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[WIW] Mob Psycho 100 II! Where the hero wants to finally stand out


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So I was considering what to do next for a recap. What do you think of the choice, Reigen?

Alright, we’ve put some personal projects and some massive sized stuff behind us, let’s get back to that day-to-day anime goodness. Some big, well loved things came out over the last year or so, and I know one recent splash was right here. That’s right, it’s time to catch up with Mob and the gang. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 01! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-It all starts with narration, of the strange phenomena that science cannot explain. The world of spirits, and those who fight against them for order. Psychics…

-Come in to the Now. An old farm, with its new owner who got it on the cheap. And he saw a terrible thing, a horrible sight, some twisted thing dancing through his fields right before harvest! The next day, all of his crops had withered, rotted in place…And thus, why he has called upon a psychic. Not just any psychic, but a true legend in the form of Reigen.

-There’s just one problem. The man is quite struggling with money, with his son about to enter high school and his farm obviously not doing so great. So Reigen needs another form of compensation…And thus, he has a simple offer. If he can get this spirit gone, he wants 30% of your next harvest! That’s actually pretty fair.

-Thus, he goes and investigates…This isn’t a mundane problem, the soil’s fine, the fertilizer’s not the wrong type, everything seems normal. So now it’s just the matter of actual spirits…And so he called up Mob! Who is beginning to have problems with still being called up on such short notice.

-Which is about when the scarecrow starts moving on its own, possessed! …And Mob promptly blasts the thing apart. Well, that was easy—

-Out comes the massive, true form of the spirit, who’s been absorbing all of the life force of these vegetables to sustain itself…Well, that won’t do. Mob, wreck this fool! Mob blasts free of the thick, rooty tendrils holding him…While Reigen gets ensnared further, turned into a hostage! If Mob keeps fighting, Reigen dies! And that moment of hesitation, is enough for it to wrap tons of roots around Mob, dragging him down into the dirt…

-Where he starts thinking. This isn’t possession, because in true possession, a spirit is inside of the thing. It gets injured if you attack whatever it’s possessing. This spirit didn’t even flinch when he destroyed a bunch of those roots, so it’s got to be manipulating them remotely…Mob begins to wonder if, perhaps, he could do the same…

-And in that moment, he astral projects, snatching control away of all of those roots! A simple request to let go, and that was all it took to shatter the spirit’s control, getting Reigen and himself free. Good job, kiddo!

-Of course, that still leaves the spirit itself. Which rises up, possessing the skull it had inside its meat-frame in life, and forming a body out of a modest handful of roots…

-The problem with that, is Mob easily commands the rest of the root structure to protect him, as it forms a set of massive fists, punching through the body and shattering the skull!!!

-Leaving us with a skillful fade out to Reigen’s office, where since the field was wrecked in the exorcism, the farmer was only able to give him some supplies and seeds. Reigen is forming a little home garden to hopefully be able to eat on the reg once things grow…Oh, and for your hard work, you get a portion! Have these broccoli seeds.

-Hey, want to try an experiment? You commanded those roots pretty good…What can you do to the seeds he planted in this pot? And in a glowing flash, Mob easily asks them to grow and grow and grow, producing a ripe cherry tomato plant full of nutrients! This could be a wonderful business opportunity…

-Except they taste like shit. Like the worst example of under-ripened, fast-grown, pretty-over-tasty supermarket produce. …You can have the tomato plant, too.

-Opening! The song isn’t quite as much of a banger as the first OP, but the animation is still pretty damn on point.

-Then we cut to some chumps, people who were affected by Mob and have decided he’s some sort of god. They call themselves the Psycho Helmet Religion, and are searching out for Mob to make him their leader…All stoked by the girl whose name I entirely forgot. Because she’s like a tiny Reigen, seeing how to turn these chumps into profits, if only she can get Mob into a position to grow and be ready to do the leading…

-Cut over to school, where we see the student council president resigning…And girl sees an opportunity! There will be an open election! If she could push Mob into that small leadership role…And then that chance comes sliding on in when Mob hears his crush, Tsubomi-chan, talking about it…

-Our crafty lass spots him staring, and he panics, and ooh, she smells a crush… Mob promptly hyper-panics.

-But that leads to taking him into an empty classroom to talk this out. And she sees a chance! Tsubomi won’t look twice at you if you’re just, well, plain ol’ Mob in the crowd, but imagine if you were student council president! You’d be worthy of attention, and possibly able to close the gap! And she’d even be willing to help you out…But you’ll owe her.


-And thus began Mob’s hardcore training! Reading! Push ups! Meditating under waterfalls! Wrestling bears! And a week later, the election came, with four students…Each giving a speech…Including Shinji, the very same man who resigned. Because his crew told him there was no pride or honor in simply running away. No, he had to face what he did, make things right from his position and place himself before those he wronged…

-And then, at last, came Mob. A perfect opportunity, backed by his friends and comrades…This could change everything! Mob steps up…Takes a deep breath…And…

-Locks up like an old computer. Each candidate received five minutes for speech time, and Mob stayed frozen for every last second of it.

-…So that didn’t work. So fuck it I’ma look up her name okay ICHI hey Ichi welcome back to Where I Watch how ya been anyways Ichi’s plan was a fucking bust. New plan! Better plan!

-Cut over to Mob deep in the dumps, as the Body Improvement Club look upon him with sorrow. They believed in him. And they still believe in him. But right now, he needs to just go home, clear his head, attack tomorrow with new vigor. Okay? …Okay.

-Except, at his locker, Mob finds…A confession letter?

-A confession letter that soon sees him in front of a girl, who has developed a crush on Mob from seeing him force himself up there despite the clear and obvious struggle. She saw overwhelming courage, in facing something so terrifying, and, she’d like to go out with him…

-Mob immediately jumps to 21% of his total lockdown capacity out of sheer what the fuck.

-Commercial cut!

-Next day! Mob is getting ready to train with the club, when girl shows up to walk home with him…And the leader immediately shoves Mob to the door. GO WITH GIRL YOU DAMN FOOL, SEIZE LIFE BY THE HORNS AND RIDE

-The telepathy club does not take this new development well, to contrast. Just to show which group actually has Mob’s best interests at heart. (It’s not the telepathy club)

-And we cut to them walking along the romantic riverbank, her asking about his life and what he does…Which leads to him desperately locking down his actual psychic work but enough comes out that she gets the impression he does part-time work at a bookstore. Which she is very impressed with and OH SHIT THIS IS GOING OFF THE RAILS. Mob’s mind is not able to handle this new layer of deception he has added to the mix.

-So it turns out that Emi-san here is a bit of a bookworm, and even working on her own novel! So are we talking, like, light novel up on a website, or…Ah, she hasn’t shown anyone, and Mob’s fumbling and actually has some genuine admiration for her. Which makes his situation even more complicated.

-Thus, did they walk home together every day…And then as soon as she’s gone to her place, Mob would head back to club. Or to work. Everyone could notice it…

-Even Reigen spotted the extra cheer and vigor in young Mob, poking fun that he might have gotten a girlfriend. And considering the way Mob just ran…Oh shit he does have a girlfriend Reigen doesn’t know what to do with this information.

-Hell, even Mob’s parents notice, as he’s started asking for seconds at dinner…He’s bounced back very well, thanks to this surprising turn in his life.

-A week later, Mob’s reading Emi’s novel, all old school handwritten manuscript…But he fumbles over his words again. His attempt to compliment her writing makes it sound like he can’t think of anything better to say, and Mob’s emotional lockdown is screwing things up for him.

-As it comes out that Mob essentially turned her down last week…And yet they’re still doing all of this. Why? Is it out of pity? And she knows he’s been going back to his club after they walk home. And…

-Well, suffice to say, Mob’s conflict-averse nature has ultimately only produced more, deeper conflict. She can’t get a single read on him, and…And…It turns out, this whole situation was born out of a dare. Her friends thought his failure up there on stage was hilarious, not brave, and they dared her to ask him out…And now here they are. Sorry for this past week. Thanks for not exposing her. And then she’s gone…

-Leaving Mob full of…Well, a lot of shit he doesn’t know how to process, at all. He ends up sitting there until the sun’s going down, unable to do a thing until he gets himself back to center, back to that carefully controlled state where all emotions are under lock and key…

-So, uh, how’s Emi doin’?

-Not great.

-Her novel’s getting stolen by some real assholes. You know the type. She tries to play it off all casually with her friends…And then they casually tear it the fuck in half. And Emi goes into hard lockdown herself…

-As Mob yes it, and tells them to stop. Of course, they get their mockery in, but his sole focus is on the idea that they tore up something that she worked hard on. And so, he gathers it up, piece by piece, refusing to let them do this…His own tears welling up, as he’s realizing he needs to be more aware of his emotions, and take better care of the things and people important to him…

-And Emi just stares, as she sees this. It’s not even about Mob, about any feelings she might have for him, but this…This honesty, is compelling. She finds herself helping pick up the pieces, and tells her ‘friends’ to go on without her…

-Eventually, they’ve got every last piece…Which is when the wind kicks up, taking the whole thing. Emi, at this point, can’t help but just laugh and write it off, deciding she’ll just write it all over again…

-But No. Mob draws upon his strength, undoing the damage, willing the pieces to come together again…And finally, showing his true and whole self to her, he hands over the fixed manuscript. He…Is kind of an esper. Emi’s left stunned…

-While Tsubomi, having seen the whole thing, smiles. You did good.

-As the credits play, Mob’s back home, telling the whole story to Dimple, everyone’s favorite little green ball of ectoplasm and broad character beats no I’ve never heard of Slimer what are you talking about. So how’d it go, Mob? Did her attitude change? Did she fall for your big psychic brain?

-That’s not how it works. That’s a ridiculous idea, what girl would fall for him just because of his power?

-And over with Emi at her place, a well stocked bookshelf right next to her desk, she’s looking over the manuscript…Thinking of the day…And getting a new idea. A middle schooler with psychic powers, that’s a concept with a real solid hook on it…!

-Progress towards Mob’s explosion, 27%.

Whew, that was some good shit. We’re not fucking around, either, we’re going straight into the emotional shit. Watching Mob deal with that stuff…Like, it’s one thing when he’s dealing with crazy bizarre psychic troubles, those are kind of fun. But when you bring the context back to the school, and to Mob’s struggle with his emotional lockdown…It’s, well, I won’t lie, this was a bit of a heavy one to watch. Kind of had to do it in chunks.

Still, we’ve got some interesting beats to lay down for next time, in episode TWO of Mob Psycho 100 II! Wait for it!

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You know, I followed along with the WIW thread for the first season, and I never saw this one. Maybe I'll follow along here, too?


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The Psycho Helmets are, I believe, the remnants of Dimple's LOL cult.


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I loved that first episode. Well ,the season in general, although I think it was just a tiny bit worse than the first, but just a tiny bit.

But I specially love episodes like this, in which Mob not only deals with his insecurites and fears, but ends up being a source of inspiration to others by his attitude of looking past hate, past hurt feelings, past all that. He could very well be very angry at the "girlfriend". And he ends up doing what he does best - realizing she is as afraid and confused at life as he and that means that it is much better to reach out to help than to retreat and hurt others so they dont hurt you.


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Therapy done. Tomorrow, I can actually relax for the first time in weeks. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 02! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-Reigen is without business, and that sucks. He needs to figure out a way to get people buying his damn services…! But he might just have a plan. And it involves spooky urban legends.

-Opening! The song is growing on me, and the visuals are pretty fucking spectacular.

-Episode 002! Urban Legends ~Encountering Rumors~

-So Mob and Reigen are on a train. Classic spooky urban legends, they’re a rich source of creepy vibes and superstitious folk. Perfect for enticing into some sales! Now, they’ll just set up on this corner, and…It’s not working. At all. Nobody has any interest.

-Except for a big, round psychic who works this area. Meet Shinra Banshomaru, the greatest psychic of the century! Also, it seems there’s an entire psychic guild that Reigen isn’t in, the Rising Sun Spiritual Union. It doesn’t go well, at all.

-But then a woman finds them all, needing to talk to someone who can help…So it leads to a conversation at a local restaurant(where Mob just gorges himself on french fries), and it seems Shinra-san is a bit more legit than Reigen. In that he actually feels a presence there around this woman, though it’s Mob who easily recognizes it as a middle-aged man looming over her shoulder.

-So, she’s been feeling this particularly powerful bad aura all around lately, and has had to keep a pile of salt in her home at all times just to ward it off…But the feeling had gotten worse and worse because of an intense spread of urban legends around her neighborhood. She needs those legends stopped, because they’re making the actual spirits restless! Shinra tries to politely decline and REIGEN WILL TAKE THE CASE. Now let’s talk payments…

-On their way out, Reigen just casually recruits Shinra into the job despite his protests. And then once he heads off, Reigen has Mob call up Dimple to watch the guy. And Mob…Mob is getting bad vibes just walking around. Like something is wrong in this town…Perhaps not the urban legends themselves, but something might be facilitating them…? (And of course, they’re being watched)

-To a internet cafe! Because a grown man following children around to ask them questions is the kind of thing that gets the police to take an unkind interest in your activities. So it becomes a bunch of searching through 2ch until…Success! They’ve got a hit!

-Cut to the local park where Shinra is…Cornering children up to ask them questions. KID PULL YOUR PANIC EGG

-And people come running at the scream of the panic egg, while other kids in the park throw rocks at Shinra, and basically you done fucked up. Except, the figure in a red trench coat races past Shinra, after the girls! And he’s naked under the coat! Shit, an actual fucked up pervert! Shiner grapples him up, as it becomes a 2D fight…

-That ends in the red-coated man slipping free and sprinting off. …Shit.

-Meanwhile, Mob and Reigen have found the dog with the face of a man. It’s just a dog with some funny markings on its…face…Wait these aren’t markings these are marker! Someone just drew on this poor dog! You poor sweet thing. But that’s how kids are.

-Yep, cue a few school kids who drew on the dog’s face, since an old man owns the dog and can’t tell with his bad eyesight. Reigen promptly flips the fuck out on the little brats, and they get actual knocks across the skull. Then after telling things to the old man, Reigen goes and cleans the poor doggo up. Mob quietly wonders if Reigen is just a friend to all dogs. …Wait, Mob, were you actually looking for a dog with the face of a man? Did you not realize this was just a prank?

-Meanwhile, Shinra has caught the flasher to put him under citizen’s arrest…And this has taken them all the way out into the woods, where the flasher hits him with a fucking cattle prod. It’s not long before he passes out…As the flasher derives great power and pleasure from all of the dark rumors about him.

-And that’s when it begins to rain…And a figure comes forward…Another of the urban legends, the dragger, a classic Ringu style spooky ghost lady. Who does not flinch in the slightest at his cattle prod, just grabbing him up so the electricity spreads right back to him. He hits the dirt, getting dragged back into the lake alongside her dolls…

-When Shinra’s prayer beads whip out, ensnaring her! SPIRIT HOLD! In a flash, he forces her body to stay still, unable to break the water line…But with him weakened, she’s able to overpower him, burrowing down before striking him from below! He’s sent flying, right into the center of the lake…

-Where she’s at full power…

-But then, when he’s unconscious, Dimple possesses his body, springing from the water like a torpedo! This is a bad situation, to say the least…But Dimple can make it work. At least this time he’s got a body with actual power to work with, and he can intensify those powers…

-Of course, he’s still fighting a battle from the backstep, dealing with the Dragger’s furious talons. She nearly guts Shinra’s body clean through, stopped only by his thick guidebook taking the brunt of the blow…And this is not a fight to be taken on solo. He needs backup.

-Cut back to Reigen getting a call from Dimple and they need to get moving.

-Which leaves Dimple stuck having to buy time…This woman’s ferocious, turning one of her dolls into a Resident Evil-ass blade arm to go with her stabbing talons! Slash after slash cut through the forest, as Dimple desperately avoids the worst of it. A scramble that has him fighting Shinra’s bulk and lethargy, as much as the Dragger’s sheer ferocity…Until the man’s achilles tendon pops like a glowstick, and he’s down. But Dimple can’t give up, not wth Mob relying on him, not with his needing to stick by that kid far past this meager point—

-So Dimple picked up a stick.

-And the Dragger sliced it up so tiny you’d think she was making hot dog slices for schoolchildren.

-This is how it ends. This is the end of Dimple!

-But Mob arrives, blasting her at literally the last possible instant. She’s only stunned, though, only long enough to return to the lake and recover…As Dimple pulls out of Shinra’s unconscious body and details what they’re dealing with. She’s a legit spirit, developed by the power of urban legends. Legends grow, and warp, and change, and they gain power, power that’s going to leave Reigen and Shinra both deeply ill-equipped to exorcise her…

-Childhood fear is going to cripple them. That fear never truly go away, and power wielded in fear will simply be absorbed…

-Absorbed like them, as this entire place turns into a mud swamp! Their fear has given her power overwhelming!

-Except, for Mob. Mob doesn’t know the legends. He never bothered to pay attention to myths about possible ghosts, when he could see real ones in every corner. He’s not facing primal fears…He’s facing just another BAD SPIRIT, as he blasts the Dragger apart! What’s so scary about a spirit that appears in the rain, guys?

-Her 500kg grip strength! The ability to swim 100 meters in 20 seconds! She’s unstoppable, inescapable! Ohhh, neat. …At least pretend to respect that these things are scary!

-Didn’t you say that he could be unique, not like others?

-Knowing when to pretend you’re like others is a part of growing up, Mob.

-And when it’s all over, the flasher is taken away, and Shinra ultimately got some useful experience from the whole thing despite his injuries…So there were four powerful urban legends. The dog with the face of a man, the red flasher, the Dragger, and lastly is the dash granny. Time to go deal with that. TO THE MOUNTAIN TUNNELS!

-An actual sprinting granny! Mob, exorcise her! Mob reaches out…And his powers aren’t working. He, he can’t exorcise her! Is she too powerful?! Is this the greatest threat of all?! Mob feels genuine, true fear, fear that turns his legs to lead, unable to move his weak body to escape her…

-And then she…just…runs past…She’s just an old lady staying fit. More fit than Mob. Who runs every single day. And despairs that he got beaten by an old lady so handily. Life is hell.

-In the aftermath, back at the office, Reigen’s put together his very first webpage! Oh my god did you get one of those kid “make your own website” books from the 90s, this looks very 90s.

-Credits! Which replace the oil painting of the first season’s ED, with…It almost looks like paper craft crossed with watercolor? Like watercolor painted cutouts. I’d love to hear about the techniques used here.

The more psychic-adventure focused episodes are fun, too. And it’s always interesting to see the little ways Mob is disconnected from the typical life experience of his peers. We’ll have to see which angle things go for next time, in episode THREE of Mob Psycho 100 II! Wait for it!


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Hey hey, it’s explosion day. Let’s celebrate with some anime. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 03! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-It seems Reigen’s ridiculous site has worked well…Too well, as it’s giving him some dangerous requests…


-Episode 003! One Danger After Another ~Degeneration~

-In the office, Reigen is having to convince this dirtbag that he doesn’t put curses on people, he removes them, and he can’t curse this guy…But, the would-be client isn’t listening. So Reigen gets out his hokiest fakes bullshit, and produces a ‘curse charm’. He literally takes a bookmark and writes Curse on it. But it gets him out of the damn office.

-Jeez, to hate someone that bad that you want to curse them…Reigen can scarcely imagine hating someone that much. And Mob, after a worryingly long amount of heavy thought, can’t think of anyone he hates even a fraction of that much. Though Mob worries about the sort of darkness that can spill out from someone living under the belief that they’ve cursed someone…That negativity seems rather frightening…

-But then they get a call. A call that has them to see another client, a young woman living on her own who’s seen something staring at her through the window…Which has led to completely boarding it up behind cardboard. And when all of it comes off, there’s no balcony, no fire escape, nothing someone could be on…Dimple gets sent to poke around, and Mob gives it all a look. There’s something very faint there…

-But nothing solid enough for Dimple to find looming around…And that’s when the place starts to rumble! The poor woman is terrified, the lights snap off…And then, there’s a shadow just outside the window! Mob reaches out with his senses, and finds it’s not a ghost, but a living person! The figure vanishes, but he tracks it…It’s someone in the next apartment over!!!

-Time to confront.

-Well, obviously they find an obsessive shut-in, who’s been using astral projecting to peep at his neighbor. Which takes her from a supernatural fear to a a deep disgust of something on a more…Human scale.

-Though given the amount of hearts in the aura the guy is spewing, I wonder just how human scale it will be…He tries to rush her, Reigen tackles him to the ground, they have a bit of a meager scrap as he tries to beg forgiveness from this woman…But she’s far too creeped out.

-Soon enough, she’s got the cops called, he’s taken away…And Mob’s trying to parse the whole situation. Or rather, trying to parse why this woman’s reaction shifted so severely. For a boy who’s spent so much of his life deeply immersed in the supernatural, it’s hard for Mob to grasp the way more ordinary people react to brushes with it…

-Eventually, they get to the office, and run into a couple of restless teens…Who are looking for some protection. They want to go get some spooky photos in a haunted place, but don’t want to, you know, actually anger any spirits. Well, that seems harmless enough, honestly…So soon they’re piled into the car with these three, and driving out into the woods.

-They end up at a long-abandoned house, a properly creepy place…Not least from the childhood memorabilia still scattered. Old toys, marks on a wooden post showing children’s heights, all of it. There’s a tragedy in the place, even if it’s not haunted…And they get the photo, and Reigen would like to talk about being paid now.

-Which is how they get furious enough to just up and ditch Reigen and Mob here. …Well, shit. Okay, guess they’ve got to call a taxi. Little shits.

-Commercial break!

-And we’re back! It’s a new day…Where Mob finds himself cornered up by some rough and tumble high schoolers looking to take his lunch money. And Mob does not know what to do with this…When something breaks in the head punk. He steps aside, strips down, doves fly out, and he leaps into the sky, naked as the day he was born!

-It’s Dimple fucking with him, of course, trying to get him to leave Mob alone…And when that doesn’t work?

-Well, that’s about when the punk’s own necktie starts to strangle him. Courtesy of a much less kind Ritsu. And lastly, the Body Improvement Club comes up, to be rather more mundane in their willingness to just make it clear that Mob is not to be harmed or threatened. Mob has a lot of people watching his back…

-Over at Reigen’s office, the three punks are there, because they’re freaked out now. There’s a ghost kid in their photos! They don’t want to be haunted, so please, they’ll pay, they’ll pay for both jobs, just make this ghost leave them alone!

-…He’ll take it out of the photo if you want. (Zoom in on the Photochop icon on his laptop.) No, no, they need the real ghost dealt with! They’ll pay for your best course!

-And that’s how Reigen and Mob end up back in the car that night. Dimple is starting to get kinda frustrated for Mob’s sake.

-So, Mob steps up, reaches out…And he feels it. Three, not one. Not cruel or evil spirits, though…And as Mob peers deeper into the darkness, the spirits ask him mercy. They are a family. They died together, lost their chance at life…All they want now, is to exist here peacefully. To be together a bit longer before they go to the other side…

-And…And Mob locks up. He doesn’t know how to deal with this. He’s only ever faced straightforward BAD SPIRITS. He wants to just walk away…But the clients paid for exorcism. And they’re not going to be satisfied until these three are gone! He…He can’t do it…And Reigen’s stuck at a crossroads. Assuming everyone is speaking truthfully…Then, who matters more? The spirits who wish to exist peacefully, or the humans whose fears Reigen is tasked with assuaging?

-While Dimple steps over to talk to the man of the house…And tries to convince him to kill the clients. He pulls upon the man’s darkness, his anger and frustration, and his yearning to protect what has become of his family…And twists it all…

-But…No. The man pulls it all in. Gets on his knees. And begs, to be allowed to exist peacefully. He will not, can not, do something so horrible in front of his wife and child…

-Mob’s completely frozen. He has no idea how to satisfy the two sides…So Reigen decides, okay, exorcism’s called off. You don’t have to do it, Mob.

-Yet that’s not enough. Mob’s got a fear deep inside of him…A raw, ragged terror that this does not end clean. Either these spirits are thrust into the other side…Or the clients aren’t getting out of here unharmed…

-And so when the three try to get Reigen to force something to happen…Reigen snaps, turns, and throws a fistful of salt into their faces. They’re done. Exorcism complete. Get out of here. NOW.

-Reigen, in that moment, realizes how much of a fool he’s been. How much he’s done wrong by Mob. The boy’s lived his entire life wrapped up in the supernatural. The line between human and spirit…It’s wafer thin for Mob. He barely even sees it. Reigen did wrong, not giving that the proper respect he should have…

-The three clients are gone. And Reigen calms Mob down. They can go, now. They did all that they had to do. Hungry?

-Later that night, Dimple’s in the office with Reigen, asking if he’s satisfied taking those punks’ money for throwing salt around. …Yep, yep he is. He did exactly what he had to do to get everyone out of that forest unharmed…And, uh, hey, Reigen, you got a bit of a curse on you. Not a big one, but a little one.

-Shit. Probably that dirtbag from before. …Dimple, can you take care of this? He can’t ask Mob for help on this one. …Yeah, yeah…

-Cut over to Mob, who’s really, really contemplating the terrible damage he could do if he ever turned towards the darkness. If he ever wanted to harm people…Would anyone stop him? Could anyone stop him? He falls into a dark, uneasy sleep, that idea brewing inside him…

-Mob’s emotional capacity: 67%


Well, shit. That was heavy. A boy Mob’s age shouldn’t have to worry about things like this…But such is the way of the world, isn’t it.

We’ll see next time how things go for the poor kid, in episode FOUR of Mob Psycho 100 II. Wait for it!


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This was when I knew this season would be going to interesting places. Part of the first season's premise was that Mob would always come out when Reigen called because he didn't have much support. But now he has outside help, his relationship with his brother is better and both of them have powers, and with this sudden plunge into morality he's beginning to doubt. To question.


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Luckily, explosion day did not end with anyone getting injured. Despite some very foolish teenagers who I will need to talk to. But for now, anime. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 04! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-Dark spooky hallway. An old school, it almost seems? Dimple and a figure are hiding out here, being investigated by a psychic…Who the figure promptly wrecks. Just what’s happening here…?


-Episode 004! Inside ~Evil Spirit~

-Reigen’s got a huge job, the kind of huge job that comes with a wax-sealed letter! Reigen and Mob are thus off to investigate…Finding themselves before a straight-up manor. This is buck wild.

-That’s the good news. The bad news is, they’ve got a small army of psychics already here. Including Jodo Kirin, president of the Rising Sun Spiritual Union. Who has pegged Reigen as a fraud, lying about besting the Dragger. Everyone is scared of him…

-Particularly one Matsuo, from Claw. Who’s trying to go legit after that whole ‘secret organization to take over the world’ gambit didn’t…really…work. And that’s when the client finally arrives, here willing to pay for anyone to make the attempt. The attempt at what?

-At saving his daughter. Who’s catatonic, bound to her bed, staring to the ceiling…Something terrible has possessed her and put her in this state, unable to recover no matter what therapy or medicine he tries. And now…Now, he’s desperate.

-Only problem is, Mob isn’t feeling any vibes of anything, at least not from here. Reigen’s starting to wonder if it might just be a more mundane mental illness…But a paying client with a problem is a paying client with a problem. Time to see what they can do.

-Of course, the other psychics around are no fan of letting Reigen and Mob just steal the glory…And so it starts with a simple rock-paper-scissors tournament to figure out order. …A tournament that Reigen wins with mind-games.

-So back to where we were. Reigen and Mob step into the room with the girl…If she really does need mundane help, it’s going to be a long, slow effort. The good news is, the girl is responsive as he comes in, doing what he can with some simple engagement…She’s confused, and further, insists it’s her father who’s been acting strange…Locking her in here. Strapping her down. Bringing in strangers to try and “fix” her…

-It’s almost like he’s possessed or something! She wasn’t doing anything unusual…Maybe a bit rebellious, but what teenager isn’t?

-Ah ha. And so, this is more complicated than it was before. Reigen, ultimately, has to step out…And just about every psychic, who saw the whole affair, is thinking the same thing. Your daughter isn’t possessed. It’s sounding more like you have a problem, sir.

-But Reigen thinks things are certainly…Murky. The kid’s phrasings were inconsistent. She called her father “papa” one sentence, “daddy” the next. And she immediately pegged Reigen as a psychic… Which can only mean she was fully aware of their conversation out here—

-And that’s when the one-way mirror bursts the fuck open, glass flying everywhere! Reigen scarcely avoids getting cut up fiercely, as the spirit possessing the girl reaches out more fully…

-Cut to manga panels, as the various psychics attempt to do something…And largely all fail. Mob, who competed separately, is stuck waiting for his turn to do something. While Dimple…Dimple is freaking out. And thinks they need to bail. They’re not dealing with any normal spirit here! Have you heard the name Mogami Keiji?

-Reigen has. But isn’t that guy long gone?

-Well, a full forty years ago, he was active. The first popular psychic…Who just up and vanished one day. It turned out he was more than an entertainer. He was a killer. He was desperate for money, and lives have such a high price…All for his mother, who was deeply ill. Between spirits and assassinations, Keiji saw too much death, too much suffering, and it broke him.

-So when he came to the old building to exorcise Dimple…Well, his attacks were ferocious, deadly, vicious. Until Dimple was down to almost nothing…And Keiji intended to absorb him, to turn him into more power. Power he would need when he stepped to the other side, to unleash his ultimate vengeance upon the world as a spirit…

-The fragment that was left of Dimple managed to escape. But now…Now, the spirit in that girl is Keiji’s ghost! Dimple can feel it, clear as day!

-More and more psychics try and fail…Until Kirin steps up, putting out some real legit psychic force…The problem is, it’s nowhere near enough to keep him from getting possessed by Keiji, turned against them! Dimple panics…

-And Reigen just delivers a precision knee strike, to knock Kirin’s body out cold! It’s a clean hit, a functional hit, as Keiji returns to the girl’s body to choke Reigen out…

-Her father embraces his daughter’s form, begging her to cease this, vowing to be by her no matter what…And he gets gored for his troubles. A hole right through his chest, as he bleeds out in seconds.

-And Mob saw the entire thing. This has gone from bad to worse…And things need to be done. Mob’s emotional capacity, 77%.

-Commercial break!

-And we’re back! Everyone’s trying…And failing. It’s only Mob’s intense grip that manages to hold Keiji back…Until he starts breaking the girl’s body to get to move. She’s a hostage, human shield and living sword all in one.

-Mob’s emotions crank into the 90s, as he draws up his strength, ready to shred Keiji! But all o the hate, all of the fury, just wells up into a furious cyclone…A cyclone that Mob pours everything he has into…!

-And…Things go wrong.

-Keiji manages to fuse into the girl, blurring the line between body and spirit to nothing. The other psychics try and fail to do much of anything…While Dimple’s banter about sticking together if Mob ends up a restless spirit, gives the boy an idea. He needs to get in there.

-Astral projection.

-His body is going to be completely helpless. …He’ll have to trust them to keep him safe while he does this. Dimple, please possess him for a bit. …You’re seriously going to trust Dimple?

-No other choice. Mob focuses…Centers himself…And drops. His spirit spills out, so intensely focused that even Reigen can see it! Speaking of Reigen, he tries to fight and defend Mob’s body, but gets slammed through the tile floor…While Dimple takes charge of Mob’s body, able to put some hurt on Keiji’s stolen form as they grapple and brawl, a fight that’s been waiting 40 years to conclude!

-And a fight that gives Mob his chance to approach, to strike Keiji from behind, and slam into the girl’s body before he can stop it!

-And then…We’re in. Mob finds himself before Keiji, and the two talk. Inside the mental world, where their forms are how they see themselves…Keiji still holds onto his human shape, while Mob is bare, exposed, with nothing to hide. Here, in this place with nothing but will, they clash…And Mob’s will is simple, but overwhelming, as he tears Keiji apart on instinct. He tries to convince himself he’s just facing an evil spirit, not a man…

-When Keiji explains something. Their psychic power. It all comes from emotion. From the heart. He re-manifests behind Mob, breaking the boy’s fingers and slamming him to the floor! Humans are defined by their unique, potent feelings…But you, he’s just locked you down. SO many emotions inside of you, Mob, but you keep them so tightly contained…

-And then, he turns Mob to stone, slowly crushing his head under his boot…You see, negative emotion is the ultimate strength. Anger. Hate. Sorrow. A man under terrible stress, is far more powerful than one full of overwhelming joy…And now he’s going to just twist you around a little, to put you to use…

-Then, Mob snaps awake. He’s…Home? Was it all just a dream?

-No. This is. Keiji’s twisted Mob up. Locked away his powers, and made him forget he had them. Now, he’s going to watch the boy, see what he does without all of his strength to protect himself…


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