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[WIW] Mob Psycho 100 II! Where the hero wants to finally stand out


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I think the opening song is foreshadowing this very episode: "Get ready, dig your anger up, Mob!" He's allowing himself to feel annoyed, now, and things aren't blowing up.


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So…I was GOING to see a movie today. But that might have been canceled. I’m a bit cross. Let’s see if anime cheers me up. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 07! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-We begin with Reigen in the greenroom, stuck bumming around with his free lunch and the script…When he gets called out to set. Time to do this.


-Shinra-san is in his casual place, watching some TV and having a hardy dinner…Weirdly, the thing I really notice is he’s got something hooked up to the damn composite inputs on his TV. My dude, unless you’re into vintage VHS tapes or something, you’ve got better options. Oh and anyways he’s like “what the fuck” over Reigen being on TV as a psychic.

-Cut into the TV and onto set! Reigen is making his introduction, as he shares some of his accomplishments like defeating the Dragger. And then, their victim is brought out, bound up in a wheelchair…Apparently this boy has been possessed by the spirit of a fox! Can our psychics free him from this hell?


-So the plan is for Jodo-san to do the exorcism, but he wants to put Reigen forward to destroy him. Reigen, for obvious reasons, freaks out…And Jodo-san manages to hit the one thing that’ll make even this improved Reigen shift gears.

-He says he’ll follow the script and do the ‘exorcism’ after all. Reigen, smelling a scam, is in. All according to plan!

-All around the nation, people watch, as Reigen is put in front of the poor kid…He hams it up for the camera, and prepares to get to work, unleashing his SALT SPLASH! The spirit within struggles…And Reigen pins that he knows it’s never, like, worked before. Not on real spirits. This is definitely an act! And so time to put on a show, with the SORCERY CRUSH SPECIAL! Air banishing salt PUNCH!

-Half an hour in, and the spirit won’t leave. The Holy Water Chop is proving futile. This is getting frustrating. And then Jodo steps right in to finish the job. You wrinkly little fuck.

-And then Jodo just openly says this was a fraud.

-Thus, discrediting Reigen completely. If Reigen had simply not been powerful enough to stop a large, powerful possession, well, hey, you might not call the guy for your big problems but he’s perfectly fine for your “someone keeps stealing my ice cream” problems. But if he’s shown to be a fake

-Reigen just locks up, as the kid introduces himself as an actor. Everything he built up…The foundation just cracked through. The house is about to crumble.

-And inch by inch, minute by minute, things get worse for Reigen as he desperately tries to pull this together. Jodo works him over, as Reigen’s situation just keeps on falling apart…Until, he’s destroyed. His entire reputation is gone.

-The next day, Mob hears about things from his friends…But having not seen the show himself, his faith in Reigen’s abilities hasn’t broken, even if he thinks the guy’s kind of an asshole.

-The office is dark, as Reigen sees the entire thing across the internet, and rages. He needs to fix this…But, I mean, here’s the thing. if you’ve ever watched a flame war happen, seen someone go bad-viral, you know it’s not that simple. Or rather, you can’t be that direct. Had Reigen just gone dark for a while and ignored the entire thing, he probably could’ve had it work out…

-But, of course, it spread across every social media service around. Mobster, mobspace, Mobgle+, Psychodrama, Tmoblr, MobTube, even Mbckr! I fucking love that they did their own Flickr parody.

-Within days, Reigen’s name is destroyed.

-Not even the people at the bar are willing to help him out. In fact, he gets kicked out, considered beneath them.

-And when he tries to get back to his apartment, there’s a mass of media people all around him…Who want answers, even a press conference. That…That might be his best shot. His only shot.

-Mob sees the announcement on the news…

-That night, Reigen gets another email from his mom, telling him to just own up, apologize, and get out. She even wrote him an apology. And with few other options in front of him, Reigen prints it out…

-Commercial break.

-And we’re back! Press conference time. Reigen steps out, the cameras flashing like mad…And he’s in the one situation he doesn’t know how to sort out. If this was an argument, he can argue. If this was someone scared and confused, he’d be able to sort out a path. But this…People just, waiting for him to lay it all out? The silence and the cameras together…

-Reigen just…Kinda cracks. He hits a moment of just…Not caring anymore. Fuck it. Let it all burn. Anyone here want to prove he’s a so-called fraud? Anyone want to prove he doesn’t have any powers, or that he scammed anyone? Or do you want to just see how things go in a court of law when you make unqualified, unproven, slanderous statements defaming his character?

-And thus begin the questions, and Reigen just answers them…And the thing is? Reigen never, like, actually charged for anything he didn’t make an honest attempt at doing. You came to him with stiff shoulders, he fixed your stiff shoulders. You came to him with a spooky thing in a photo, he removed the spooky thing in the photo. He did what he was paid to do.

-But then…That’s when his graduation essay comes out. Where he talked about wanting to be somebody. And that core idea hits him like a rocket. When they ask why he became a psychic…That question rattles inside of him.

-Flashback to three years ago, when he was ready to just be done…Find some other thing to do with his life…When young Mob stepped into his office, looking for help with his powers.

-It was that, that changed things for Reigen. Not the proof he later discovered, but…The responsibility. The trying to do right for this kid who clearly needed someone to talk to. That first day, he just gave Mob something off-hand to send him home, that idea that psychic powers don’t make you any less or any more than human. That you’ve just got to try and be a good person, no more and no less.

-Of course, then came the proof. Then came Reigen seeing a way to change the script. Mob…Mob changed Reigen.

-Or did he? Reigen just…Used Mob. Hid behind him. Did he help that child at all, or did he just stifle him? Fuck…He fucked up. He fucked up real bad.

-In that moment, he just…He doesn’t care about any of these people. He just wants to talk to Mob, that boy who he did so wrong by…And that’s when the ground quakes, people’s equipment starts to lift up…Something very bad is happening! With nothing else, people start to look to Reigen, begging him to stop, fully believing him…And being utterly terrified of his power. Reigen, always so quick to adapt, simply takes it all in stride…

-The broadcasts go dark.

-Episode 007. Cornered ~True Identity~

-And makes his way out. Where he finds Mob and Dimple waiting for him. …Hey, Mob. Do you…Do you know what’s happened?

-…He knew, the entire time. He knew, that his master…Is a good man.

-…Time for some ramen. You earned it, kiddo. You earned it so much.


Manly, heartfelt tears.


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Not gonna lie. Had the series ended right there and now I would have considered the series an excellent show with a masterful conclusion.

Manly, heartfelt tears.
Oh believe me, you're not the only one that scene hit like a brick in the feels.


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Oh believe me, you're not the only one that scene hit like a brick in the feels.
Nnnnope. I found Reigen frustrating in the first episode. By this episode, I was ready to take a bullet for him. (A small one. Like, a BB pellet. But still.)


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Yeah. These two episodes showcase the worst aspects of Reigen...then they illuminate the best aspects. And why Reigen is one of my favorite characters in this series.


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We've know since the first series that Mob's not some kind of psychic One Punch Man - some of the Claw guys got some lucky hits and sucker punches in - so seeing him struggle against that asshole ghost wasn't too shocking.

This two parter on the other hand, I'm pretty sure it's the first time we've seen Reigan fail, in any sense he'd care about.


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... Oh and by the way Yalborap, did that anime cheer you up? :)
It did help, yes.

But here’s the bad news. Between a rough therapy session, and a fair bit of shopping, and picking up a new washer, I’m rather drained and short on time. I think I’m gonna have to take tonight off and pick up tomorrow. Apologies, folks. I shall endeavor to return swiftly!

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So, I just watched episode 5.

...That was a Yutaka Nakamura sequence, wasn't it? I'm no sakuga expert, but even I can pick out Yutapon cubes.


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So, I just watched episode 5.

...That was a Yutaka Nakamura sequence, wasn't it? I'm no sakuga expert, but even I can pick out Yutapon cubes.
Hakuyu Go, who worked on Fate/Apocrypha episode 22, made most of the cuts in that episode. that said, i don't doubt that Yutaka Nakaura was involved in some of the cuts
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