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[WIW] Mob Psycho 100 II! Where the hero wants to finally stand out


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-But Reigen thinks things are certainly…Murky. The kid’s phrasings were inconsistent. She called her father “papa” one sentence, “daddy” the next. And she immediately pegged Reigen as a psychic… Which can only mean she was fully aware of their conversation out here—
Loved that part! The fake psychic Reigen using his cold reading skills to spot a real possession. :D

And my god do things go NASTY when the spirit stops being discrete.

.... Yup.


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Yes. While Mob may be powerful, raw power isn't everything, and right now he is facing the ghost of an embittered, hugely experienced psychic, forcing him straight down into the depths of humanity to test him. (The motif of the moth trapped in the spiderweb is a nice touch.)

Lest we forget, Mob's just a boy, and yet Reigen got him into this.


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Lest we forget, Mob's just a boy, and yet Reigen got him into this.
Yeah, after last episode he should have learned to ease up on Mob a little.

In all fairness Reigen had no reason to think this was anything Mob hadn't easily dealt with before. This is very much not a normal spirit encounter.


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Oh man, today has been long. Let’s finally get anime going. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 05! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-We begin with Keiji transferring into Mob’s class, under the guise of Asagiri Minori, the girl whose body he’s inhabiting. …Let’s keep things simple and just use they/their pronouns for them while they’re like this. We’ll see if questions of gender identity come up.


-Episode 006! Discord ~Choices~

-So, “Minori” is settling right in so fast, you’d think this was actually a…virtual world they’ve created where everything goes the way they want and they get cool purple anime hair…

-Look I’m just saying if Minori gets some cracked yellow glasses and starts talking to an alien, all bets are off.

-So everyone immediately becomes Minori’s friend, and Mob falls right into the background as per usual…As Keiji explains that this is not a specifically torturous world. This is one built directly off of Mob’s memories, creating extrapolated data. A world where Mob lacks all of the ramifications of his powers, including the connections he made in part because of them…

-Of course, that’s the real lie of the entire test, isn’t it? Keiji’s built so much assumption around Mob relying on his powers, when the boy’s life, especially his middle school life, has been about trying to be more than a big magic-brain with legs.

-Sad, spindly little legs.

-What were we talking about?

-Ohhhh, right, Mob’s torturous nightmare! So, Mob’s situation is indeed going from bad to worse in this environment, as he gets bullied by the two guys from before…But without any of his friends, or even his brother, willing to back him up, he just gets the shit kicked out of him and his things thrown into the river. Keiji sees Mob’s reluctance to lean into his powers, and pegs that the kid’s trying to better himself…But from Keiji’s broken perspective, such is itself a privilege, a thing born only of Mob having the good fortune to be able to conceive of such ideas.

-And of course, here’s the thing. When Minori comes by during lunch, and dumps their milk carton all over Mob’s head…Like, that’s not a what-if. That’s not a fair extrapolation. That’s actively fucking with him. Keiji insists that that’s the sort of person Minori was before Keiji even came along…But I have my doubts. Either way, though, Mob can only take so much of this…

-Cut back to the real world. Reigen and Dimple have tied Minori up. It’s been about half an hour, but with no sign of progress…And Dimple is starting to get real worried about Mob’s state.

-Back inside. Mob’s been in this place for six perceived months, with Keiji now actively talking to him, laying out their own history of falling, and, ultimately, losing their mother…Whose spirit became a vengeful ghost, who blamed her child. For Keiji’s actions drew in dark spirits, which plagued her until she could no longer cling to this world…And the dark things they did to try and pay for her treatment, only worsened it.

-So Keiji, ultimately, left the mortal coil. honed themselves into a spirit, a vengeful force that struck out at others…Which led to Minori. And now, leads to Keiji trying to force Mob to think like they do…

-But Mob still refuses. In this place, he tries to forcefully take moments of kindness, like feeding a stray cat…Only for Minori to find him. To claim he’s making for more suffering for that cat than letting it die fast. And now, they’re backed by a fleet of thugs…

-Back in the real world, Dimple manages to break the doors open, and everyone gets the fuck out…Except for Reigen. Reigen trusts Mob. He’s staying right the fuck here until the job is done. And so are you, Dimple. The kid trusts both of them, and that means they stick around.

-…Fine. Of course, Dimple’s thinking he intends to keep manipulating young Mob, and Reigen claims he’s still got uses for the kid…Even if both of them doth protest too much. But for now, if things haven’t worked out by now, it’s because Mob’s situation is bad. He’s going in.

-Inside, Mob is getting the shit kicked out of him, as Keiji once again tries to force Mob to give in to the darkness, to reach out…And a fraction of Mob’s force presses outwards, flinging them back…!

-While Dimple tries to get in…And Matsuo gives him a little boost, to push him through the wall.

-And in the darkness, Mob’s exploded. He’s demanding Minori apologize for what she’s done, the kid terrified at his feet…When one of their thugs lashes out, striking Mob in the back of the head!

-And that’s when Dimple pushes out of a punk’s nose. …Shit, Mob doesn’t even recognize him, this ain’t good. Okay, first, BAM! One of the worms that Keiji is using to watch the whole scene, gets popped like…a worm. Next, Dimple pours all the strength he has into one solid blow to knock Mob to his senses! Remember him, and REIGEN, you damn fool! When Mob’s phone rings, Reigen asking for his help on a big job…

-Bit by bit, it starts coming back to Mob. Reigen. Dimple. Ritsu. He realizes he’s in Ritsu’s shoes, that he’s all scrambled…That this isn’t what Tsubomi would want to see him like.

-And then it all clicks. One by one, his connections re-forge, as Mob’s mental image comes back to sync! He is himself again, no matter what the six months here did to him…

-This world can be a cruel place. He can see the darkness that consumed Keiji…But you know what? All that’s done is made Mob realize how lucky he is. That his friends and loved ones deserve more appreciation. But first…He needs to fix this. To end this darkness. And save the real Minori. People can change…Can improve. And that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

-Mob’s emotional capacity… 99%.

-All around them, the world twists and warps, as the spiritual manifestations turn into great beasts…This entire world wars against Mob! But he’s going all out now. In a way he’s never done before. Mob is not in a stunned state where the beast comes out, nor is he full of such wrath and rage that he’s holding back. No, Mob is focused, locked in…

-And still struggling. Keiji is still a beast…But in that bestial strength, Mob sees fear. Keiji’s fear. The fear and sorrow of all of those Keiji killed…This fear, this sorrow, this agony, it’s like nothing Mob has ever felt…Can he really stand up against all of that?

-He…He doesn’t have to. Not right now. Right now, he just needs to save one soul. He just needs to reach out this hand!

-Mob’s capacity, 100%.

-Keiji lashes out…And Mob lashes right back, shredding the arm that comes for him! Mob and the beast are in sync, today. His…His eyes. They’re alight. His full emotional weight is coming out, fully expressed, as Mob’s bravery shines as a singular light in this dark world! The world itself lashes out against him, Keiji manifesting all throughout it…

-And then…

-Mob simple shatters it all. And tears apart Keiji’s central manifestation. That’s the good news.

-The bad news is that the rest of the dark army that Keiji had commanded, is still around. And are rampaging.

-…Dimple. Get out of here! He’s got this!

-And Mob starts throwing his power wide. The masses come for him, but he sprays his strength, swinging at them all! He’s taking apart every dark spirit in here…And he’s saving that girl! It’s as simple as that! So get out of here, Dimple, and wait for him to get back.

-Dimple escapes…And Mob, even having to actively reconstruct his own mental image, wars against Keiji’s army. Across a twinned city, split between earth and sky, heaven and hell, he fights all the darkness of this world…All the evil and cruelty built up throughout Keiji’s entire life…

-As it all culminates in a single, monstrous, nuclear-level explosion.

-But in the center of the flames, Mob still holds together. He, can’t fall here. Not like this…Not, like, THIS! Not when she needs him…

-Mob’s capacity… ???%

-The beast is loose. Mob’s self-image couldn’t hold together, and now there’s just the beast…

-Until, until it’s all over, and Mob wakes up. Keiji managed to survive…And goes to escape themselves! When Matsuo reaches out with one his canisters, and snatches him up. This part…He’s got this. He’ll take real good care of him…

-Minori wakes up…And she’s fully aware of what those six months were like. Keiji…Wasn’t wrong, about her. She really was that way. But after everything…She just breaks down, fully hit with the terrible guilt of those actions, after seeing the consequences of them…

-But, Mob does not blame her. He does not hate her. He forgives these actions, for he knows people can change. We are more than the sum of our mistakes. We are the potential to make them better. THAT, is the lesson he took from his time in the darkness…He’s changed. His friends have changed. And for the better. If he can help make things better…

-In the aftermath, Minori is with her father, who managed to survive his stabbing. And is confused, because he definitely did not hire a middle school boy to save her. To think, a boy who wasn’t even on the roster, did what no one else could…

-Minori, changed by the encounter, is a bit starry-eyed. It’s…Cool. Heroic, even. She might have a bit of a crush on the strange, quiet boy who saved her life. When her father shows her that others have met him…The Psycho Helmet Religion. And if they believe in the boy, he’s going to support them.

-Back at the office, Reigen never accepted payment. That job wasn’t clean. Too many people got hurt. As far as he’s concerned, you never take payment on a job if you didn’t earn the check. So, as they sit there eating 100-yen-menu Mob Donald’s, remember this, kiddo. A great American philosopher once said, more money, more problems. You gotta stay humble.


God DAMN, that was…God DAMN! I can only hope we get more sparkly-bishounen-eyed hero Mob. It’s a good look for the kid. We’ll just have to see if we do next time, in episode SIX of Mob Psycho 100 II! Wait for it!


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Alright, got a fair few things to do over the next few days, but let’s slot this in. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 06! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-Flashback! FOUR YEARS AGO. A shitty office building selling shittier water coolers. And clearly not a slick, clean, calm setup; no, this business was hungry, greedy, the kind of place that’d probably get implicated in one of those high-pressure purchase scams within a few years. And it was here that Reigen finally packed up his things, and just…Left.

-Rented a shitty little apartment somewhere entirely different, for a fresh start. And with few options on the board for work…Well. The public’s interest in psychics, and a training course advertising in the job listings, gave him an idea…


-Episode 006! Poor, Lonely, Whitey

-In the Body Improvement Club, Mob is managing, if only barely, thirty five pushups! A new record! You’re getting better, man! The entire crew rallies around him, full of praise and support. As Dimple quietly watches, wondering if this might be more important to Mob’s development than he thought…

-The Telepathy Club, meanwhile, remain full of bitterness in their corner. And seeing Mob get lifted into the air, their club president gets the idea to throw one of her men to the wolves. It’s his birthday, lift him up too! The Body Improvement Club, being full of enthusiasm and positivity, do it.

-Oh, and it turns out that one of the body boys had a birthday recently, and soon the idea comes about that they need to do a proper celebration. Maybe a big dinner somewhere? Yeah!

-Cut over to the office, where Reigen’s grating salt over a woman’s shoulders to exorcise errant spirits. When he gets a phone call! Oh snap, more jobs. Dang, he is busy lately. Busy’s good, but still, man needs time for himself.

-Back to the students, who have ventured off to a place of food and merriment! …It’s your classic family restaurant place. Burgers and fries and stuff, you know this kind of place. They end up talking about Mob’s ferocious sticking with the Body Improvement Club. Which all started with the desire to be noticed by his crush, but now it’s more about the improvement itself…Oh, and just about everyone else in the telepathy club is finding more to like with the Body Improvement Club than with their own leader.

-Tragically, Mob gets a phonecall. Reigen needs some backup. And…And…He finally puts his foot down, because he needs the day off. He’s with friends. Reigen, of course, doesn’t hear the effort in Mob’s voice, and just insists he’s got to come running…Thus forcing Mob to give his apologies and step out.

-Of course, everyone here understands. They’re good people. Work is work, man. If people need you, people need you. They’ll just get together again.

-Because yeah this poor couple is being menaced by the spirit of a man who slipped, hit his head on a block of frozen tofu, and died.

-You know, this seems a bit of a lower-key fight than usual.

-Mob shows up, blasts him, and is out in five minutes…But, once again, he tries to put his foot down. To ask Reigen to give him some notice, some hours, and let him have his life.

-What? Working out in that club? Or did a girl get dared to ask you out again?

-…Reigen. Reigen. NOT COOL.

-So Mob’s locked up. And as Reigen keeps going, he finally just walls up…And starts seeing the cracks in Reigen’s facade. His trust in Reigen, shatters.

-The next day, the fucking idiot is stuck in his office alone, with few options, and clients waiting for him…

-While back home, Ritsu gets home to find Mob already there? Because, he’s realized…He can’t just keep relying on Reigen. And it might be starting to stunt his growth, instead of aiding it…Ritsu, of course, is just happy to see his brother standing up for himself. And if Mob is free, then, want to play some video games?

-And Dimple watches the whole situation…Guess Reigen fucked up too deep. Well, sucks to be him.

-Cut over to Reigen, who’s resorting to his basic techniques for a client, using coral steam yoga to relieve the stress…And quietly being very, very glad that it wasn’t an actual spirit this time.

-He built this business himself from scratch over these four years, focusing on the fake spirits and leaving the real spirits to the real psychics…He insists he can make this work, can keep pushing ahead without Mob…That kid’s probably feeling terrible without him!

-We get a montage, of Reigen doing his more mundane work, and Mob…Well, Mob’s going to school, he’s trying to keep up with the Body Improvement Club (and doing much better than he used to), he’s going shopping with Ritsu (BUY THE OPPAI SHIRT, MOB, DO IT). He’s living his life. And it’s going pretty alright.

-And that’s when Reigen spots Mob, hanging out with a couple of friends?! FUCK FUCK THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN SHIT BALLS

-And then Dimple comes over to confirm that Mob’s doing just fine. Reigen panics, and tries to bring Dimple to his side, pointing out that Mob’s going to use his powers less and less without Reigen throwing him into the thick of the battlefield! Guess you’re stuck as just a random middle schooler’s pet!

-…You’re flailing real bad, Reigen. Real real bad.

-That night, Riegen gets back into the same shitty little studio apartment he’s been in…And stuck in this dark, quiet little room, he’s got nothing to do and nobody to be around but himself. To think, this all could have been avoided if he’d just respected Mob a little more…

-Meanwhile, Mob’s friends from the telepathy club have decided they want to get that karaoke in that Mob missed out on last time! No delays this time get your ass in there.

-Cut over to Reigen, who’s poking around the internet with nothing better to do…And realizes it’s his god damned birthday today.

-And nobody cares.


-Okay, one person cares. His mother sent him an email.

-Sidenote, the rest of his inbox is pretty spectacular, including a shitty porn ad. Oh, and someone threatening to curse him. Is it the same dirtbag from before?

-Anyways, mom email. She’s full of typical motherly concern, and, sent him…A recruitment ad to a company called Whitey.

-Man…I just feel bad for Reigen now.

-Also he’s 28.

-That’s too young to be having ennui you bastard, I’m 27 and I haven’t even gotten as far as you!

-Cut to karaoke, where Mob’s…Rather out of sorts. He has no experience at this stuff and it’s stumbling him.

-While Reigen goes to the kind of sad bar that pulls in those with no hope. A place where he, once, used to pull a lot of clients…But now…Now he’s feeling in a strange place. Part of him wants to feel better than these people. Part of him feels like he’s down at their level. And part of him wonders if their respect for him, counts for anything at all.

-Eventually, he ends up in a mess after his first drink…And is so emotionally disrupted that he just pays and goes. His drink wasn’t even alcoholic…

-And yet he’s still so out of sorts that he ends up emptying his stomach in an alleyway. And Reigen feels a deep, true fear, one that puts deep, dangerous cracks into his self identity…

-The next day, he wakes up starkly at six AM, and tries to put the damage behind him, becoming something better. Working to beautify his neighborhood. Live streaming his exorcisms for engagement. Doing more open and honest forms of his work, like doing actual life coaching and consulting. He even faced a job of taking down an infamous player-killer in an MMO, who people feared was some sort of terrible ghost…Yeah, that one destroyed his income from making too many premium gacha pulls.

-But he got numbers! His popularity rises and rises, and Reigen even gets interviewed…His popularity reaching 100%!

-Which leads to an offer of a TV appearance…A national broadcast, not just local TV.

-One week later, Reigen’s on a live variety show’s psychic special. And they’ve got a possessed client here to be helped! This could turn into something big…Except Jodo’s here, and he’s trying to get Reigen destroyed at this, his most vulnerable! Man, you’re cruel, you old fucker…


…Well this all went in a direction I wasn’t expecting.


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What I really like about Mogamiland is that, in the end, it's all but stated that as "real" as Keiji makes it, it's all but stated that dimension is the darkfic he uses to justify his actions. He literally erased Mob's family to "prove" his point he's a complete nobody without his powers, without considering it's Mob's fear of his powers hurting his brother that made him the emotionally stunted dork he is. The target of Mogamiland is not Mob, it's a Mob-shaped self-insert to make his audience of one agree with him. If posted to AO3, it'd be called out as the hackneyed sadist show it is.

And that's the main difference between him and Dimple. Dimple has, for all of his faults, a sense of empathy. This is the same ghost whose mind control takes the form of blissful happiness, after all. If someone is suffering or not acting like themselves, he knows, and it freaks him out (unless it's because he's the cause, and still, he just hits you with hypnotic antidepressants; he wants to to work for him, he doesn't want you to suffer).


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One of the many things I like about this series, it isn't afraid to shake up the status quo a little.


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This is my favourite arc in the whole series.

One of the many things I like about this series, it isn't afraid to shake up the status quo a little.
A little you say? :p

I understand what you mean but you know, the show doesn't feel like it has much of a status quo. Mob has learned and gained friendships throughout season 1, season two started right where the show had left off and ran with it. The sequence with Emi is not what S1 Mob would have done.


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Mob has learned and gained friendships throughout season 1, season two started right where the show had left off and ran with it. The sequence with Emi is not what S1 Mob would have done.
Indeed. While it has several themes, perhaps more than anything the story is about Mob growing up.
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