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[WIW] Lupin III, Part 4! Where the hero has new threads, a new plan, and a new problem.


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Man, I’ve been wanting to do this one for far too long. Feels good to finally do it.

So, Lupin III! We’ve talked about this series before, of course, back when we did Fujiko Mine. This time it’s all about the master thief himself, grandson of Arsene, Lupin the Third! Like a lot of people, I am of course quite partial to red jacket Lupin, and like a lot of people in my age group that’s because of the Adult Swim dub. Did I talk about this stuff last time? I’m legitimately not sure.






Spoiler: Show


Okay I just want to say, the opening is gorgeous and they’ve pushed the Fujiko Mine art style even more into caricature, into this space where the characters are almost just symbols. Lupin is more limb than man, he’s so lanky, and yet it somehow all works. Also, we’ve got some fantastic shots riffing on classic Lupin media, including some of Miyazaki’s work from Cagliostro, which is pretty damn cool.

Episode 01! The Wedding of Lupin the Third

So it all starts with Inspector Zenigata, the legendary detective who’s chased Lupin on every continent and through countries that no longer even exist, having been invited to a wedding.

A wedding in Italy.

A wedding for Lupin the fucking Third.

Zenigata smells a scheme, of course, which is why he goes to crash the wedding…One little problem. The bride is so loaded that she’s got armed, royal guards at the chapel, who haul Zenigata away within five seconds. He’s locked the hell up as the vows are exchanged…

The reception, and then the after party between the bride and groom, show us just what kind of woman Lupin is marrying. Rebecca Rossellini. The best way I can describe her, is mash up every single “renaissance man/woman because they’ve got Father’s money to pay for the best education and then the best training in every skill that takes their fancy” trope and every “party trash because they’ve got Daddy’s money to pay for every wild event and then the cleanup if things go wrong” trope together, and you have Rebecca.

She debuted as a model at sixteen, she was a singer, an author, an athlete, she’s head of the Rossellini’s legitimate business of hotels across Italy…And a notorious party girl who’s had paparazzi catch shots of her with everyone from actors to politicians. But something about Lupin’s sheer boldness of catching her at a party when she stepped out for a smoke, and just up and asking her out with no fucks given, caught her eye.

They met a month ago.

And now they’re married.

Of course, there’s another layer that comes out. After the rest of Lupin’s crew make a show of leaving all grumpily from the reception, and after the after-party (in which Lupin is unable to consummate his vows, as that must wait until after the ritual sendoff of the royal bride)…Well, turns out Zenigata was right. This was a scheme. The calling card reaches the captain of the guard, just as Lupin sneaks out after his wife’s dozed off from too much incredibly fancy wine(ONE BOTTLE IN ALL THE WORLD and they downed it all).

And gets in touch with the crew.

The ritual sendoff of the royal bride involves a very small, private party amongst the nobles of Italy, with a crown to be worn by the bride as they wish her well in her new life.

Lupin wants that fuckin’ crown. And as only blood nobility can be at the private party, not even marrying Rebecca will actually get him in the room…But it will get them to take it out of the vault. All he’s got to do is line it up…

Jigen and Fujiko knew the whole time. Fujiko’s getting antsy, Jigen’s getting settled in, and Goemon’s brought up to speed now that the lie is coming down. The man’s too damn honest for a thief. But now, with Lupin driving into the night, it’s time to see how this whole crazy scheme goes…


That escalated quickly dot jpeg.

Where do I even begin?! So Lupin goes to observe that crown being taken out, right in time with Zenigata showing up to tell the nobles about the impending heist…And spotting Lupin’s observation. Which sends him off on a ferocious chase across the rooftops, that ends in Zenigata getting a damn tree dropped on him courtesy of Goemon’s blade.

And while they’re off doing that? The crown disappears. Fujiko disguised herself as one of the noblemen and just slunk off with the thing to her famous motorcycle…

Basically without just going beat by beat, shit keeps escalating. Fujiko has the crown, Fujiko’s tire gets shot out by Jigen, Lupin ends up with the crown, Fujiko gets taken hostage, Lupin trades off the crown to cause enough confusion for them all to escape…

And then, and then?

The captain of the guard was also a disguise.

Being worn by Rebecca.

Who was the one to send that calling card, not Lupin himself…Though given that’s his family name, she’s well within her rights to use it as the legally married Mrs. Lupin. All for the thrill. She figured him out as soon as they met, and decided to throw herself into this just to see how it turned out.

Which leads to another chase, with the two of them going back and forth with his classic grapple wire and her modified, glove-integrated version of the same idea. Until, in a rooftop confrontation…Rebecca tosses him the bag with the crown, and leaps off the edge, just to see what he’ll do.

Of course Lupin goes after her. And of course, that plane she designed for them is what catches her, saving her from going splat. While Lupin himself is forced to wire up a cliffside tree that is right out of Cagliostro, and gets dropped into the woods. Sans crown, sans wife who he needs to get to sign their damn divorce papers now that it’s a sham…But with a fresh hunger. There’s a new thief in town, and now this game is afoot.

Rebecca’s got the crown, but she knows Lupin beat her in the end. She only got it because she pulled that one last crazy stunt…And she’s in this until she gets bored. But tangling with Lupin, one thing is certain. Your life certainly won’t be boring.

And thaaaat’s the first episode done! Whew, what a ride. A good ride. Good stuff. The characters feel great, the vibe is fantastic, the comedy is classic, and Rebecca is interesting. I wonder if she’s going to be back or not…I do hope so, because she’s got a good vibe to her. While she’s kind of in a role similar to classic on-again-off-again Fujiko, the modern Fujiko is in such a different place in her presentation and techniques that I think there’d be room for slotting Rebecca into the core lineup…

But I guess we’ll just see what happens. Either way, looks like Lupin’s in Italy for a good minute, so let’s just enjoy the ride next time, in episode TWO of Lupin the Third Part 4! Wait for it!

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Not only am I watching along, this one having been on my list, but I'm actually an episode ahead! So far. We'll see how long that lasts.

As you may recall, my prior experience with Lupin III amounts to The Castle of Cagliostro and The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, which I understand are about at opposite ends of the Lupin family-friendliness scale. This I understand to be somewhere in the middle; it'll be the most "standard" Lupin experience I've had, even with the addition of Rebecca into the mix.

The OP feels like it shares some DNA with Tank!; this seems logical to me, as Cowboy Bebop was something of a '70s throwback and the theme song dates back to the Red Jacket days. Which is pretty unusual, for a long-running anime franchise to reuse the same OP decades apart, for separate series. One Piece reused "We Are" for its tenth OP, and Digimon brought back "Butter-Fly" for Tri, but both franchises have cycled through plenty of other OPs. (Granted, "Butter-Fly" can be seen as the theme specifically for the Digimon Adventure crew.) In terms of anime where there's been one theme recognized as "the X theme song" for decades on end, like with Doctor Who... well, aside from Lupin, there's Cutie Honey and GeGeGe no Kitaro. Saint Seiya I guess, but that's used less consistently. I don't think Dragon Ball counts, because it didn't start with Cha-La Head-Cha-La and the material from Battle of Gods on seems to have only used it on occasion.

As for the show's content? Well, the disguises alone make it clear to me that this franchise doesn't work in live-action. (Hell, I'm not even sure the upcoming 3D movie can pull 'em off, and the trailer looks pretty good.)

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Something I heard; can't vouch for its veracity.

Lupin III as a franchise is amazingly popular in... Italy. No one knows why. So when doing Part IV, the studio decided to go to their audience and do a season that has a lot of the action happening in Italy.

Which I mean, creatively is fine. Italy is an amazing setting for heist stories, so it's a great place to send Lupin for a while.


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I have had a long, long day. Good, but long. Let’s anime. It’s Lupin III Part 4, episode 02! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show


Episode 02! The Fake Fantasista

We’ve got a couple of really tasty pieces to play with, on this one, with two threads woven in at the start. The first, is a soccer player. Big guy, tough guy, the kind of man who’s got nothing but this one skill to give him value…And a man like that, gets desperate. Desperate enough to start doping himself.

Then there’s the other side. Lupin doing some idle gambling, and finding the odds turn against him when this small, weak team he bet against, fields their strongest player, who flips the whole damn situation and breaks Lupin’s bet right in half. (Sidenote, Lupin’s watching this on a crummy old TV in a shitty little rented out hidey hole, and it cuts to an interview with the big man…Who Rebecca is making public appearances with thanks to all the eyes on him. Just a way to keep her on your mind, or will she show up in the back half? Time will tell)

And then, there’s our target. A real mob kinda guy, who’s wheeling and dealing to get matches fixed and get a team under his thumb…For the profits? Or just because he likes the feeling of power? Either way, he’s got some classic goons…But one man, there’s something different about him. He’s remarkably intellectual, for someone who’s just hired muscle…

Mysteries to unfold. But things kick off when Lupin and Jigen are killing time playing chess and drinking in one of those hole-in-the-wall places that just feels so Lupin. Fujiko finds them there, and drags a drunken soccer star in with her, because the man needs a thief. And why?

Simple. The mobster’s got incriminating photos of him doping, plus medical records, plus a, let’s say encouraged statement from the man’s private doctor. Less than legal, but it doesn’t matter. The soccer governing body is not a government, it needs not follow laws about proper evidence procedure. These documents land on a desk, and our man’s out of the game for life. Naturally, he’s being asked to throw the next game. And naturally, that’s a way for his career to just crash and burn a little more slowly than this scandal would.

Ultimately, Lupin takes the job…And we cut to him and Jigen researching in a little cafe. Where Lupin’s casually hacked into MI6’s archives on our mobster, finding fresh data that shows he just secretly bought the other team in that next game. There’s our motive. And we’ve got his home…Back in San Marino. The same state as last episode. It all seems to come back to San Marino, huh…We’ve got a motive, we’ve got a location. Time to build a plan.


The layers, man, the layers. I almost wonder if I’d be better served with a Front Half / Third Six / Fourth Six format, just to break the “shit gets wild” away from the “it all works out”.

So, Lupin’s plan starts off…Pretty damn simple, actually. With Goemon and Jigen waiting in the car(a classic Beetle right out of the old era), Lupin slips up, finds the biggest, dumbest looking goon, and pulls a quick knockout and replace.

Two things give him away and keep it from being clean.

The first, is that he plays chess too well against the quiet goon, the one who’s out of place. He’d been kicking the big goon’s ass, but Lupin in disguise is actually a fair challenge, thinking through his moves…And being eager to play.

The second, is the mobster himself finding Lupin-in-disguise in his secret safe with the files.

That one’s a bit more of an immediate problem.

So, Lupin just throws a chair through the window and books it down to the car, pulling off an escape that has some major elements of Miyazaki-era animation in it. These little touches keep coming, and it keeps working. Oh, and while all that’s going on? Big man’s practicing his soccer game, and having a hell of a lot of trouble making those kicks…

Few things happen at the end of the chase.

Mobster tries to blow them up, gets his grenade shot back into his car instead and only survives because this is an action-comedy.

Lupin gets away.

The new guy, having freshly stolen every other piece of blackmail in that safe, comes riding by on a motorcycle…And deciding the mobster is of no more use to him, knocks him out in a nice fat haymaker.

Lupin gets the stuff he stole to the big man…And we get one of those classic Lupin twists to show how the man’s working with an honor and dignity unlike his reputation. Turns out? Big man’s got a degenerative eye condition. He’s blind in his right eye, his left is getting worse. The drugs he’s been taking aren’t strong enough to affect his game, just to slow the degeneration…But they still pop up on doping tests. And this last big game, is gonna be his last…One last round, to do right by the manager and team that made him somebody out of nothing. And now he can, with Lupin having cleared the path and his reputation.

His payment to Lupin? Three points in the game. Score three points.

And he does. With wild, desperate energy, he does. He wins the whole thing with one last amazing score for his team. Wins them all the trophy. Lupin, of course, bet a nice chunk of coin on the big man pulling it off, but it was never about that, now was it?

Meanwhile, Zenigata learns that the local police been taken off the mobster case, and Zenigata has to get well away from it. Because Lupin was seen there, and the people above can’t have his stubborn tenacity turning the wrong stones. What people above, you might ask?

MI6. And with a hard cut to the mysterious no-longer-newcomer who was working under the mobster, the pieces start coming together…

And that, that was a good episode. Very classic Lupin for most of it, a real theft of the week situation…But just enough layering of the serialized story threads to keep us hungry for what’s coming next time. I know I can’t wait. But you’re going to have to, until we do episode THREE of Lupin The 3rd, Part IV! Wait for it!


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I'm a fan of Lupin, so yay yalborap thread!

The layers, man, the layers. I almost wonder if I’d be better served with a Front Half / Third Six / Fourth Six format, just to break the “shit gets wild” away from the “it all works out”.
You know, nothing is keeping you from shifting formats. Dont get locked into a 'this is how it needs to be done' mindset, just because that's what you did in the last few. Especially since pacing can change from show to show, or even episode to episode.


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I'm a fan of Lupin, so yay yalborap thread!

You know, nothing is keeping you from shifting formats. Dont get locked into a 'this is how it needs to be done' mindset, just because that's what you did in the last few. Especially since pacing can change from show to show, or even episode to episode.
I mean...but...it’s a Format. Formats are meant to be Followed. That’s why one creates Systems, to avoid total chaos!

Oh my fucking god how did it take this long for me to get home and have a real meal instead of grazing on shit. Fuck. I should know by now. I should know never to just catch a ride with my mother when she’s headed home. I should know that somehow leads to taking over three hours to go to four stores. I should know.

Cool thief man episode 03 come on get in.

Spoiler: Show


Episode 03! 0.2% Chance of Survival

So have we talked about the aesthetic of this show yet? Because they’re doing a really interesting thing where they’re kinda lo-fi-ing the whole thing, like a less intense version of Megalobox. It’s a real good look, and one that really helps Lupin and the gang stand out from more typical modern anime.

But, uh, when we get into the cold open, things are…Not great. I mean it starts great, with Rebecca getting a letter from Lupin. And Lupin’s doing pretty good, as he goes for a precious diamond out of a museum display. But Jigen’s running for his damn life…And gets captured, by the MI6 man, as he tries in vain to tell Lupin to get the hell out of there and disappear.


Oh, and we have more wrinkles. See, Rebecca’s fooling around with handsome boy the crown prince of England, who’s here because that precious piece Lupin’s after…

Yeah, that’s, uh, that’s a piece of Marie Antoinette’s necklace.

As stolen by a thief Cagliostro how many of these references can you squeeze in(I am here for them all).

So here’s the situation. Lupin’s got the fragment. Jigen’s captured, tortured, but doesn’t break. Fujiko is captured, sings like a canary and doesn’t even bother to leave her hotel room or interrupt her afternoon tea. Rebecca’s taking the prince out on the town.

And MI6, with special agent Nix in the field, is going to retrieve that fragment in time for the prince’s fancy public appearance to see the thing, even if he has to kill the legendary thief Lupin The Third to do it. Which he can. Because he receives a god damned license to kill for this mission.

Basically, Lupin is up against James Bond.

Which is pretty fuckin’ cool.

Except Nix has…Well at first I thought it was this quirk, where he just liked numbers, where he’d analyze shit like “99.95% chance of mission success”. But then he also, with the help of his car being fucking KITT, pins that Lupin escaped the museum via the sewers, and he just goes down there, and essentially echolocates Lupin’s path, letting him cut the man off for an EPIC ENCOUNTER IN AN ABANDONED CHURCH.


Lupin’s cornered, knows his opponent this time can and will shoot to kill, and all he’s got is his wits, his prize, and his Walther P38 to get the hell out of this…


So you know how Nix is basically James Bond?

Yeah turns out he’s also mother god damned fucking Neo. Man dodges bullets in the EPIC CHURCH SHOOTOUT, which leads to Lupin escaping back down into the sewers…

Which doesn’t go very well. Since Nix has a map of the sewers and every access point, all he has to do is figure out the direction Lupin’s going, peg the closest point, and drive there to get the drop on the thief.

A strategy that works real well, until Lupin tosses a smoke-bomb and sees the way its modest explosion makes Nix flinch from his oh-so-sensitive hearing. And Lupin figures out how Nix is getting ahead of him…Which turns it into a game of cat and mouse.

A game that Lupin manages to play well enough to get one step ahead, to track down Jigen and work on the rescue. But only one step isn’t enough; he doesn’t even get the shackles undone before Nix has a gun to the back of his head. Lupin’s cornered, out of options.

All he can do is ask for a bit of respect, one last smoke before Nix blows him away. Slow, careful on the light up…Savoring it…

When Nix gets called away. The fireworks for the crown prince’s appearance are going off right over the hotel pool where he and Rebecca are! Sabotage! Nix is needed to get the man out of there, NOW, and he’s forced to abandon the mission…

Close. Too close. But Lupin and JIgen are alive, and successful, somehow.

Of course, in the aftermath, that too was part of Lupin’s plan. He sent Rebecca a fake calling card, saying he was going to steal the crown prince away and wanted to challenge her on the hotel roof. It was an easy lure to get Rebecca and the prince up there, where he’d planted all those firecrackers, and wired up some speakers to add plenty of gunshots to the mix to make it extra terrifying. All a backup plan, to get Nix off of him at exactly 4 PM.

Rebecca is displeased.

Fujiko, now the owner of the fragment of Marie Antoinette’s necklace, is rather more pleased. Even if she too is boggled that Lupin gambled his entire life on Nix being both hyper-loyal to his orders, and of an honorable heart. A dangerous gamble if there ever was one…

Oh, and since we do have some serial stuff going on? Back in his special spy car, Nix gets his new orders. He’s to keep Lupin off a specific trail, to ensure he doesn’t discover the Italian Dream

Man, the back and forth on this one is great. Lupin manages to ride that edge where you’re never entirely sure if he’s actually confident or lying through his teeth, and on top of that is all of the fantastic conflict in figuring out Nix’s deal, how the man’s mind works and his specific tricks. I sure can’t wait to see what he pulls off next time Lupin and he face each other down.

But it looks like next time will be more of a Jigen focus. Always a good time. We’ll see it all go down, in episode FOUR of Lupin The 3rd, Part IV! Wait for it!


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And my water bottle research continues. But for now, anime. It’s Lupin The Third, episode 04! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show


Episode 04! With a Gun in My Hand

So…This is a weird one.

It all starts with the cold open, of a young man cornered and surrounded, having made the foolish mistake of trying to go against the order of things…Which gets him riddled with bullets. A grim fate, indeed.

But then the rest of things have this kind of weirdly lighthearted tone, as Jigen’s trying to find himself a dentist to deal with an awful toothache. Which sends him down to a little clinic, the kind of place run by one doctor trying to keep a small town afloat, as the only place anywhere nearby.

Which leads to him making such a scene when they won’t just give him prescription pain medication, that the doctor has to stop dealing with one of her patients (an old man who thinks he has rather less time than the doctor believes) just to go see what the fuss is about…And that turns into Jigen’s gun being revealed.

Something that has people far more nervous than they usually are in this series. Nervous enough, in fact, that the doctor demands he hand it over if he wants treatment.

So, why’s that? Well, I’m gonna lay some things out of order here, because I don’t need to preserve twists.

Basically, there’s this motherfucker Eric. Big, fat, shitty blonde hairdo, who thinks only people with his permission should have guns. He’s running a protection racket on the entire town, and if anybody who he hasn’t given permission has a weapon, he has them shot.

Here’s the twist. He knows exactly where to hit you where you won’t die, and he’s trained all his boys to know where to hit you, too. So you’ll get riddled with holes, left slowly bleeding out, but you’ll survive. In a state of terrible agony, held on only by life support and the doctor’s hippocratic oath. Living Death. All to maximize the suffering of those who go against him.

Which is exactly what happened to the young man from the cold open.

And what’s on threat of happening to Jigen, or the doctor who confiscated his gun, when Eric and his boys show up to wreck shit on a rumor that some gunslinger’s passing through their town. (They are, I will remind you, wrecking shit in a hospital.)

Something that leads to them…Not finding any gun at all.

Because it got stolen, by the old man. Who’s ready to die, so long as he can take this fat fuck with him and bring a peace back to the town.

If only he were so lucky as to merely die, instead of going through living death.


And everything comes to a head.

There’s not nearly as much complexity in this one, honestly. As soon as the doctor realizes what the old man pulled, she’s damn near ready to go kill Eric herself. It’s only Jigen’s refusal to let a woman of medicine bloody her hands with murder that keeps her from racing out there with some scalpels…Which is about when the old man manages to stagger back, dripping his own blood all over the tile.

It’s not a pretty sight.

And it’s one that makes Jigen decide to go end this himself, and get back what was taken from him.

So he goes to Eric’s little hideout in a ruined church, confronts him, gets surrounded…All while the doctor works, fighting to save the old man’s life…

Things cut hard as the timer ticks down. To the aftermath. To the local cops, and Zenigata, trying to figure out what happened. The locals can’t sort it out, but Zenigata, he’s seen enough, to piece it together. Guns are straight-line killers. In relatively close range, a bullet’s the same as a laser.

Now, no man can dodge a bullet…But what if, perhaps, he could force his opponent to flinch at the last second, to miss in a very specific way? What if he could get into their heads, know enough about how the human body reacts, to essentially aim another man’s gun?

Suffice to say, Jigen did exactly that. He got in their heads, made them flinch, and when everyone started firing…Well, the man in the center was the only one not to get hit.

As for Eric. Jigen gave him one chance to walk away. Which, naturally, he didn’t take. And that led to his rather more simple death, by Jigen shooting a huge chandelier from behind cover and letting it drop on the damn fool’s fat head.

It’s an absurd story. An insane impossibility. But with one single shell from a 357 Magnum amongst the crime scene, Zenigata can’t shake it…

Anyways, Jigen has one last encounter with the old man to show he’s still alive, and rather more full of will to live. And then, he’s gone, having pilfered some of those painkillers he needed to hold out until he can get an actual dentist to fix his tooth, without ever having a proper goodbye with the beautiful lady doctor…

Honestly, this was a weird one. Not bad for a threat of the week, and Jigen episodes always have this rich tragedy to them from his whole never-settling nature…But the whole gun-control-by-way-of-gang-enforcement thing was just off to me. It felt like someone had to reconstruct the idea by having it described to them by political comedians.

Plus…Jigen really suffers at times, from how little energy his voice actor(still the original!) can bring at this point in his career. I don’t begrudge the man for wanting to hold on, as at this point he’s the last connection the franchise has to its original history, and when Jigen’s the secondary character, his weary voice plays well…But something like this, really needed a little more intensity and ferocity than Kobayashi Kiyoshi can deliver these days.

But, such is as it is. We’ll just have to see how things go with a more traditional Lupin-focused episode next time, in episode FIVE of Lupin III, Part 4! Wait for it!


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Okay, let’s do this on time for once. It’s Lupin III, part four, episode 05! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show


…Well that’s a hell of a cold opening.

Our episode begins with a circus magician putting on a show with his lovely volunteer, one Fujiko Mine, bound to a pole by iron chains, and needing to escape…Before flaming arrows light the entire structure into a funeral pyre!

And then the arrows fire, and Fujiko seemingly still isn’t free, as the audience, and even Lupin and his companion, scream…Until we turn back the clock. Time to see how we got here, in…

Episode 05! The Magician’s Left Hand

So…Wow, we’ve got all kinds of shit happening here.

It’s a circus mystery slash circus heist. So, here’s the scenario, summarized up. We’ve got this kid, Luka. He’s the sole inheritor of the old ringleader’s famous magic tricks, all memorized. Not even the magician’s own son knows the tricks. So Luka’s kept around, despite a poor reputation, out of the hope that they’ll either get the tricks out of him or make him into a skilled enough magician to perform them himself. He’s had scouts, suitors, and just about everyone imaginable try to get them from him.

And then he met Fujiko, during a promotional display for the circus show. You know how Fujiko works, she’s basically the Lupin universe’s conception of the perfect woman. Always the most beautiful, always awe inspiring, always striking right at the heart of any man she wants to notice her in just the right way. Luka was no exception, and fell hard.

As did, I’m imagining, the new ringleader(son of the old ringleader), since he brought her right in and found her varied skill set translated quite well to circus performance.

So where do the wrinkles and twists come in? Oh, they come in all over the place. And they’re tied up in Luka and Fujiko both.

First is Luka’s history. He was but a boy when it happened…When the old ringleader died. But he died because Luka, squeezed into the trick controls of a spike trap, wasn’t strong enough to wrench the lever when it got stuck. The spikes speared the man through, right in front of the audience…And a lot of the people in the circus troupe think it wasn’t that he wasn’t strong enough, but that he chose to let the man die. That he was a killer.

And then, there’s Fujiko entering his life. Luka, before their fateful encounter, intended to someday be a great enough magician to revive the ringleader’s tricks…And Fujiko called him out on his cowardice, on waiting for that Someday to arrive on a platter for him instead of making it happen, and forging himself into the kind of man who that Someday required.

She got into his head. More than that, she got into his heart. She spurred something on, and Luka began to train ferociously, a new spark of will in him…

Until he tried to show her his first successful mastery of one of the old ringleader’s tricks. And things went all wrong…!


Oh man oh man oh man.

So how do things go wrong? Well, it’s simple. When Luka went to go find Fujiko, he found her, alright…Tied up, upside down, over the tiger cage. The ringleader demanding the tricks in exchange for her life, or else Luka would lose someone precious to him all over again…

Luka relented. Gave one of the old escape tricks. Fujiko managed to get loose and escape, and Luka tried to buy her time, which got him a clubbing across the skull.

Which brings us to the now. Or rather, the point that the cold open turned back the clock to. Ten days later, and Luka’s still recovering in the hospital from his head injury. When he finds out about Fujiko now being part of the trick, for the grand revival of the most famous magic act of the age…Far as Lupin and Jigen are concerned, Fujiko took the kid for a ride, one of her standard schemes.

Far as Luka’s concerned, he just killed the woman he loved. The trick was written without its escape clause. Without the way you survive being torched. It was meant to kill the ringleader, because he was supposed to be in it…

Swing back to our cold open. To Lupin and Luka racing in, horrified, as the pyre goes up…

But somehow, Fujiko got loose. She’s hanging from the wires overhead, safe! Crowd goes wild, and then she straight up vanishes…As do Luka and the ringleader.

Because Luka figured it out, back then. And he’s full of fury. He realized that the ringleader killed his own father, rigged the trap to fail fatally, all for what? Money? Women? Power?! Luka corners the fiend in the setup area, in a dead end of trailers and shipping containers, knife in hand…

I’m sure you can tell the reason why. Jealousy. Bitter, destructive, cruel jealousy, that his father chose Luka to inherit the magic over him. His father, perhaps, saw too much of that darkness in his son’s heart…And his attempt to give him a clean break, an exit from the industry, just led to his own destruction.

A tragedy.

But Fujiko keeps it from being any worse. She stops Luka from driving that knife into the ringleader’s heart. Says they can leave, can escape all of this and end a tragic cycle. And leave they do…But not without the rest of the old crew having heard everything. They spent years quietly resenting Luka, believing he’d killed the man they looked up to so much…And now that they know that not only was that a lie, but a lie fed to them by the real killer?


There’s a reason we cut away. Cut to Luka and Fujiko in the same field of sunflowers where they met, now dried husks under the moon, as she asks him to walk away entirely from this place, to take his skills and his passion and start over.

Which sees Luka in the office of one of the very circus leaders who was trying to buy him out(seduce him, really), signing a contract to perform in her circus. And Fujiko quietly taking her leave, having gotten her pay for bringing the boy. She was taking him for a ride the whole time after all…But not for the tricks. No, she was after the trickster.

She just had to build him up strong enough to be the man he could be, first.

She’s off, but not before Lupin can ask her one question: Did she go in there intending to steal the boy away…Or to save him?

It’s a question with no easy answer. And one Fujiko refuses to give. But as she rides off with a literal suitcase full of cash…She’s got one of those dried sunflowers tucked into her jacket, a memory of her oh-so-brief time with that young man…Whatever it was for her, it was more than she will ever admit to another soul.

And that’s the episode. This was a good one. Fujiko episodes are always interesting, especially post TWNFM. Like a lot of character-focus episodes, they bring this tragedy to them, but unlike Jigen’s inability to ever stop or open up again, it’s Fujiko’s inability to ever entirely disassociate from her job. She inevitably wields her sexuality as a sword, but it’s inevitably a double-edged one. She leaves hearts broken in her wake, but her own never avoids receiving another crack when she makes her exit.

But that leaves the question, of what’s to come next…Will it be a Lupin episode, a real heist of the week? Will Goemon get his focus episode? Or…

Well, we’ll just have to see next time, in episode 3 of Lupin The Third, Part IV! Wait for it!


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I am…Frustrated. But that’s not your problem to worry about. It’s Lupin The Third, Part IV, episode 06! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show


Episode 06! Until the Full Moon Passes

Woo boy…So. Here’s our situation.

We’ve got a widow. The young wife to a media mogul who fell to disease, she’s wanted by men up and down Italy…And especially by those seeking the fortune that her late husband supposedly hid away, that makes the public wealth she still has look like a pittance.

Lupin makes a go for it, and Zenigata’s there to chase him off. To put the widow under his protection, as an interpol officer. There’s suspicion all around; the widow insists that the fortune is a myth, and has a great deal of suspicion of Zenigata. While the old cop, himself, is just trying to stop Lupin and keep this woman safe.

There’s wrinkles, of course. A tragic layer to the story, where the widow met her husband when she was barely a teenager. The line between whether he saved her from a life of abuse and forced prostitution, or just ensured he was the only one doing such things, is…thin at best. And something about the whole situation seems just a bit off to Zenigata, even with a bond starting to form…

And then things go all wrong. So, they hide away in a secret love-nest the widow and her husband had, right? A tiny cottage built on the side of a mountain, only accessible with a day’s hike or a helicopter. And she finds Zenigata at the phone late at night, debating whether to call HQ or whether it’s a risk too great…

She gets the wrong idea about him. She runs. She slips upon the wintry snow, and he desperately tries to save her, only for her to go over the edge…

And be rescued by Lupin’s helicopter. Off comes the mask; the widow Zenigata rescued was Fujiko. And she pops an explosive on the chopper Zenigata came in on. He’s stranded on the mountain, and they’re getting away. What the hell will happen now…???


Welllllll shit.

So Lupin tried the ol’ “Pretend to be Zenigata” trick while Fujiko had the old man miles away…Except they got caught, because when Fujiko caught Zenigata at the phone, he’d actually just finished calling the local police and informing them of the likelihood that Lupin and the gang would be pulling that very trick.

It is about this moment that Lupin notices Zenigata clinging to the side of his helicopter and triumphantly laughing. Sometimes you forget that he’s exactly as hilariously, comedically competent as the thieves he chases.

Except…Things get a lot less funny, after the comedy helicopter crash. When back at the manor with the real widow, the police detective who nearly caught Lupin, turns out to be quite corrupt and after the fortune the entire time. Which leads to a standoff when Zenigata arrives, a standoff that the old cop wins handily…

But that whole ‘did her husband save her or just make her exclusively his plaything’ question…Well. We get an answer.

It’s the latter. She’s got a brand on her arm. Part of his ‘punishment’ for her one indiscretion, for an enemy of his catching her and…Well, how willing she was in what happened, is kept vague. And the fortune? Oh, that was him twisting the knife. Leaking a lie about him having a secret fortune, told all to his young wife. Ensuring the rest of her life would be spent looking over her shoulder, afraid.

And thus stands Zenigata, feeling like the only honest man in the entire fucking country, with a scared, vulnerable person who needs his help…Which leads to a plan.

It’s a simple plan, really. Zenigata makes a big show of coming out to the news and police crews, all battered and bruised, telling them that Lupin fought his way out with the hidden fortune. Lupin makes a big, grand getaway with a huge sack that practically has a giant $ on it, it’s so cliche, and as far as the world is concerned, the widow’s wealth is in the hands of the legendary thief. The curse is lifted.

Until it turns out, naturally, that she was lying the whole time about its nonexistence. She found his hidden fortune, which was quite real, and the leak only happened because she got cocky enough to gloat to him on his deathbed. The abuse, the resentment, all of that was quite real, of course.

Oh, and Lupin and crew are there waiting. They played Zenigata and the widow both, to get her to reveal the fortune…

And Zenigata reappears. Honest as he might be, he’s no fool. Lupin pulls an escape, and Zenigata, unknowingly echoing the same words that made the widow originally fall for her husband, leaves. He saved someone who needed help. That’s his job. What she does with her riches just…Isn’t his problem.

But that honesty and honor push her to do something valuable with it. With a hard cut, she’s pushing into politics, to clean up this damned down that nearly took her life. To ensure nobody has to live in the same pit she had to climb out of. And, perhaps, to be a fraction as honorable as Zenigata…

And that’s the episode. A good one, if a dark one once the plot got moving. Zenigata episodes, rare as they are, are interesting. There’s a lot of noir influence in the shadows of Lupin, even when it wears its bright colored absurdity right on the man’s jacket, but the focus on the thieves and crooks keeps it a bit more obscured. When you get in on focusing on Zenigata, you see a lot more of that noir side come through, as he tries to do the right thing in these messy situations.

It’s meaty stuff. And it looks like next time might be meatier still, as we get some more time in the serial plot in episode VII of Lupin The 3rd, Part Four! Wait for it!


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I am full of rage. Bitter, resentful rage. Now then. Anime. Lupin the you know what just roll the clip.

Spoiler: Show


Episode 07! The Zapping Operation

So Nix has a family, I guess.

And Rebecca’s in town.

I feel a mess of a situation coming on.

And I was right.

So here’s the situation. Rebecca’s in town. Nix has a daughter who is a big fan of hers. Lupin’s also in town, pulling a pretty mundane heist, just him and Jigen getting spending cash by emptying out a jewelry store.

Rebecca meets the daughter, signs an autograph, accidentally forgets her makeup bag. Which houses her thieving disguise kit.

Daughter gets kidnapped by a group that’ll sell her into prostitution. Stuff her into the trunk of a car.

Nix finds out and goes full Liam Neeson on the slavers.

Lupin and Jigen can’t get to their usual car, jack one.

Surprise surprise it has a teenage girl in the trunk.

This is bad. This is very very bad for them.


Good job, you made things go from bad to worse.

For a brilliant secret agent, Nix is a fucking idiot. And his daughter isn’t any better.

So the kiddo figures out that Lupin and Jigen aren’t with her kidnappers…And then she learns that Lupin is Rebecca’s husband. And immediately decides she’s falling for the mysterious rescuer who’s won her idol’s heart.

I can at least understand this stupidity because she’s, like, what, thirteen? At best?

Nix slapping on a mask to hide his identity, and upon seeing infamous heisting thieves like Lupin and Jigen, deciding they’ve gotten into the child prostitution business…I have a rather harder time understanding. And I have a really hard time understanding why he’d fire a gun at a group that includes his fucking daughter.

Here’s the important shit.

Lupin and crew run into Rebecca. Nix chases. Things lead to a warehouse, where Lupin funnels the kiddo away with Rebecca and prepares for a standoff. Turns out it’s Nix. Take things outside, just in time for Nix to see Rebecca’s butler driving off with his daughter.

Nix loses his fucking shit and nearly hulks out and also nearly shoots Rebecca about three times over.

The confusion gets cleared up, which is good, because Nix’s handlers had about four snipers aiming for his god damned skull.

Kiddo’s taken for an all expenses paid shopping spree at the closest clothing store Rebecca owns. This is more than enough to justify her keeping quiet about knowing Rebecca is totally a secret cat burglar.

Nix gets an autograph from Rebecca to give to his daughter, and all of the messiness is forgiven.

And then he gets a call from his handlers. The ‘Dream of Italy’ is something Lupin and crew are not supposed to know about. And if they keep snooping…They may need to be wiped off the board. (Oh, and Rebecca heard about it too, and is also quietly investigating this mystery)

And that’s the episode. It’s…I’m not sure. There’s some really good stuff, some horrifyingly dark stuff just casually thrown in, and Nix’s whole deal is going to need room to breathe and be figured out. Guess we’ll have to wait for that. Maybe. Or maybe that’s the most we’re getting.

Whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow.
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