinks it's rather impressive, and of course, Nero just loves all that affection.

-She's like a puppy that's starved for attention. Okay, I promise to lay off the Nero screenshots of her just being cute... maybe... possibly. so Hakuno lays on the praise, making her so much more happier (Umu count 42). And because she gave it her all, Hakuno vows to do the same. Then Nero gets right in his face, seeing that he's worried about something, and tells him to speak up about it. Well, there's this whole thing about him being a collection of previously dead masters, but that he thinks he also has their experiences, hence the random flashbacks to times where he couldn't be there. Nero agrees (Umu count 43), so he's going to draw them out as he sees fit. In theory, he should have an infinite amount of skill to draw upon. And I realized I just wasted my Isekai Protagonist joke.

-None of this feels real to Hakuno, but Nero reminds him that he is still himself, then tabs him on the forehead to emphasize the point. He's a bit confused, but she explains that he cannot hold a shield and lance at the same time, and thus, can seemingly only use one skill at a time. So she suggests to concentrate on one skill to draw out. So he goes about doing that, pleasing Nero (Umu count 44). When he devotes himself, he can utilize skills at a level equal to specialists. But the time for talk has ended. They've arrived at the Sixth Stratum... and it's rather eerie. Because of course it has to be.

-Nero notes a lack of human presence, just lances sticking out from the ground, including copies of one we should have seen already. Nero would have preferred ruined buildings to this grizzly sight. They continue to walk through the fog, but they're unable to get a good bearing. Nero wishes that Rin was here, but remarks that she cannot rely on someone who is absent. Hakuno wonders how long the myst was around, with Nero provided some educated guesses, but also suspects the first hundred years would be that of terror and anxiety, with the next being a period of relief and rapture. And from there, boredom and numbness from simply continuing to exist. Why are you getting so cynical all of a sudden? But of course, those who continue living still suffer, causing Hakuno to recall his first two opponents, Shinji and Dan. Yeah, I kind of forgot that Shinji was actually made sympathetic in this series. Crazy, right?

-Nero suspects the Master of the Sixth Stratum feels the same way, but she doesn't get time to lament on such things, for they are suddenly attacked! Took the servant long enough to show up and... uh... what?

-...Hi, Rin! Watcha ya doing? Why are you suddenly attacking Nero? Hakuno asks this same question, but he doesn't get any time tithing of it because...

-It's turning into one of those days. Thanks to Nero's warnings, Hakuno is able to avoid the sudden sneak attack by Rani, who probably merged with her own Servant, as well. Welp, looks like the two finally showed their hand and now they're going to kill them and why is Rani grabbing Rin and crushing her like a doll? Uh... okay. So Giant Rani focuses on Hakuno, but then she's suddenly impaled by a couple of spears, including one through the mouth which looks really graphic, even if there is no blood, bringing her down. And suddenly we have a group of Rins showing up. Nero wants to know what's going on, but Hakuno just takes her hand and they book it as another Giant Rani appears, taking out a bunch of Rins. Well, this took a turn. I don't know where the turn is taking us, but it's there.

-The two run further away, losing them, but that's when the myst breaks away, revealing a structure in the center. And another horrifying shot. Underneath the ice, which is what they were walking on, is dozens and dozens of bodies of Rin and Rani. Well, this took a massive turn, didn't it! They don't have time to question this as they're attacked again by the Rin and Rani, forcing them to flee. Nero has seen some things, but this is the one point where she's like "Fuck it, I'm not going to try making sense of this."

-Using her deductive reasoning, Nero suspects that Rin and Rani were victorious up to the sixth round, so obviously one of them must be this floor's master. Sure, Hakuno can go with that. But that still leaves the question of why there are so many of them? Why are they attacking them all of a sudden? But another horrifying thought enters his mind. Why were they saving them all those times? Scary, isn't it?

-A quick cut to black and we return to the two. Hakuno is catching is breath, but the physical enhancement he cast on himself is fading. But he asks Nero if she's okay. Well, she is, but is getting somewhat tired by the constant attacks and running (Umu count 45). Hakuno is trying to make sense of all this, but comes up with a plan. The dome they saw? It was pretty much clear of corpses, which Nero noticed as well (Umu count 46). They wonder if the copies can't reach the center, but they think it could be a trap, as well. But in either case, they will find the true Floor Master, so they should go find them. But Hakuno puts a stop to that. Those copies? They're neither real nor fake, but he thinks the Rins are mass produced, or replicating like Planaria...

-Hi, Rin! ...You aren't here to kill them, are you? Quick cut and Rin tells them that they have to trust that she's the same Rin who was with them in the lower stratum. Because, they've already seen the soldier types, and she's very much different from them. Also, I noticed that the girls are blushing, but I imagine it's redness from the cold. I don't see Hakuno with any red on his face, though. Anyway, half of their predictions are correct. Both she and Rani are the Sixth Stratum's Floor Master. How did that happen? Well, there are conditions, but she can't disclose them. But one thing is certain. The soldier types here? They are certainly trying to kill them, but if they reach the dome, they'll be safe. Which just so happens to be their goal. Getting them to the dome, that is, not the killing them part.

-Nero is confused by this, but Rin explains that with their arrival, their victory conditions were met. Whether Hakuno lives or not is irrelevant, because reasons, but Rin is going to do her best to get them there. We don't actually see them make the approach, only that Rin kills a Rani to get them to the Dome. There, she tells them that the answers they seek lie within, but this is as far as she can go. Mostly because she's actually breaking apart. Before she fades away, she asks them to make her and Rani, the ones who assisted them, the final copies. Also, this kind of thing is really painful and makes them want to cry, so they'd like that to stop now. And with that, she fades away, leaving them alone.

-So the two enter the dome, walking down a long corridor with cross shaped pillars in the middle. Breaking all kinds of superstitions, Nero and Hakuno let the pillars go between them, but suddenly, Rin and Rani appear on those pillars as part of a pre-recorded message. It was in this Stratum that the two of them fought as Masters, and we see their Servants fight one another, leading to them killing each other at the same time. This caused Moon Cell to be very confused and unable to declare a winner. As such, both were the winner and loser. So instead of dying or moving on, they were put in a state of suspended animation, and with terrible timing, the Holy Grail War ceased to be. Stupid malfunctioning Quantum Computers! They can be so unreliable these days.

-With that, the Sixth Stratum's resources were pushed to preserving the floor, and in their current state, Rin and Rani were embedded as auxiliary units, since they were under its protection. Nero and Hakuno didn't like that at all. They explain that, within their slumber, they redefined themselves, becoming part of the Sixth Stratum and its Master at the same time. And thus, the copies of each Master were created, and they went right back to killing one another. But what makes this worse is that they're battles hold no meaning, and it took them a hundred years to realize this. Moon Cell had declared their match a draw, but that didn't stop them from trying to kill one another. Though apparently, the originals don't really have a conscious anymore, but the avatars do, so they act as Rin and Rani in their place. Basically, a war without end. Rin wasn't kidding when she said this place was hell.

-So the two finally came up with a plan. They'll force Moon Cell to give their match a verdict, and to do that, they need a proper Master to come to the Sixth Stratum. And thus, Hakuno was brought up, though any would have really done the job. The original plan was for one of them to defeat them, but that was beyond their reach. So now, he'll have to act as the arbitrator for their match. He must choose who the loser is. And thanks to Hakuno's arrival, their conditions for victory was met. And Hakuno really, really doesn't like that at all, remember that rooftop conversation with the two girls.

-Soon, they arrival in the center room of the dome, where they find the sleeping Rin and Rani there. The message returns, telling Hakuno that he must choose the victor. And he doesn't want to do that at all. After all, he's gotten to know them, and to force him to make this kind of decision is something he can't possibly do. But he admires their spirits to want to continue on, to ascend. They could have stayed and lived forever on this Stratum, but it goes against human nature to be stagnate. So now, Hakuno will try to find a way to solve this problem, and he does so by activating his Dead Face. I'm sure that will help!

-Quick cut to black, and when we return, it's that of the sleeping Rin, the original, who slowly wakes up. She sits up to look at her arms, probably trying to process what happened, but then turns to see Hakuno over Rani. It looks like Hakuno attempted to take a third option and tried to revive both, but unfortunately, this was not the case. One had to be chosen and one had to die. There was no third option. Despite his efforts, Rani begins to fade away. She awakens, telling him that there is no need sorrow. She tells him that he made the right decision, something neither she nor Rin could do. And thanks to him, she gets to do the one thing she regretted. She is able to give her parting words to him.

-And with that, Rani fades away, a smile on her face, but without regret, as she was able to send off the surviving human up. Hakuno is all depressed, though, because his attempt at a third option failed. Nero says nothing but stays close to him. Rin, however, is thankful that he saved her and admires his attempt to save Rani, but her cybernetic body is unique, so there was nothing he could do. But no matter how it happened, the result would have ended the same way. One was going to die, no matter what, but Hakuno wished for them to live... taking us to our episode title, Unlimited/Raise Dead. What a cheery title. Cue credits!

-And here is our end credit image for this episode.

-Well, that isn't depressing at all! But we're not done yet! We have an after credit scene, and we're just keeping those punches going!

-Rin turns to Hakuno, who looks upon the sky, promising the support him for his remaining battles, which is her role from this point on. And we end our episode on Rani's grave as we fade to black.

Okay, I've been hinting at this for a while, but since we've reached this point, let's go ahead and explain what happened here.

First, let's identify the Servants, though one should be more obvious than the other. Rin's original Servant was everybody's favorite Irish Dog, Cu Chulainn! Rani's original Servant was Lu Bu, and he was classed as a Berserker. Fun times.

And yes, in the original game, you had to fight one of them. Only one, though. You see, in the game, after fighting Nursery Rhyme, Moon Cell had Rin and Rani face off with each other in a match. At that time, thanks to Hakuno, they had started to hang out a little bit, so it was one of those tense situations. And so they fight, but thanks to Julius trying to cheat, you're able to see the fight take place, and it's pretty clear that Rin is going to win, thanks to being more experienced, so Rani brings out a trump card, which is basically a bomb to blow them both up. Fun times.

At this point, Hakuno can choose who he could save, and do so with the power of the Command Seals, which kind of have a different function in Fate/Extra. And like in the anime, there is no third option. You had to choose one or the other. No matter who you choose, you would have a brief fight with Lu Bu, but only one round, where the point was just to survive. After that, you'd get a cut scene where the Servant of the Master you save is killed. It kind of leads to the same situation in the anime, but in the game, one remains effectively out of the tournament, but not actually dead. So good going there, Hakuno!

As a result of this, your opponent for the fourth round changes, depending on who you saved. If you rescue Rin, your opponent is a murderous clown and her Servant, the Lancer Vlad III. Not the vampire. If you save Rani, your opponent is a Berserker, who just so happens to be Arcueid from Tsukihime. And yes, even the game says that, if she didn't have such a pathetic Master, she'd easily win the whole thing. Hell, even though Servants are also deleted when the Master loses, Arcueid doesn't. She just slashes open a portal and leaves. That's how powerful she was. But this is also why the Fourth Stratum gets skipped, though I imagine supplementary materials explain who it was.

Now, this also leads to one other scene in the fifth round. Julius, being a dirty cheater, injures your Servant greatly, severely weakening them. So in order to get themselves in order, you get help from the person you saved, who then does a ritual to restore their magic circuits. It's exactly the ritual you think it is, too. And this can lead to some rather hilarious comments by the Servant, and there is something of a CG scene, but it's purposely left vague.

Anyway, you get to the sixth round and fight the Master you didn't rescue. And like in the anime, there's no way to avoid this. You cannot save them. One of you will die. Though they actually try to avoid springing this fact on you, doing some hacking to hide their name, but you figure it out in the end. Though it does lead to a bit of romcom shenanigans for this part of the game.

I do wonder how they decided on which one to survive, but I'm not surprised it's Rin, since she's got major drawing power, even if she's technically a different character from her main universe self. And before I forget, the reason Rani is unique is because she's not exactly human, but a homunculus. Because we got to draw out those parallels a bit more.

Oh, and one more thing to point out. This was the last episode to air for a while. Because of something studio related, the final three episodes of the show would not air until a few months after this episode, which I think was planned from the beginning. And starting on Friday, we will take a look at the first of those final three.

Until next time, remember, when entering a myst filled floor, always make sure you watch your back. You'll never know when you find a giant loli looking homunculus standing behind you, ready to deal the killing blow.


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If you rescue Rin, your opponent is a murderous clown
Murderous cannibal clown who giddily talks about having eaten her own infant child.

Yeah, Fate/extra goes to to some really messed up places at times.


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-And now we get some backstory. According to Rin, the human race has entered a stagnant state when they entered the 21st century. Worst yet, the West European Conglomerate controlled the remaining resources, and nobody dreams of a bright future that existed in the 20th century. Wow, this is hitting a lot closer than you'd think. Rin doesn't think the world as it is should continue, because that could lead to the end of humanity.
Quick detail I remember: in the timelines associated with Fate/Extra, the Harwey Conglomerate discovered the Moon Cell within the Moon very shortly after the Apollo 11 mission. Seeking to acquire monopoly over it, the Harweys put intense pressure to shut down certain types of development, including just about all projects relating to space travel.

However, once the Harways started making progress trying to access it, the Moon Cell instead sent connections to the Earth's online networks, creating access pathways that Wizards could use to transfer their digitized souls into the Moon Cell, entirely bypassing anything the Harweys could do to try and maintain exclusive influence over the Moon Cell.

taking us to our episode title, Unlimited/Raise Dead.
An interesting choice of reference.

"Unlimited/Raise Dead" is also a term that comes up in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, the sequel game to Fate/Stay Night. A Noble Phantasm of sorts used by a certain Servant to save his Master's life (though in F/HA, this was done via a time-loop to turn the clock back if his Master died).

Also, keyword notes establish some details regarding Rin and Rani's situation here. Basically, after being loaded into the Sixth Stratum, Rin and Rani painstakingly reconstructed their own cyber-bodies to incorporate the data of their Servants into themselves, making themselves into Demi-Servants (a term which will be familiar to anyone who follows Fate/Grand Order). They then continually produced avatar 'doll' bodies to fight each other until they concluded that they were at an impasse (over many iterations, Rin tailored her stats toward skill, and Rani toward sheer power).

None of the doll bodies can approach the central dome. All of them instinctively fear the possibility of a mental collapse from the conflict of being 'the false one' directly interacting with 'the real one'.

And like in the anime, there is no third option. You had to choose one or the other.
Interestingly, supplementary details establish that Fate/Extra was originally planned to have more divergent options, including points where you could choose to use or conserve Command Spells. If you had enough in stock by the point you had to deal with Rin and Rani, it would have been possible to use them to save both of their lives. None of that was kept in the final game, however.

But this is also why the Fourth Stratum gets skipped, though I imagine supplementary materials explain who it was.
Supplementary material did say who was on the Fourth Stratum. It was neither of them. The Servant waiting on the Fourth Stratum was...

Spoiler: Show
... a certain Caster in a blue kimono.

There are more details I can get into about the previous episodes, as the relevant Keyword entries from the official Japanese site have finally all been translated. I'll have to cover that at another time - it's rather late right now at the time I'm posting this.

Also, there are a couple funny details I can give about Rin and Rani's characters, mostly tying back to certain secrets dug up/elaborated on about them in Fate/Extra CCC.


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Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Fate/Extra Last Encore, where we hit the home stretch and take a look at the final three episodes of the season. And I realized I don't have something for after this. Better think of something fast.

In our last episode, our heroes make it to the Sixth Stratum, and what they find there is Rin and Rani, in their Servant states, trying to kill them. Why this sudden turn? Well, as it turns out, there are multiple copies of Rin and Rani, and the two that helped them in earlier Stratums are different than these. What happened? The Angelica Cage going haywire happened.

More specifically, in their match, Rin and Rani's servants killed each other at the same time, which confused Moon Cell, so it declared the match a draw, putting both participants in a form of cryostatsis until a winner can be determined. Then it all went to hell and they've been stuck fighting in an endless war for a thousand years now. So the duo try to change the situation. They get a Master on the Sixth Stratum and get them to decide it. And that brings us to Hakuno, who is told the story and is forced to choose between either Rin or Rani as the victor.

The problem is that Hakuno has decided he's not all about that hate anymore. He wants to bring hope, and he decides that he's going to take a third option. He's going to save both of them. Except it doesn't work that way. While he was successful in reviving Rin, he was too late for Rani, but she dies with no regrets. And with a victor determine, Hakuno is allowed to move on by default.

What will Hakuno find on the Seventh Stratum? Let's tune in and find out.

-First, I should mention that the final three episodes didn't actually air until a few months after the first set of episodes aired. This splits them into two "seasons". The first ten are called Oblitus Copernican Theory, while the second set is called Illustrias Geocentric Theory. And with those names out of the way, let's kick it.

-We begin the episode in the Ladder, where Nero is being Nero and may be trying to seduce Hakuno. Why do I think that?

-So, so weird. Hakuno does it, which Nero approves of (Umu count 47). And they just sit like that for a while, Nero smiling like a giddy school girl. Rin is working on her terminal, but he's smiling, as well, despite telling them not to be so carefree since they're approaching the final Stratum. To reach the Seventh Stratum, you have to be one of the two strongest Masters. And in this context, that would be Hakuno and the Floor Master, who appears to be Leo, who Rin calls the strongest Master in the history of the Holy Grail War. So Hakuno attempts to get this game plan going and asks what they know about Leo? Oh, he has combat stats like you wouldn't believe! Any who have challenged him has met defeat. Or as Rin says it, the fight is over before it even begins. Oh, it's all about those mind games!

-Rin praises Leo a lot, but he's still her target. And yet, she doesn't understand why Leo yielded victory to Real!Hakuno a thousand years ago. He was suppose to be like a messiah back on land, so why give up at the end? That's quite the question, isn't it?

-No change to the opening, so nothing to report there. When we return, we see that we're having a flashback. There, Leo, with his Servant, standing across from Real!Hakuno and Nero. The two stand off in a dusk filled sky, when suddenly, that changes to a few of the Angelica Cage, and sitting there is Twice, staring down at Real!Hakuno. And then we get repeats from the teaser in the first episode, of Nero's defeat and Real!Hakuno's death. Hakuno now wonders if she really did make it to the final fight with the unknown Servant, or if it was really Leo? It's kind of a shame they skipped the part where Real!Hakuno won, but that's part of the mystery, isn't it?

-Hakuno expresses this to Nero, then asks Rin about Leo actually surrendering? Going purely by the stats, it's the only thing that makes sense to her. So they decide to ask the one who was actually there. And Nero isn't happy about them suggesting that they were given victory.

-How dare you suggest that Nero, who could outfight Mars (in her own words), would just be given victory like that? She and Real!Hakuno won with their own abilities. However, they may have had a slight advantage. On the day of the fight, his Divine Right was clouded. And because of that, the one called the absolute ruler was caught off guard. So, given the typical rules of the war, Leo should be dead. Except as we learn, the dead don't stay dead, and Rin is getting a response on the Seventh Stratum. And the ID they're getting is Leo's. So did Nero deliver the final blow? Nope, Leo declared defeat on his own. But the last thing she saw was Leo being engulfed by the flames of the Attack Barrier. Because even in yielding, you still die. But as we also saw, there are ways around it, but let's be hones here. The system is all kinds of screwed up, even before the Moon Cell went insane.

-The Ladder soon reaches its final destination, and when the trio pop out, they see a picturesque flower field, and to be honest, it's something you'd see out of a fantasy series. Or, well, my first thought was "Oh no, they found themselves in .hack//SIGN! Quick, avoid any staff wielding characters with strange golden monsters floating above them!" Oh, and not to add any pressure, but the Floor Master has been undefeated for the past thousand years. Thanks for that, Rin!

-The three travel the floor, looking for Leo, but Nero can't help but be impressed as to how well the Stratum is being cared for. But soon enough, they stop to find a figure on the road, covered by a cloak. This must be who they're looking for. With confirmation from Nero (Umu count 48), they approach the figure. He senses them coming and finds it odd, since the door was suppose to be sealed. And today of all days, when the flowers are in bloom. Nero immediately gets into a fighting stance, recognizing the voice. He stands and greets them as the first and final challenger, and they're free to make themselves at home for now. Nero, however, tells the others to stay alert. Sure, she questioned if this was the same place, but she knows that some things never change.

-I think this should help identify who it is. Nero also identifies him as the Platinum Saber, and that he's Leo's Servant. Rin is shocked to see who Leo's Servant is. He, meanwhile, recognizes Nero as the Rose Emperor, and that she opened the door. How nice that she returned, since it seems like he's got a grudge to settle.

-Just in case anybody questioned it, yup, Nero got him good. And now he will get his revenge by... treating them to a nice meal. Truly, he is a villain of the highest order! Anyway, he can't fight them in his current state, so they don't need to feel alarm by his presence. And this is when we learn his True Name. If the clue earlier didn't help, then feast your eyes upon Sir Gawain, nephew of King Arthur, and a Knight of the Round Table. Anyway, Gawain doesn't want to fight as he's lost the spirit and reason to wield a sword. Hakuno asks how things were for the thousand years he's been here, but he tells him, in his knightly way, that a sword cannot feel fatigue, but it does rust a bit with time. So it sounds like a "at first, no, but as the years tolled on, it did get rough." Nero, however, has been anxious about something. Can she pick a flower? Sure, why not? At least, I'm assuming she's going to actually pick a flower and not what it means otherwise.

-Anyway, Rin mentions that it has to be rough, what with Leo gone and all, but as it turns out, Leo's life was spared by Twice. And because of that, he has agreed to the ideologies of Twice and became the guardian for this Stratum. As a result, his reputation was tarnished and he became an enemy for those that survived. Nero returned, actually bringing a flower with her, calling it a bold move.

-Anyway, Gawain states that it was fine for the first hundred years, but after that, his king, Leo, concluded that there were no more challengers and put himself into a deep sleep. Really milking that Arthurian Myth for all it's worth, eh, Leo? Then a gong is heard, causing Hakuno to look up towards the sky, towards the golden lights. Looks like it's moving faster now, and Rin takes it that they're running out of time. And we can see that happening as the floor glitches out. Either that or the Matrix is resetting again.

-Gawain soon leads the trio up a path towards the mountain, where Leo sleeps at the peek. Seriously, Leo? Gawain explains that he will remain there, even if his body were wounded and his Divine Right turned to ash. Of course, with no challenges to face, he had no change to show his authority as king. For the past nine hundred years there was only silence. And he blames the Sixth Stratum for that. Stupid endless war. They reach a landing, but Nero notices something off to the side. She asks if they can take a quick detour, and so Gawain allows it. So the trio head off to the side, but Hakuno quickly recognizes where they're going.

-At this location, Nero puts down a white rose, apologizing to her Master for leaving her alone for so long. Hakuno pays his respects, as well, while Rin only figures out where they are. There, Hakuno asks what kind of person Real!Hakuno was like. Nero is quiet, so Rin answers. Real!Hakuno was the one who defeated Leo and made it to the Moon Cell as the final Master. Nero speaks up at this point, saying that they failed to obtain the Holy Grail. And according to Rin, it's been like that for a long time. And that's because the true final boss, Twice Pierceman, kills the winners and keeps the Holy Grail to himself. But Rin thinks that maybe, just maybe, if Leo won, it wouldn't have ended up this way. Gawain concurs with Rin's suggestion, but says that it's only a possibility. Though Rin quickly says that, if Leo won, the people on the land would have met their end differently, because of those stuck up elitist scum! In her estimation, civilization would have only lasted that way for about five hundred years, give or take a decade. You're just full of optimism today, aren't you, Rin?

-Nero agrees that what Leo sought was a peaceful status quo, but as an Emperor herself, she knows that isn't possible. According to her, humans are creatures that must consume in order to advance, and keeping the status quo will cause the species to go into regression. And Rin agrees, because history backs up Nero's claim. But according to Gawain, this would have been part of Leo's plan. Mainly, the people would be at a stand still and fall into a slumber in five hundred years, which he thought was better than an eradication after a thousand years of warfare. So humanity was screwed either way. What a world to live in.

-Hakuno asks why, so Rin answers. According to Twice, humanity needed to atone for its past, but Leo wanted humanity to take a path that remained in the present. Neither one could fully trust in the future of humanity. And those kinds of people using the Moon Cell would clearly cause it to go insane. So thanks to Twice screwing things up, Rin thinks the Moon Cell needs some new guidance, since neither Twice nor Leo could create a future for humanity. So they need a better option, somebody who is the opposite of a genius or a messiah. Somebody who's rather ordinary. I think Nero takes offense to that one.

-Down, Nero! Rin isn't trying to steal your new Master away... maybe. Hakuno asks if there would be a future for humanity if somebody that Rin describes does take over Moon Cell? Gawain himself offers a suggestion. Retrying would be impossible, but maybe a clean slate would work instead. Rin is surprised by the knight's words. His suggestion is contradictory to Leo's wishes, which coincides with Twice's ideals. Gawain counters that, when he's in service to his king, he severs his own thoughts and feelings. But Rin understands what he's trying to say. On their current path, humanity will be exterminated, but the possibility of leaving something behind is not zero. Gawain confirms this, adding that, thanks to Twice's influx, the Moon Cell interprets the past millennium of human history as acts performed in order to self-destruct. However, here, if the world is moving forward along countless branches called "possibilities," then they can say that those past thousand years were acts performed in order to recover. So they're going to try to make the Moon Cell redline history to make those branches exist. And no wonder the Fate Franchise has so many different universes. Nasu has access to a Quantum Computer on the moon!

-Taking all of this in, Hakuno's wish is a no-braininer, if the Holy Grail is still functioning. So, as the embodiment of the grudge held by the losers, he's going to kill Twice, curse the world, and then save it. Hopefully in that order. In her thoughts, Rin says that, even if they win, she has no physical body on Earth, so there's no hope for her anyway. Out loud, Hakuno promises Nero that he will return Moon Cell to the way it's suppose to be, which makes her happy to hear that (Umu count 49). And the gong sounds, indicating that time is running short. Gawain reminds them that, if they want to battle Leo, they need to hurry. For when the bell tolls a third time, it will signal the end of SE.RA.PH. So no pressure.

-They soon reach the top of the mountain, to a tree that contains a coffin. And Hakuno recognizes the barrier. It's the one used to separate the winners from the losers, which also erases the losers. Also, don't you think I missed the fact that you guys added an extra bit to a scene we saw before.

-That's Julius in the background, by the way. Gawain walks towards the barrier, but this is where his guidance ends. But before he goes, he wants to say a few words. He respects the battles that have brought them here, and he hopes that they become a worthy opponent for his king. He enters the barrier and goes over to the coffin, removing the sword that was placed there, beckoning Leo to awaken. After the smoke clears, Leo appears, looking no worse for wear. Actually, he looks a little older than before. He recognizes Nero as the Servant who defeated them before, then to Rin, who is an enemy of the Harway clan back on Earth. He then turns to Hakuno, but recognizes him as the collection of death. A nobody who crawled up from the bottom of the underground. And yet, he seems familiar to him somehow, so he asks for his name.

-What up, yo? Leo recognizes the name and asks Hakuno if he understands the implications of introducing himself with that name. And he throws it right back at Leo's face, calling him a Master who came to the Moon to become a Messiah, adding that the young Master is just a fraud. Oh, shots fired! But Leo counters, saying that he's accepted long ago that the human race shouldn't exist anymore. He then asks Hakuno is humanity is worthy of continued existence? Unfortunately, he doesn't have an answer, since he isn't exactly human, just a collection of the dead. He only had hatred, or he used to. But now, he has a mission. He's going to return Moon Cell to what it used to be, that way, he can stand proud and full of hope as a human. Nero and Rin smile at Hakuno's declaration, and after a moment, Leo accepts it, but tells him he's made a few mistakes in his reasoning. Nero isn't all that pleased by this comment.

-I should add that, in the dub, Nero calls Leo a "filthy corpse of a king." Either way, Nero isn't interested in giving Leo any sort of respect. Leo explains that one of the issues is a physical issue. A dead man cannot dispel Twice's flawed conviction. The other is a spiritual issue. It's impossible to revert the Moon Cell, so why even try? Hakuno basically says "screw that! I'm going to make it possible." Leo calls him a fool, adding that, if he did return the Moon Cell back to normal, all the corrupted data will be deleted. Which means that Hakuno, along with the past thousand years, would disappear. But don't worry, Hakuno! Leo is going to help you out with that... by deleting you here and now. And soon, battle is joined.

-While the two Saber servants go at it, Hakuno faces off with Leo, who can apparently alter the terrain and use it as a weapon. He goes into Dead Face mode to block it, but the distraction gives Gawain and opening, landing a solid punch to her stomach. Leo then tries to fling rocks at her, but Hakuno stops it, but then gets an explosion in the face for that. And then he gets more explosions, but he's able to place up a barrier just in time, but he's clearly wounded by the block. Well, when so many explosions are happening in your face, some are bound to get through.

-The Sabers keep at it, but nobody's interested in that, so we return to Hakuno, who wants to help Saber, but Leo gets in his face. So it's time for the mind games, as Hakuno asks Leo if he holds a grudge against Real!Hakuno for defeating him? Nah, that was a thousand years ago. Why hold a grudge over something like that? Gawain soon rejoins him while Nero is barely keeping herself up. Leo then orders his Servant to use Galatine at full strength and incinerate Nero. And so he activates his Noble Phantasm, first by throwing his sword in the air, then grabbing what is basically a sun beam from a mini-star. He plans to show off the power of the sister sword to the Holy Sword of the Planet. Basically, he's flinging the power of the sun at them.

-Nero, however, gets in the way and blocks the attack, but it proves to be too much as the blade cuts through the land mass they're on. Rin appears to separate from them, and to my surprise, Nero is still there, tanking the shot. But the blast sends the two flying into the ground below, leaving a crater and Nero in a very familiar looking pose. She's still alive, though, and wills herself up, just in time for Gawain to finish up his Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Galatine. And of course he fires a beam at her, but she keeps blocking it until she appears to fade away and the two fall through a crevice, seemingly back into the abyss below. Leo looks on, disappointed by the inexperience, telling them to start over from the lowest stratum. Except he looks at his watch and apologizes. They don't have enough time for that. Chakravartin will be complete soon in only a few hours. Which takes us to our episode title, Escalibur Galatine. Cue credits!

-Here's our end credit scene for the episode. This featuring Gawain and his king, Leo. There's no after credit scene, so we'll leave it at this.

I'm trying to decide how much I should actually say about this episode. It's related a bit to the adaption, but I don't know what to say that may not appear in the next episode. Well, maybe I should talk about how Leo was originally defeated in the game.

While Leo was always going to be an enemy, he acts rather kindly with you every time you meet. Gawain is always with him, of course, protecting him as a knight should. It should be noted that Leo actually tells you Gawain's name from the very beginning, as he was very confident of his victory. This is due to an innate trait Gawain has. Related to his myth, he carries a skill called "Numeral of the Saint." The skill basically grants him invincibility between the hours of nine and twelve in the morning, and then between three and six in the afternoon. This is related to the legend of how Lancelot defeated him, waiting until dusk, where his power would be at his weakest.

Of course, in Moon Cell, it's sunny all the time, so Gawain is basically invincible every time you fight him. And his Noble Phantasm, titled Sword of Resurrected Victory, is more or less a one-hit kill. In game, to get around this, during one fo the fights, either Rin or Rani uses a code that causes the Sun in Moon Cell to eclipse, weakening Gawain's power and dealing a blow that seemingly disables it, allowing you to have an even fight against him. Even then, the fight is extremely difficult as you need to use all of your skills available to you, including the ones that reduce damage, revive, or stop it out-right.

As for why Gawain calls Leo his king, we'll save that for next time.

With this setback, can Nero and Hakuno climb the floors back up in time, or are they too late to stop the extinction of humanity? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

Until next time, remember, if you see a man in a cloak along the side of the road tending to flowers, then always be distrustful of him, even if he gives you food at a tent later on, for he is truly a villain of the highest order.


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Hello everybody and welcome to our penultimate episode of Fate/Extra Last Encore, where the clock is quickly running out and our heroes have to start from the beginning.

In our last episode, Rin, Hakuno, and Nero made it to the Seventh and final Stratum, where they must face off against Leo and his Servant, despite losing to Real!Hakuno a thousand years ago. Nero even saw Leo start to burn before her very eyes. And yet, when they meet with Gawain, who is wounded from that battle, it is quite odd. Then they learn the truth. Twice spared Leo, and now he's working for him just as the clock near zero.

Gawain doesn't seem to be all in for the plan, but will follow his Master to the very end, regardless of what he thinks. He leads them to where Leo sleeps and awakens him. After some banter, we have our fight, and while Nero and Gawain is more even, Hakuno is hopelessly outmatched against Leo. Despite their effort, Gawain unleashes his Noble Phantasm, sending the duo back to the bottom, with almost no time remaining. Can they reach back to the top in record time and stop Twice, or is humanity doomed? Let's tune in and find out.

-Our episode begins with a clock, seemingly indicating the distant past. There, we see Twice greet Leo, who has a few questions for the head of the West European Conglomerate. More specifically, about what's happening on Earth. It all starts in 1970, when the resources have been depleted and humanity begins their decline. At this point, the power for life to go on was removed from the world. He wants to hear what Leo thinks of this?

-Leo has seen this episode, it seems. But he won't let the world end. He's going to find the Holy Grail and use it to remedy the situation. Twice confirms that the Moon Cell's Holy Grail is indeed an omnipotent wish granter for humanity, but even it has limits. While one is able to gai na profit greater than what they lost, one cannot regain the lost thing itself. Leo should already be aware of this, then throws out another year, 1999. Apparently some event happened there, because according to Twice, the planet's soul, its core, has been hurt. And who's to blame for this? Why, all of humanity, of course! Well, isn't he just a cheery guy?

-To clarify, Leo asks if it's impossible to stop the decline of humanity? According to Twice, humanity has come to a dead end. Human development has come as far as it can go and has no hope of advancing further. Twice, however, wanted to break through, so he thought an equal battle from all of humanity. I wonder how that went? He tells Leo that he is the complete opposite, as the young king seeks to end battle and maintain a paradise where all thoughts cease. But using an analogy from Twice, even if Leo builds the perfect ship, he cannot change the minds of the crew. And that's why you always vet them before hiring them.

-Twice is fine with Leo's plan failing and humanity coming to ruin, but on the other hand, if humanity destroys itself despite the perfect plan that was prepared for it, who would hold Leo responsible, and how? And that is the curse of the Harways... or anybody in power, really. And Twice really lays it into the young king, telling him that all they did was manage humans. They cannot save their people more live together with them. And this time, Twice has been mistaken. Changing humanity was nothing but an empty dream. And Leo has proven that for him. And he does this by listing all of Leo's traits. He is the greatest leader in history, as well as the most precise king that was artificially created to guide humanity. And somebody like Leo... is not capable of saving them. So they must give up on humanity. And the fact that Leo already did is what defeated Twice in the end. What kind of weird reverse psychology is this? Leo asks why twice assumes he gave up?

-Twice is a bit of a jackass, isn't he? But he answers anyway. Leo does not believe in the future of humanity. He goes on to say that the king could provide as much funding as necessary, but the path the king chose was nothing but "maintenance." And at that point, it was already over for humanity. And then Twice peaces out, leaving a shocked and bewildered Leo to his thoughts. After a moment, Gawain says "yeah, no, he's totally a lying liar." He pleads with Leo not to be fooled by him, and he does seem to accept it, but back in the present, we know he chose a different path. As he looks down upon the wreckage caused by Gawain's Noble Phantasm, he states that his Divine Right was shattered long ago. But it wasn't when he lost to Real!Hakuno, but when he met with Twice. So it sounds like he became a real cynic thanks to Twice. What a dick.

-No opening today, because it's the penultimate episode! We cut to Hakuno falling to parts unknown, holding Nero close to him. He attempts to cast a defense barrier to help soften the blow of the crash, which comes with a giant explosion! Because what doesn't explode these days? We cut to black, but then the screen starts glitching out for a moment and we return to Hakuno, regaining conscious. Hey, he survived the giant explosion that was caused by his crash! After looking around for a moment, he looks down to see something glowing in his hand.

-I think the glow means your book is overdue. He then thinks of a sky, with an airplane flying overhead. He seems to recall seeing a sky like this before, which should be an indicator that he found his way back to the bottom. Lying on top of him is Nero, who appears to be alive, but he isn't concerned with her at the moment. He wonders if this was too much to ask for, but that's when Nero awakens and immediately sits up, asking if he's alright? She's ready to go back into battle, but then notices they aren't on the battlefield anymore. She quickly realizes what happens and thanks him for protecting her. And with that out of the way, what is the next step for them? They're back at the lowest Stratum, so they'll never back it back to the Angelica Cage now. And to make it worse, they would just be defeated again by Leo and Gawain. Where did that eternal optimism go? Well, it seems like Hakuno inherited it.

-This is what happens when you hang around with Nero for too long. Her cheery disposition is infectious. Nero asks if this is an option, and Hakuno points out a light shining from above, so they should go check it out. Nero goes with this (Umu count 50! Celebrate!). She gets up and reaches out her hand towards him, and soon enough, he's leading her through the dark with his shiny bookmark. She tells him not to let go, because she feels she will lose sight of him if he does. She's also a bit nervous about this area, but Hakuno assures her that it's fine. They've been here before, because they first met here so long ago. It was also where they first fought together, which Nero remembers (Umu count 51), because it was the first time she'd drawn a sword in a thousand years! But thanks to Hakuno, she was able to fight brilliantly in battle once more. This confuses him, so she explains that she draws strength from his wishes and thoughts, and because she's a Servant, she cannot remain in this world by herself... unless she had Independent Manifestation, that is. So without his wishes and thoughts, she wouldn't e able to do anything. Hakuno counters that, without her, he would have never made it this far. But Nero counters the counter, saying that they've become a source of power for each other, which shows how strong their bond has grown over these many battles. Almost like it was a mechanic of some kind.

-Suddenly, a symbol with a rose appears and the voice of Rin appears. She's checking in on them, but also because she thinks she'll die soon if they don't do something.

-If it's not related to her Master, Nero junks that information immediately. Though it isn't mentioned in the show, in the game and part of her lore, she gets some very powerful, terrible migraines thanks to her mother poisoning her. What a great mom she was. So, yeah, she's still under attack from Leo, and it's taking all she can to just run away! Stupid class disadvantage! So for now, she'll explain what's been happening. Chakarvartin has gotten faster, causing the edges of SE.RA.PH to break down. And if this keeps up, SE.RA.PH's collapse will be imminent. They need to get up here ten minutes ago! Hakuno understands, then asks if Rin has a moment. Well, she is currently struggling to stay alive, but sure, she's got a moment to spare. So, what does he want?

-Is now really the time for this, Hakuno? Rin calls him out on that, but then says that it isn't like people can't die because they have things to do, but it's to find something to do. Nero nods at this, and with this, Hakuno promises to get back to her soon. How? He'll find a way. Well, if he's going to get up here, she'll hold out for as long as she can. After a moment, they return to Nero's theater, the place where they first met. Underneath that sky, the can see Chakravarun. There, he wonders what Real!Hakuno left behind for Nero, but he remembers a scene with Caster, but one from a different lifetime. He understands now what Real!Hakuno left behind. It was hope. This is also when he understands what the bookmark is. It's Caster's Noble Phantasm, or at least, a fragment of it. It won't let them actually retry the fight, but it should get them back to their original destination. Nero asks if he's fine with that, though, since he's going to return the Moon Cell to normal, which will result in his death. Well, you can't do if you don't try, right? Right.

-Still, the big problem is Leo and Gawain. They are much stronger than them, but Hakuno asks Nero to fight with him once more. He introduces himself again as Hakuno, a Dead Face. With anger and hatred, he destroys all of his enemies, which is what he was created for. But before he can continue, Nero takes hold of his hands to calm his spirit.

-No, Nero, you can't be a Sith Lord. We already have a Saberface for that. But Nero explains that anger is directed towards the actions of her opponent's actions, but hatred is something that is directed at the opponent himself. And she doesn't think that's suitable for Hakuno. And if he only has negative emotions, he should focus on anger as the driving force. Sure, he can disapprove of their actions, but he doesn't ned to hate those that sin. She believes that somebody like him was given life not to exterminate other lives, but sever their grudges. He should take pride in who he is, for he is one of the strongest Masters. Hakuno stares at Nero, her cheerful, glowing smile, and doesn't want to lose any of it. But the thing he's scared of losing the most is her trust and all they've gained up until now. And with that, they move out. Nero agrees (Umu count 52), but first, they need to defeat all hindrances, just like before. They take hold of the bookmark, look at each other one more time, and are soon engulfed by a warm light before disappearing.

-After they leave, Twice takes over as the theater around them begins to disappear. He explain that he created a process where the weakest becomes the strongest. But he had forgotten that the true nature of life was not in battle, but in survival. However, he (Hakuno) was born from the void and has become a finite being. And he wishes them to have light along their path. Twice, just who's side are you on? He congratulates Hakuno, saying that he's finally obtained his own life. Wait, what if this isn't the Twice we know, but the one who's been speaking with Hakuno all this time? What if he isn't exactly the real deal? But soon enough, Twice, and the theater, disappear.

-We return to Rin, and she's getting beaten rather badly. Leo orders Gawain to finish the job, but that's when Nero and Hakuno make their dramatic entrance. The hero is here! Leo isn't impressed by their arrival. He thinks Hakuno seeks death, so he's going to help him out with that. Time for round two! Nero plans to fight with everything she has in order to shut down Gawain's sword, but she knows if he weakens even slightly, he'll deploy his Noble Phantasm. So she asks Hakuno to give her the power to overwhelm Gawain, which he's going to do. He does this by going into Dead Face and maximizing the energy transfer to her. And with that, the two Sabers engage, and we see them basically doing their own take of a DBZ fight.

-Meanwhile, Leo and Hakuno are facing off, and Leo is a slight bit worried. He notices that Hakuno is more synchronized with Nero, as if he's a different person. What could have happened during that short time? But still, even with that much effort, it won't be enough. He adds a little extra to Gawain, then taunts Hakuno, saying that, as a collection of death, he possesses nothing new. For him, it's a shame. No matter how much magical power he has, they come from the memories of the defeated. And of those who fell, none to come close to surpassing Leo's existence. Nearby, Rin is keeping an eye on the fight and sees this, as well, and that Hakuno's body won't last this long with all the power he's using. He's got minutes at best.

-But Hakuno, despite all the pain he's feeling, keeps going. His body begins to crack as the Sabers continue to fight, with Nero pushing herself harder, refusing to lose. Leo decides to ask Hakuno if he'll keep fighting? He has no motive or reason to save humanity. As a collection of death, he doesn't even possess the experiences of a human. He's a being that's only used hatred and discontent to make it this far. What could he possibly wish upon the Moon Cell?

-Leo calls it an impossible wish. Hakuno will destroy himself as a result. But if he wants to die, then why does he continue to resist? Leo promises to end it quickly. Yes, Hakuno realizes what he's doing. He remembers Nero's prep talk back on the Fifth Stratum, to do what he can, and that she will do all she can in return. He understands he was brought into this world to curse and save it. But he doesn't have that kind of power. He can't grant everyone's wishes. And yet, Nero told him that doing all he can is enough. So if that's the case, he already knows what he's going to do. He will return the Moon Cell to normal and open up the universe. When Leo asks why, he responds that he's going to send a signal survivor to the future. Leo seems to understand as Nero and Hakuno power up for more (Umu count 53).

-As the Sabers go full speed, we return to Hakuno briefly. He understands that the wish he wants will cause his death, but the reason he keeps going is not because he wants to die. He's not capable of doing anything big. He can only do small things. That's why he devotes himself to simply taking one step forward at a time, and he's fine with that. Though, now that he thinks about it, he enjoyed being alive. Well, he's committed to this now and there's no turning back. Maybe he should have thought this out further.

-Well, Leo's done with the talk now and powers up Gawain for his Noble Phantasm. Nero sees this coming and calls upon Hakuno for help. As she runs toward the light, he recalls how Leo and Real!Hakuno devoted everything for a goal. For Leo, it was to save the world. For Real!Hakuno, it was to find herself. Was she abominable? IN a way, yes. She doesn't come close to a messiah or an ideal king, but still, she fought until the end. And we see scenes of her in action, but not scenes we've seen already, but scenes we've never seen, including being a bloody mess, but taking hold of Nero's hands with a tearful smile.

-By inheriting Real!Hakuno's wish, the will to live, Hakuno's soul seems to renew, which reaches Nero, empowering her to break through Gawain's Noble Phantasm and allowing her to unleash her own against Gawain. The knight of the sun was already on the receiving end of this and attempts to destroy it before the curtain can rise. But she's already taken this into account. She allows the flames to spread, knowing that her pavilion shall never rise again, she dedicates this to Hakuno. As she charges Gawain, Leo realizes that he has lost.

-The battle has drawn it's conclusion. Gawain bows to Leo one last time before he fades away completely. Leo turns away, reaching out for something as the final gong sounds. Nero is confused (Umu count 54), but Leo explains that the bell is tolling to signal Hakuno's victory. Or perhaps he's looking for praise from the loser? How brazen he is.

-Language, Rin. She demands that Leo at least collapse from a Noble Phantasm battle! How are he stand there, acting as if he won! Nero wonders that, as well, but Hakuno wouldn't mind if nobody actually dies from a battle. Nero quickly agrees with that (Umu count 55). This causes Rin to give such a stare at them.

-She's started to wonder how these two made it all the way this far now. But ignoring Rin for a moment, Leo explains that this is what happens in a Holy Grail Battle. When one side admits defeat, that is when the battle ends. Soon, the land they're on begins to rise as he explains that there is no more arbitration. The victor is immediately sent to the next stage. Nero is upset by the lack of bath, but Leo tells them to prepare, for they have little time left. Above, a blue star shines, which is the Angelica Cage, the core of the Moon Cell, which is also called the Phenomenon Selection Tree. And there is where Hakuno's final opponent awaits. Which takes us to our episode title, Chakravartin.

-And here is our end credit image for this episode, featuring the older Leo and Gawain.

-But we're not done yet! We have an after credit scene. We return to Twice, waiting at the final stage and... that's really it. Yeah, that really needed to go at the end. End episode.

Next time is the finale, but it's a double length episode! So I might split it into two to keep things simple. So with that, let's talk the voice actors for this episode.

Leo is played by Laura Stahl, who also plays Ray in The Promised Neverland, and Naive T Cell in Cells at Work. Basically, she plays a lot of young boy roles.

For Gawain, he's voiced by Chris Patton, who you may recall played Sousuke in Full Metal Panic! and the original Greed in Full Metal Alchemist. Lots of different roles for him.

With Nero and Hakuno prevailing in their fight against Leo, they rise to the top, where Twice awaits them. Can our heroes defeat them and bring the Moon Cell back to normal, or has the clock run out on humanity? Tune in on Friday to find out.

Until next time, remember, never drop anything that you pick up early in your quest. You'll never know when it'll become important in the end game.


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Hello everybody and welcome to part one of the series finale of Fate/Extra Last Encore. Yes, I decided to split the final episode into two parts, since it is a double length episode and I imagine nobody wants to see a super long post. Besides, it'll probably be split into two, anyway.

In our last episode, Hakuno and Nero found themselves back in the lowest Stratum of SE.RA.PH, and with almost no time to get back to the top, it seems that all hope is lost. Except this is a revitalized Hakuno, who has adopted Nero's nearly eternal optimism, so he's going to find a way to do the impossible. They find their way back to the ruined theater, where they first met, and are able to look up towards the sky. With a little help from a cute little Caster, the two are able to sky rocket back to the Seventh Stratum, ready for their rematch with Leo and Gawain.

Using all of his Dead Face powers, Hakuno gives everything he can to Nero so she can surpass Gawain, but even then, it's a close fight. And unlike before, Leo doesn't attack Hakuno, but stares at him, mainly because he's destroying himself giving all that extra energy to Nero. Seemingly, when all hope is lost, Hakuno pushes past his own limits, seemingly breaking the Dead Face itself, giving Nero the chance to not only stop Gawain's Noble Phantasm, but gives her own an extra push. Gawain tries to stop it by destroying the theater, but Nero had planned to do it herself, all in order to give herself everything she needed to deal the fatal blow.

And with that, Nero and Hakuno are victorious. But they have no time to rest. They have already ascended to the very top, where Twice waits for them, their final obstacle to the Angelica Cage and returning to the Moon Cell back to normal. Can the duo do what they couldn't before, or are they doomed to repeat history? Let's tune in and find out.

-Our episode begins with eyes opening up, all in white, as the Chakravartin continues to spin. Or maybe it isn't what I think it is. And this is an interesting sight.

-One of those golden looking spears is missing. If you recall from the first episode, when Nero had her fight with that huge Servant at this location, it used one of those spears to pretty much kill her. Fun times. And now we see that it's missing. More images of the shaded figure, then of Chakravartin, which houses the Angelica Cage in the center. Because, you know, got to corrupt the Quantum Computer somehow.

-That's when Twice takes over narration, reminding us that he was born in the deepest, darkest hell, and he doesn't want us to forget it. Quick cut to back, then of an airplane that's dropping bombs. And it isn't alone. Half a dozen planes drop bombs into this forest area as a young boy watches in horror. Twice continues narration as we see soldiers attacking and killing civilians. Well, I wonder what war they're talking about here? The young boy, Twice, is inside the ruins of a house, having survived the initial attacks. This is the situation he found himself in, the situation he knew of his young life. He had come to hate warfare as a result of it. He called it a distorted hell created by the history of mankind. It was a life that didn't last long for him, as we see his older self walking through the burning wreckage of another town.

-In narration, Twice explains that he grew up to be a man of science, creating inventions to save humanity while treating the wounded in war zones. However, in 1999, in the Far East, he encountered bio terrorism, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. In this burning wreckage, he collapses and sees a young child in front of him doing the same. He reaches out for the boy who seemingly wills himself back up, and in the moment, Twice smiled just before he died. Well, at least he died knowing that life could persevere in the face of extreme odds. Except, you know, of what he became now.

-Twice explains that his data was recreated within a cybernetic body and placed within SE.RA.PH as an NPC. This was a being who was different from Twice, and yet, is the same as Twice. He could be compared to something like a Servant, only he didn't get to go to the Throne of Heroes like they did. He was certainly irregular, as he had all of Twice's memories and even gained an ego. Maybe he gained a Persona, as well? And because of that, he was programmed into the Moon's Holy Grail War as a master. And if you take a peak in the background...

-You might see somebody you recognize. I think I'll wait until part two to talk about that. But anyway, after a countless number of retries, he was finally able to reach the Angelica Cage. You can tell it took him a while because there's a pile of dead bodies in front of him. Anyway, he's here, the pinnacle of the seven skies, where the Seventh Heaven Artgraph is enshrined. In order to fulfill the responsibility of being reborn and given self-awareness, he set out to carry out his task and make the Holy Grail his. The dream a man born from hell wished from the bottom of his heart. Twice claims up the stairs and finds that he cannot access it. NPCs do not have the authority for accessing it. And as such, he had reached the finish line, only to find that he is blocked from crossing it. Stupid computers with their stupid rules!

-So Twice waited at this point, for a successor to carry out his ideologies. Because this future is a mistake, somebody has to start it over. Or at least, that's what Twice says. He claims human history is distorted, that after an era of immaturity, a period of maturity is expected, but the golden era never arrived. And who is he telling this to? Why, it's Real!Hakuno and Nero! Twice says the balance of consumption and prosperity was broken, stagnated and decomposed, and that we, humanity, could not sever ourselves from the malignancy of stagnation and slowly rotted away. This lead to the ultimate depletion of the collective psyche... wait, could he be talking about another Fate Lore thing? It's about something that was born from the collective consciousness of humanity. Maybe the show will mention it, but that's going deep into the Fate Lore, so we'll skip it for now.

-Twice continues, saying the world stumbled into a blind alley and that the future of mankind has hit a dead end long ago. And because humanity couldn't produce results, they will be eliminated prematurely. According to him, nobody wishes for the future anymore. He thinks the majority of humanity would rather stand still than move forward. Insert political joke here. But beyond that, Twice believes humans are blessed enough already. Any further enhancement is unnecessary, and that the consciousness of the people say it is so. What, do you have a direct line with it?

-But Twice realizes that doesn't make sense. If being blessed is all humans wished for, then it would have been far better to remain as animals. With that said, he, Real!Hakuno, and much of human all shed blood in search of something more than being blessed. And such weakness makes me very angry. How can humans be so strong and so weak at the same time? Was this finale truly worth the last two thousand years? He says humans who will not battle will simply be eradicated, adding that survival of the fittest is the foundation of life. If you want to live, you will continue to fight. Because warfare is the true path to evolution. Or so he claims, but he is an NPC now, so maybe he's gotten a little corrupted from all those resets.

-Twice also suggests that they just cause the planet to wether so they can expand to the skies! That is the responsibility for humans to fulfill. He extends his hand to Real!Hakuno, saying she is the fruit of it all. You only need to look at how far she has come, how the battles have nurtured her, how adversity has changed her flesh into steel. She has surpassed every single Master that has come before her. And yet, despite knowing the grandeur of battle, she desires to negate it? Why, yes, yes she will

-Real!Hakuno says that it's difficult to see any worth from this day and age, and perhaps this future business is somebody else's problem, and sure, their dress and everything that lies beyond them could be nothing but a dead end. But she refuses to invalidate the lives of others, no matter her doubts. Twice asks to clarify, will she acknowledge this future? Nope, screw you, Twice! But that said, it's not something she resents. The people of that future should be able to choose their own endings. The era that Twice has tried to protect has long passed, so move out of the way! Except he doesn't. He gets pissed, and the whole thing begins to glitch out.

-In the present, or at least, I'm assuming so, as Twice says it's been nine hundred years since the last defect, and it's starting to feel like an incomplete dream. We then have a computer voice saying that Chakravartin has completed the preparations for the clearing. Soon, all parallel universe will cease operation. In twelve hundred seconds, the discontinuation of all possibilities will begin. That's twenty minutes from now. And now, with the clock running, our heroes, along with a not dead Leo, arrive. Oh, this is going to be fun!

-Twice calls it a strange occurrence, but adds that there's no real meaning to this. Especially with this expendable visitor. And then we cut to the opening! I know, I'm as shocked as you are that we're getting the OP in the finale. Anyway, when we return, the trio, plus Leo, make it to the top. Rin sees Twice, but she's confused. Why is he alone? Where is his Servant? Nero can't sense the Servant, but knows exactly who it is. That's when Twice turns to look at them, showing his Dead Face. Which is when Nero tells them to scatter as the attack comes from above. Nero stays with Hakuno, like any good Servant, while Rin is with Leo. She's upset that Leo seems so calm about this, but he explains that he's natural, so he's going to stay out of this.

-Well, aren't you a great support, Leo. Nero is frustrated by this. Pick a side, dammit! Rin suspects that Twice isn't in a talkative mood, given the bombings, but Nero is fine with this. She's ready to bring the pain. Hakuno is also really pissed off, too. Stupid Dead Face jerk Twice! Rin, who isn't neutral, goes into her Servant mode, then decides she's going to borrow something.

-Well now I'm just more confused. Rin takes aim and fires at Twice, which diverts some of the bombings towards her. She then launches the gun towards Twice, which explodes around him, covering him with smoke. This gives Nero enough cover to get in and land a decisive strike against him... which he heals instantly from! Nero is confused by this, but she doesn't get enough time as one of those golden javelins come down to strike her. She's prepared for it, though, and blocks it, but it appears to damage her sword as the cracks begin to show. Hakuno helps by using a Code Cast that unleashes tiny red daggers, helping to deflect it more. Nero is very pleased by this.

-Well, if you're going to confess, now is as good a time as any. Soon, the bombings stop, leading everybody to stand on edge to see what happens next. Twice stares at Hakuno and recognizes him as the collection of death that had crawled its way from underground. He's very impressed by his ability to climb from Limbus to the highest Stratum, destroying the remnant of Masters and Servants alike. It's just a shame that those battles didn't hold any meaning at all. Nero, however, has heard this before and isn't interested in hearing it again. She decides to say her piece, first by saying that she's disappointed. She came for revenge and her real opponent isn't even here! Twice explains that Buddha has already left and won't rematerialized in this sector. And he left was his Noble Phantasm, Chakravartin, the Heavenly Ring of the Holy King. And Twice has been alone here since. Yeah, I should explain that when you fight Twice in the game, his Servant is Buddha, and his class is Savior. Or Saver, depending on the localization. Anyway, this class is reserved for Messiah type Servants. So you can probably guess that, if you wanted to try to summon Jesus, He'd fit in this class. Good luck with that.

-So, yeah, Twice's servant abandoned him and his ideologies, and it seems like he couldn't convince anybody of his ideals. Not even Real!Hakuno. Probably because they're stupid. Also, you have no charisma. And so, Twice won't wait any longer. Even if it means his eradication, he will enter the Moon Cell's core and close SE.RA.PH. This will end humanity's last chance at a new frontier. You know, the fate that awaits Hakuno, if he's able to fulfill his plan. Speaking of, he'd like to know who this guy is, exactly, and why he's such a pain in the ass?

-This is Twice, or the remnants of a cybernetic body that claimed to be Twice. And he's a Dead Face, just like Hakuno. And just like Hakuno, they were born from death and also desire it. Every amount of anger Hakuno feels towards Twice is actually self-hatred. And as such, there's no need for Hakuno to challenge him. And when that makes sense, Hakuno can rest. Since the beginning, Hakuno has lived on hatred and needed to direct his anger on somebody, and without it, he has no reason to exist. Hakuno tells him to piss off, because he's not living off of hatred anymore. Besides, his target isn't Twice, but what's behind him, the Moon Cell. He's going to enter it, not just as the victorious Master, but as a living being. When Twice asks why, Hakuno responds to see something he's never seen before. Well, hope can be a new thing to people, after all, especially if they've never seen it before.

-Besides, Hakuno doesn't like it that Twice tried to compare each other. He's not someone who dies for the sake of dying like him. He will return Moon Cell to normal, and none of Twice's stories will convince him otherwise. Twice gives a mad-happy grin at this, like he heard something absurd. And he did. How is the embodiment of death going to save the people of the land? But it's too late anyway, there is no space left on land for humanity. He shows off images of Earth in the present and shows that it's on the verge of death. Humanity will die, and not from over consumption, which is apparently impossible, and also explains how humans survived for as long as they have. These stupid humans couldn't die off properly without a calamity. And that's why Twice decided to end it for them. Because he's claimed the throne, and thanks to that, he watched the history of humans that has continued for close to seventeen thousand years came to an end. Hakuno calls him out.

-Twice has no answer, because Hakuno is right. He goes on to say that, while humans have no home on land, they are still alive, which is why Twice is going to destroy SE.RA.PH, because those who survive might try to migrate here. Nero decides to ask another direct question. Does Twice hate humanity for failing to live up to his ideals? Nope. He can't hate something he does not care about. He just wants to kill them, plain and simple. He sees humans are in the negative, so he'll kill them all, just to bring them back to zero. Nero, however, isn't impressed by this answer. She tells Twice that he has simply given up, and that the sum should be zero is blasphemous to the principles of life. As far as she's concern, Twice has just shown himself to be inferior to any creature that has lived. Twice agrees, saying that humans are inferior in general. He thought he's been describing them just that until now. Seems like you're having a separate conversation from everybody else. I think that means you've gone insane.

-And then the attacks resume, but suddenly, a barrier appears to block the attacks. Looks like Leo isn't neutral any longer and tells everybody to find shelter. There, Hakuno sends out multiple copies of himself to disperse the attack, but the barrier itself is starting to break apart from the constant attack. So right now, they have two problems. First is Saver's Noble Phantasm, which Twice seems to have complete control over. Then there's the other problem. How to get into Moon Cell's core? Well, one way to solve the Noble Phantasm issue is to deal with the Servant, since they tend to disappear when the Servant is defeated. Except the Servant isn't here anymore, so they have to go after Twice directly. Except he's already dead, and you can't really kill the dead... except that time with Julius, but that was the exception! Except they have another way. They don't have to deal with Twice. They just have to restore Moon Cell and that'll eliminate the Dead Face, which includes Twice. So all that's needed is for a Master to enter the core and obtain the Holy Grail. Leo thinks that's fine, but asks if Hakuno is fine with that? Cause of the whole "but you'll be killed, too" thing.

-Hakuno admits that he's really, really angry with Twice, but he has nothing to say to him. Besides, his feelings are separate from the avatar of death he once was. And with time running out, this is their only real option. So, how do they get into the Core? The two major obstacles are the Noble Phantasm itself, as well as the black dome covering the Angelica Cage. Those who approach the core will be targeted directly by the cannon fire, but even if they got past that, there is still the black dome to deal with. Leo suspects the dome was created by Chakravartin, so if they somehow start the small ring of Vartin, it should lift the dome momentarily. So how do they do that? With whatever power they have, obviously! Leo will take the lead, since he can nullify Twice. And if he can, he'll try to stop Chakravartin. Rin, however, recalls his statement and asks what happened with the natural stance from earlier? Oh, that was in the past! Don't dwell on it so much! Hakuno, while happy to have a powerful ally, asks him why? Before Leo answers, he has a question of his own. He wants to know why Hakuno introduced himself to him back then? He knew introducing himself as Hakuno would get under Leo's skin, so why? Because he thought it was necessary to do so. All to respect the memory of Real!Hakuno, as well as for Leo. Leo is happy for that, then explains pretty much why he switched to Twice's side. In that moment, Leo died, and his Divine Right no longer remains. But even then, he can lift his head up, because even if a comeback is impossible, you can give hope a send-off. Preferably, that's not something you want to do, but if you're going to go down, make sure the universe remembers it.

-Leo walks out to confront Twice, who didn't think it was possible for the young king to make it to the Angelica Cage, and that he would suddenly voice objections against his philosophy. Why? Isn't he a sage, like himself? Leo agrees that he is like him, or at least, the man Twice used to be. But this was something he couldn't do by himself. He explains to Twice that there is a difference between the two of them. Twice was looking for a successor while Leo was looking for somebody worthy to fight with. Well, Twice isn't happy with that and aims Chakravartin at the young king, who appears to be using up his last Command Seal. He explains in narration that he never healed properly from the wounds he suffered from Real!Hakuno, and then brings out Gawain, who is not dead? Well, if somebody actually stayed dead, it wouldn't be Fate.

-Leo asks Gawain to fight with him one last time, though he understands he may be tired. The knight responds that he cannot feel fatigue and will fight to his last. With the help of the Command Seal, Gawain unleashes his Noble Phantasm, pushing back against Chakravartin and damaging the smaller ring. With the last of his strength used, Gawain finally disperses, but the smaller ring isn't quite done yet. Using what is left, it fires and lands a direct shot on Leo, but he takes it like a champ and dies a death worthy of a king who fought to his end.

And that's where we're going to leave it here. Tune in on Sunday for the conclusion. Until next time.


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Hello everybody and welcome to the conclusion of Fate/Extra Last Encore. There's no time to waste, because all of humanity is about to go extinct!

-After Leo's heroic sacrifice and attack on Chakravartin, Rin sees that the ring, as well as the black dome, remain. Nero is impressed by Leo's Divine Right, but she won't be out done. She asks Hakuno for a Command Spell, and for two seconds, she will stop the ring. Rin thinks about it for a moment. Only two seconds, but if they use what's left, then maybe this can work. Hakuno seems reluctant, but Nero provides a little motivation. She takes him by the hand and admits that she'd like to stay like this for as long as she can. She doesn't like the thought of them fighting apart, but she is his Servant, so she will put aside any fears in order to make Hakuno the winning Master. Hakuno smiles, knowing that she would do exactly that. With his final Command Spell, he will entrust everything to her. Nero will make sure that trust is not misplaced (Umu count 56. Seriously, this is the first Umu of the episode?).

-With a pleased expression, Nero goes on ahead. Inspired by the last act of the final king, she, the supreme emperor, will act out her climatic scene. I just hope it doesn't end in a Greek tragedy. Yes, I know, she's Roman, but the concern is still there. Above, Twice, injured from Gawain's final attack, sees Nero coming and attacks him with the damaged Vartin. But Nero is able to tank the hits, using all of her power to stop the ring, but she's taking all kinds of beatings from the lasers and is now worried that she won't make it. But she sees a light shining up towards the core, giving her renewed resolve, and gives everything she had and more to stop the ring. Because as emperor, she will make it so!

-Twice sees what Nero is doing and can't believe the insane tyrant is trying to stop the ring. But she continues to tank those hits and fires back, saying that Twice is doing nothing special compared to what she has seen, for she has witnessed the birth of a star! And that fledging because a shooting star, despite having no self to him. While she continues to take the hits, we see the wear finally hitting her, though it is in the form of clothing damage. Got to get that fan service in somehow.

-Inspired by Hakuno's growth, Nero feels as though she cannot do anything less but let her own soul burn. Sure, she admits the shooting start may fade, but it will guide for all of eternity! Even if she falls back to Limbus, her eyes will shimmer when she gazes upon the heavens! And she shouts with every fiber of her being.

-And as we all know, when you're shouting your own name in the climax, you're going to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! With her boosted power, she burns through the ring, causing it to stop and releasing the dome and allowing Hakuno entry. Though we stick with Nero, who looks like she was inside an incinerator for a little while. Though her skin is unblemished, because she is the Roman Emperor, and she must always look her best. She takes this moment to take a short break, but laments the absence of Hakuno.

-You just can't help but wonder what would happen if either Emiya ended up summoning Nero as a Servant instead of the OG Saber. It would certainly be interesting. Oh, and then suddenly Hakuno shows up, saying it's a little harsh for her to say that. Nero stares at him for a moment, thinks about it, then asks why he's here and not in the Moon Cell? Well, he sent Rin instead, because she still counts as a Master, and she could do it just as well as he could. Besides, she's the true Victor of the Holy Grail War, since she's technically the last Master standing. Rin is confused, since Hakuno has been doing the heavy lifting, but he states that he isn't a participate in the Holy Grail War, as his battles were very different than the ones the real Masters participated in. Rin tries to brush it off as not being worthy of it, given that she was stuck in a status tube for close to a thousand years, but Hakuno tells her that, in no uncertain terms, she is the only one who is qualified for the Holy Grail. So she has to reach the core, but she doesn't want the responsibility, since she was using Hakuno the entire time. What a different side of Rin we're seeing here.

-Hakuno explains that Rin, despite her own claims, did try to fix her own mistakes, to make herself better, and that dedication is so much more than he can dream. That's why he wants her to take the Grail as the true champion. Rin blushes but reluctantly accepts, but not without comment.

-You're champion, ladies and gentlemen. But remembering those who fell before, she takes flight for the Moon Cell, hoping to bring this war to an end. We return to our Master/Servant duo and I can't help but notice small, golden lights coming from Nero. That can't be good. When she asks why, Hakuno responds that he promised to never leave her alone. She holds back the tears as she recalls a time she spent alone with Real!Hakuno, where the young girl was brushing the Emperor's golden hair. Aren't you suppose to be the Servant, Nero? Or is Real!Hakuno treating you like a doll, in a way? But during this time, Real!Hakuno asks Nero what wish she wants granted? She actually doesn't care for that (Umu count 57). After all, she already gained most of what she desired. She has no need for it to grant her a miracle. That said, she does have a small wish, but it's rather trivial. What is her wish?

-Every person who fights in the Holy Grail War has a wish, hoping to use its vast power to bring about a change that could not be normally possible, whether it is to revive the dead, to change one's past, to bring peace to the world, to gain more knowledge. All, in some manner, were selfish in some manner. Nero's wish is no exception, but the scale itself is very different from all those others. In life, despite her tragic end, she was content. And now, when given the ultimate power to have what she wants, this is what she would wish for? This says a great deal about Nero's character and the type of person she is.

-But Nero won't need the Holy Grail for that. Real!Hakuno makes the promise to make sure she is never alone, and in the present, Nero sees her before her eyes, making that promise to her. Of course, it's Hakuno who stands before her, but he carries her memories with him. Nero is happy, as her one wish is granted. But she herself beings to fade. Her Spirit Origin has taken too much damage and she can no longer hold on to her physical form. Sadly, she can't get a proper, peaceful send off. The black dome surrounds the Moon Cell's core once more, which means it's back to work for these two. Before she fades completely, Nero hands Hakuno his sword to finish the job (Umu count 58), and with that, Hakuno flies up to end it once and for all.

-Twice looks over to Hakuno, and while he was impressed by the young man's successes, he has made a mistake. Despite his claims, Hakuno couldn't go through with ending his own existence for the sake of humanity. As Dead Faces, Hakuno's body will come to accept Twice's in time, so he's going to take it from him. Hakuno's own body begins to fade away as Twice sends out dozens of shadow hands at him, but it seems they cannot reach him. Instead, Hakuno passes right through Twice, shocking him. Apparently, Hakuno can't even see him as an enemy anymore. Twice continues his attack, but none can reach Hakuno. It is then that Twice realizes that the dead cannot grasp the living. And he's being literal about that, it seems.

-Hakuno soon reaches the Moon Cell's core, his final destination. He recalls all of the people he's met during his battles, both his own memories, and the memories of those who belong to others. And in the end, he is content. He then remembers Nero in all her joyful moments, and with this, he slams his Servant's sword into the Black Dome, shattering it. With it, he enters the core, seeing Rin still there. He's shocked by this. She didn't use it? No, she did. She just told it to wait for him. Sounds like you were confident he would join you in the end. He's rather thankful, but before Rin can do her Tsundere act, she nearly falls unconscious. But now that he's here, he'll handle the rest.

-Rin wishes Hakuno would show some hesitation, even if he doesn't have emotions, but theirs no time to hesitate. He thanks Rin for looking out for him, but offers a piece of advice to her, as a friend. You should make your kindness a little more noticeable. Rin will try, but it's so hard to stop being a Tsundere, no matter what universe Rin is in. Anyway, the restore is happening now, and according to Rin, acts like a system update, so she's certain it won't count as a personal wish for Hakuno. So that means he can make a wish, if he wants. Just touch the core, throw out a thought, and it'll make it happen, though there are some things it cannot do, so bear that in mind. She asks what his wish is, and he recalls his conversation with Nero, just before his rematch with Leo. He knows what he wants to wish for, but also knows he can't get a redo on it. So instead, he wants to give the world a wish. What an unselfish person Hakuno is, and that catches Rin by surprise yet again. She just gets surprised so easily by his actions, doesn't she?

-Hakuno says that it'll be hard for those entrusted with this new world, letting Rin know that she has a lot of work ahead of her. He floats over to the core, knowing he'll be deleted, since he's illicit data. But it's possible he'll wake up as somebody else. Perhaps it'll be like that one time when he woke up, looking at the blue sky? But all of his memories and relationships he built up will be lost, but if that's the sacrifice he must make, then he's fine for that. He turns to Rin one last time before touching the core, and in a flash, disappears. We return to Nero, who's sticking it out as Chakravartin begins to collapse. She is pleased with how the curtain falls this time, calling it a brilliant encore. As long as the journey continues, humanity will not end. She stares up at the core, sighing. Sure, Hakuno was a product of death, but he never stopped yearning for life until the very end. She's proud of who he has become, proud to be his Servant. As she begins to fade, she hopes that there will be thunderous applause for all the battles he fought. And in a storm of rose petals, the Emperor fades away.

-Chakravartin continues to break apart as we see the other Stratums for one last time as they also being to fade away. Which leads us to our episode title, Olympia Plaudere. Cue credits!

-And here we have our final ED scene for the series.

-Can you name them all? I'm sure it's rather simple for those in the know. But we're not done yet! We have some scenes left to watch. After the credits the camera pans down from a shining blue sky to a small river, cut between some ruins. We also have an ocean, a desert, and some solar panels, as well. Then we cut to a shot of what appears to be blocks that begin to for. In the desert, a building also takes shape, and then we got some Roman Architecture getting formed, as well. This is when we see Rin walking through the scenery, showing that this is the new world Hakuno wished for. Oh, and are you ready for one more twist?

-Rin is actually a blonde. Shocking, I know. After taking a breath, she slaps a smile on her face, ready to get to work, and we see her running down the slope, towards the ocean, ready to begin the long job ahead of her. End series.

Well, looks like they kept some things from the adaption. Though you wouldn't actually know Rin was a blonde unless you picked her route in the game. We can go into more detail for that in the wrap up, which will happen on Friday. We'll review the series proper and talk about the differences between the game and the series as a whole.

But in case I don't get to say it, thank you for taking the time to go on this journey with it, and I hope you had as much of a fun time as I had.

Until next time, remember, Red Saber is love. She is always love.
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