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[WIW] Mob Psycho 100 II! Where the hero wants to finally stand out


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Fuuuuck meeeee, the AC went out. The house has crept up to 89 degrees and will likely be in the 90s by the time I finish these logs. And not the good 90s you can run in, the bad 90s. …Anyways anime. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 10! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-We begin with the news reporting that Claw has barricaded itself in totally-not-Tokyo-Tower. They’re facing a teleport and future-sight user…While Teruki is recovered, but rattled. He’s lost for the second time in his life. This just got scary.

-Opening! Ninety nine point nine! Ninety nine point nine! The mysterious percentage…! Cryin’ my life, crying’ my psyche, crying’ my heart is such commonplaces! Is that your ideal? is that your mind? It all begins, when it hits 100!

-EPisode 010! Collision ~Power Type~

-In the Tower, Toichiro lays out why they’ve taken this and not something bigger, like the actual Tokyo Tower. One, is that the food here is amazing. Two, is that he’s from here. This is home. He can see the subtle shifts more easily in a familiar place…But if they have to destroy it, so be it.

-The anti-terrorism squad prepares to move in…But the foot soldiers are more than strong enough to wreck shit. Working together, they drop a god damned building on the forces…As the question of how these minor forces got so tough comes up. Did Toichiro do something…?

-So out come plans. They’ve got their technokinetic on anti-air defense, a few men ready to move out and expand, and a few to defend their territory…

-Back at the hideout, Reigen has already decided that this is above all of their pay grade. Bunker down, stay safe. Leave this to the military.

-The former Scars are…Less than convinced. They need to have a purpose, a drive, and that includes standing up to defend others…When Reigen learns that his office burning down won’t be covered, because pyrokinesis is not part of the insurance package. …So. New plan.

-They are destroying those motherfuckers and crushing everything they’ve built! And then, and THEN, they’re dragging the leader down to the fucking insurance office to MAKE him admit to the arson so it will be covered! GATHER ROUND, they’ve got to form a battle plan!

-Meanwhile, Ritsu and Sho are using the tried and true battle plan of “fuck shit up”. It’s working surprisingly well! Also, Sho keeps insisting that Ritsu can be even stronger than Mob, if he pushes himself…

-But they’re cut off by the plant guy. Minegishi, one of the Ultimate 5. But he’s got limited options here in the thick of the city…As Sho’s underlings step up to hold the line! They will take on the fight! You two move ahead!

-Back elsewhere in the city, a bunch of emergency vehicles float up in the sky, and the Claw grunts start crushing them. But it’s just a big show of effort and to scatter the formations, with Teruki pushing the vehicles around and the others backing him up…Only problem is, even with their strength added to his own, it’s a lot. He can’t hold this up forever…

-Cue another of the ex Scars. Takeuchi, master of super qigong! With his skills, he can help move these cars…

-While that distraction happens, a big chunk of the rest of the crew is moving through the sewers. It’s a basic divide, distract and destroy sort of plan, but highly functional.

-Up on the surface, Minegishi’s plants are getting shredded by a god damned paper fan. I guess if you can push enough psychic power, even a paper fan or a wooden sword can be pretty deadly. With a healer, a disassembly/reassembly specialist, and an attacker, this trio is actually pretty capable…It’s your classic MMO Trio, but it works.

-While back at the hideout, Reigen and Dimple wait for Mob to wake up. When they get word of intruders! Shit, shit, did Claw find the place? Okay, time to think…They move into the place’s kitchen, hiding in the fridge…Of course, it’s not long before they’re found, and Reigen calmly asks for mercy, to be allowed to get this boy to a hospital…

-Aaaand then he uses a cursed cologne to knock them all the fuck out. Well shit, that worked better than he expect…ted…

-That is a big big muscle man.

-…Extra big spray for extra big man.

-Holy shit that worked. Time to escape? Time to escape. But of course, the big man’s not out for long…

-Commercial break!

-And we’re back! Toichiro’s shut-in, Serizawa, is starting to get some doubts…So Toichiro tells him to quit worrying about the feelings or existence of others. You must live for yourself, by your own ambitions, and if you must abandon those around you to do so…Then do so. That’s the only way to achieve your potential.

-Serizawa’s understanding of the situation is going from bad to worse. This is not going to be pretty when it eventually blows up.

-Back in the hideout, big man wakes up. Reigen has problems now, as a single punch destroys the wall behind him! That’s the power of PSYCHO STEROID! Pushing more pressure into his limbs to increase their powerrrrr—Spray to the face.

-Okay, that just sent him berserk. Okay, change of plans! Gotta get the hell out of here! But Mob’s downed, and nearly eats a super punch…When Dimple takes over, moving the boy’s body out of the way! This is a man, and men have joints and bones and limits! He goes for all the classic weak points…And it doesn’t end well. Reigen, catch Mob! He’s got it, he’s got it, he’s—

-WOW that was an impact. Mob might be okay, but they definitely can’t win this. BOOK IT! Dimple gets running…And the big man, having gone full Red Hulk, follows.

-Back around school, the Telepathy Club watches the latest live news…When one of them rolls a super ultra rare in the gacha! Oh SHIT

-And the Bodily Improvement Club tries to keep on their jogging course…

-Back with Teruki’s crew, where they’ve been found by a bunch of Scars. And one of the ex-Scars is quite willing to flip back to Claw’s side if he can be part of HQ…

-While Minegishi wrecked the MMO Trio. And with the sewer team…They’ve been found and ambushed by Shimazaki. This is very, very bad, and it’s gotten worse.

-Dimple slips in amongst a crowd…There’s one big problem. The crowd includes Tsubomi-chan. If she dies, Mob will never forgive Dimple! All he can do is put up a barrier, and block the shot—

-Yeah that didn’t work. Mob gets punched so hard Dimple is knocked out of him, and his body soars across the city…

-Where the Body Improvement Club catches him! They are found by the big man and his very impressive muscles…As the leader gets knocked out in one toss by those very impressive muscles. No question now, they have to rally!

-Yeah, that didn’t go very well at all. They tried, and that’s commendable, but they get thrown around and knocked unconscious with ease. Which leaves Mob completely vulnerable…He lifts his leg, goes up to stomp…But the captain blocks it with his own body, holding strong with all of his muscle might! All for his precious underling! He’s seen Mob fight, and push, never surrendering…Mob, you might have looked up to them for their muscle, but they, he, looked up to you, for that unbreakable spirit! And now, in the name of that spirit, he, will, not, let, this, bastard, have you!

-The concrete cracks underneath the captain. The ground shudders. But his muscles hold. And with a roar, he throws the big man back, and rises, Dimple possessing him to go all out! Captain’s muscle capacity, 100%.

-It is a battle between great warriors, between men of ferocious muscle, as Dimple brings a lot more to the table…Psychic power is nothing compared to what you can do with sheer, raw diligence! He throws the big man so hard that he shatters the concrete wall and passes out…And when it’s over, the captain is confused, but—

-Aw shit, he’s getting back up. And the captain’s body is drained. But as the big man rises, he’s suddenly slammed into the dirt, courtesy of Mob. Who’s finally woken up, and is himself confused. But things are going on, and people need him.

-While Sho and Ritsu make it to the Tower…And Sho’s gonna wreck his father. Time for a smackdown, old man.

-Credits! The world coldly drains away all the heat, the bright sunshine just isn’t enough! The memories are closing off what lies ahead…Shake off their warmth, and set off into the distance!

So things have gotten even messier and worse for our motley crew, yes they have. But if Mob’s on his feet, who knows what will come…We’ll just have to find out next time, in episode ELEVEN of Mob Psycho 100 II! Wait for it!


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I love how messy and falling apart the glorious Claw revolution is, being held together by the raw power by the people at the top.

Pure tense action this episode. After the drama and soul searching the show really delivers in the sheer superhero spectacle. Kinda ruins the MCU for me. :p

-Yeah, that didn’t go very well at all. They tried, and that’s commendable, but they get thrown around and knocked unconscious with ease. Which leaves Mob completely vulnerable…He lifts his leg, goes up to stomp…But the captain blocks it with his own body, holding strong with all of his muscle might! All for his precious underling! He’s seen Mob fight, and push, never surrendering…Mob, you might have looked up to them for their muscle, but they, he, looked up to you, for that unbreakable spirit! And now, in the name of that spirit, he, will, not, let, this, bastard, have you!
Remember when the Body Improvement Club were a one note joke in episode 2? Yeah, me neither.


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Fun things: The Italian subtitles for the scene where Reigen goes up against the muscley dude has a line from Dimple (with relation to Reigen) that's apparently one of the funniest fucking things ever.


“You seriously have more ass than soul, wanna explain me how you do it?”

More ass than soul. That's Reigen for you.


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The last 24 hours have been pretty fucking draining. Let’s just do this. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 11! Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-So Teruki’s crew have done pretty damn good at defending themselves. The psychic kids have gotten stronger, and Teruki’s learned a fundamental rule of dealing with psychics: Nobody’s big ESP brain really prepares them for a fucking punch to the jaw. Also, the would-be traitor insists he faked his treachery to confuse the enemy. Uh huh, sure.

-So…What’s the plan now? Reigen said they didn’t have to get into the thick. Teruki now disagrees. This city’s his home, and he’s taking it the fuck back.

-Opening! The MOB is alive. The MOB is high. The MOB is staying frustrated, aren’t you? Is that your ideal? Is that your mind? Right now… YOUR LIFE IS YOUR OWN

-Episode 011! Guidance ~Psychic Sensor~

-Toichiro is being all grimly serious…And Sho’s ready to wreck shit, but he has his wonderings about Ritsu. Why are you so ready to do this? Why are you so…prepared?

-…Because his brother is one of the most powerful psychics on the planet, Sho. Do you think he never thought about what he’d do if Mob went berserk? If something went terribly wrong? Your father’s exactly the kind of scenario Ritsu’s spent a hell of a lot of time thinking about.

-So, they need to solve the problem…And that’s when Shimazaki finds them. Ritsu immediately steps up with a plan…He can deal with this. He will hold this guy busy. Just get through!

-And the fight’s on, with Ritsu bursting through a smoke cloud…And getting slammed around like a rag doll. For all his new powers are strong, he’s not got enough experience using them like this…Not in a real fight.

-But Sho was through. The boy sprints up the stairs, as fast as he can…When he finds the technokinetic in his way. A swift suplex puts nerd boy on the ground, and leaves Sho pushing, desperately…

-While Mob finds the destruction all around…And runs into a few scrubs looting a convenience store. One that Mob knows quite well. And when one of them lifts him up…He is quietly, coldly furious at their abuse of their powers, and utter inability to see the value of the people around them. Dimple quietly gets the fuck back.

-Minegishi comes to solve the conflict…But of course, we started the whole season with Mob wrecking an entire farm’s worth of plant ESP. His anger at this callous disrespect for a living form is…Woo boy.

-Meanwhile, Ritsu is pulling off a lot of tricks, but he’s struggling, running out of options. Shimazaki offers to let him join…Or he can just keep beating on Ritsu until the boy yields.

-Yet, Ritsu won’t. Because, having his own powers…And more importantly, watching his brother struggle to be more than his own powers…Taught Ritsu what’s important. It’s not strength. It’s not power. It’s the will to wholeheartedly devote yourself to passion and to joy and to connection. And that, he won’t let anyone take from him!

-So Shimazaki, seeing this kid won’t ever flip, decides it’s time to just kill him—

-And he gets wanged in the head by Koyama, who whipped a manhole cover at him. The whole sewer crew has managed to pull themselves back, and arrived…And not just them, either. Teruki’s back with his crew, and the whole lot of them are in real bad moods.

-Of course, Shimazaki tries to hold out…And sure, each individual one is no threat to him. But the sheer amount of them, how long can he hold out? Teruki starts putting together patterns, figuring out Shimazaki’s instincts…

-While Mob is stuck in a real thick fight, and not an easy one…When Matsuo arrives, bringing a whole mess of monsters. This is an ugly situation, especially as Minegishi starts tearing through the spirits…

-And then…

-…Oh, fuck. Matsuo’s most important container, the one with Keiji’s ghost, just got shattered. Things go from bad to worse for all parties, as Keiji turns all of Minegishi’s plants into a body, and the skies turn red

-And now Mob’s stuck trying to defend the people who were just fighting him, because he can’t bear to see them destroyed. His faith in their potential is overwhelming…And for once, Keiji relents, after telling Mob that he has to be hard on people sometimes too…

-In the Tower, Sho and his father are arguing and Toichiro cares so little for even his own son…Who he blasts back with ease, having a ferociously powerful barrier and tons of power. And even Sho’s big finisher, uh, didn’t work out. Serizawa just defends him at the last second, and now it’s all over for Sho’s plan…

-Back with the fight against Shimazaki, it’s, not, going great. He’s holding out against all of them…When Teruki notices a slice open up. The guy has to detect attacks to stop them. The manhole cover, the gunshots…They just need to get one good hit in before he sees it coming.

-And so Shimazaki focuses his full effort on Teruki to keep him from getting that kind of rally. Ritsu and the others race in as best they can, but what the hell can they do…

-Well, it starts with Teruki catching a fist, and then immediately kicking behind him! You’re predictable, big guy. You just respond to whatever comes at you and do the immediate counter. Like a shitty computer AI. You ever play video games? It’s real fuckin’ easy to take down the AI, once you know how to trick it!

-Such as the rock clocking him in the head, courtesy of Ritsu…And once they’ve got him on the ropes, off of sync, the attacks come in from all sides, too many for Shimazaki to actually predict! His focus is shattered, and in that moment, he eats a beatdown! He tries to concentrate, to center all of his senses…Unleashing a flurry of blows in less than a second, teleporting through them all…As his senses are overwhelming. He can see every last detail…

-And those senses pick up something overwhelming. Someone. Teruki realizes…That could only be one thing. His friend’s arriving. You’re in for a real wakeup call, big guy—

-Reigen just walks up and starts wailing on Shimazaki, who totally tuned himself to only feel espers. With the SELF DEFENSE RUSH, where you shout that it’s self defense just in case it’s conflicted. Shimazaki, of course, convinces himself that he’s dealing with a man who can lock down his presence…And suddenly, Shimazaki manages to convince himself he’s dealing with something far bigger than he really is. He needs to surrender if he wants to survive this day.

-But Mob sees the casualness of Shimazaki over hurting so many people…And oh, he’s pissed. Shimazaki promptly bails the fuck out as fast as he can.

-When Mob finally meets back up with Ritsu, and learns that his whole family really is safe…So what comes now?

-Mob’s going in alone, is what comes now. You’re all too hurt. You’ll…Be in his way. He’s sorry, but he has to do this alone. And alone he goes, with only Dimple by his side…

-Credits! If I let it wither, it’d be over just like that…But my hope just doesn’t fade away!

-Aftercredits! Mob is terrified…But he’d be even more scared of others getting hurt. He has to do this…And that’s when he finds Serizawa waiting there, the man struggling to ask Mob to please leave.

And so for every wrinkle that gets smoothed out, another one ripples up. Messier and messier. Time to see if Mob can do it. We’ll find out next time, in episode TWELVE of Mob Psycho 100 II. Wait for it!


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That was one fight that will be discussed for years to come. The choreography, directing and sheer spectacle were better than most big budget productions. The director's name, Yuzuru Tachikawa, should be WAY bigger than it is.

That REALLY didn't help OPM's second season, perception-wise. :p

He is quietly, coldly furious at their abuse of their powers, and utter inability to see the value of the people around them.
"Can you make that can? Can you remake the window you broke though to pillage that store?" Nobody does cold rage as well as mob *shivers*.

It also highlights what I like so much about Mob Psycho 100. Many superhero media and battle shonen will make some half-hearted mouth noises about the value of normal people, Mob Psycho actually means it. So does One Punch Man come to think of it. For DC and Marvel a "normal human" superhero is a billionaire supergenius. When ONE writes a "normal" super it's... a REALLY nice guy on a bicycle.


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Hoping today goes a bit more psychologically smoothly. Let’s push through. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 12. Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show

-Opening! Get ready, wake your psyche up, MOB! Get ready, dig your anger up, MOB! Get ready, wake your psyche up, MOB! Get ready!

-Episode 012! The Battle for Social Rehabilitation ~Friendship~

-And Serizawa…Is willing to give Mob the Prime Minister if they both just leave peacefully. As Mob isn’t leaving, but he is willing to talk to Serizawa, to try and get through to him…And it might work better with Serizawa than most. Even with the deep, potent debt that he owes to Toichiro…

-Flashback to three years ago. Serizawa was a shut-in, a full on hikkikimori, who Toichiro came to talk to. Serizawa had fallen into the darkness for fifteen years, from fear of his powers, his emotions…His outburst, though, was stopped cold by Toichiro. It was the first time Serizawa met someone like that, someone else like him…And Toichiro gave him that umbrella he carries now, as a safe haven. Under the umbrella is his safe place.

-Mob hears the whole story…And just outright confronts Serizawa with the idea that he’s just been used by Toichiro, that he hasn’t rejoined society at all. He’s still standing outside of it, still being manipulated, still unable to get past his fears—

-And that’s about when Mob eats an umbrella to the fucking throat, and gets slammed into the safety glass hard enough to crack it. This is…Bad. Very bad. But Mob and Dimple see the plan. The umbrella is his safety mechanism, and his power focus! They need to get it away from him!

-Easier said than done…Though Mob manages to pull it off with some rudimentary manipulation.

-Here’s the problem.

-Serizawa doesn’t shut down when he loses the umbrella, he cracks. Anxiety and fear can make you do a lot of things. Sometimes they lock you up, sometimes they force any action at all…Serizawa manages to get his umbrella back to calm himself, while Mob’s got to try and fix the internal problems if he’s going to get through to Serizawa…

-And those problems are not only many, they’ve been reinforced by Toichiro. His fear, his despair, it’s overwhelmed him for so long. This is the only place he’s ever had acceptance, and it’s too precious…!

-Mob’s emotional capacity, 85 -> 89%.

-Even as Serizawa lashes out, Mob holds strong…Friends don’t manipulate you. They don’t force you to go against yourself! They accept you for who you are, and help you be better!

-95%. Mob’s straining against Serizawa’s sheer stress and anxiety, pouring off of him as readily as the psychic energy he’s building up…And Mob finally drops the big bombshell. Toichiro doesn’t see you as a person! He sees you as a TOOL! You don’t want to hurt anyone, and you know it…Mob’s been in your shoes! He knows what you’re going through!

-And if you want a friend, he’ll be your friend—

-And that’s when Serizawa’s blast hits him at full burst…As Mob reaches 100%.

-But not the beast. No, this is Mob, who draws it in, focuses…And returns the force to Serizawa. Not with anger, but with understanding, as Serizawa feels the struggles Mob has gone through…And truly understands what this boy was saying.

-Outside the Tower, Sho’s plan really didn’t work out. He got his ass beat. And Toichiro reveals that his foot soldiers are made by pouring his energy into them, sparking them up into artificial espers…This is his true strength. To endlessly gather energy, to spread it as he desires, to be strong beyond belief and to forge an army…

-Which is when Mob arrives.

-Commercial break!

-And we’re back! Mob’s got to have a long talk with Sho later, but right now, there’s the problem in front of him to deal with. Stopping Toichiro from doing something endlessly foolish…And Mob knows everything that was going on, from speaking with Serizawa. From the connection they made. From the understanding they forged.

-Toichiro, of course, outright calls Serizawa trash for not fulfilling his use. In case you didn’t get the memo that Toichiro is an asshole. Mob tries one more time to reach out, to forge a connection, to help Toichiro see himself as part of a society instead of standing separate from it…

-Sho tries to tell him it’s foolish, and how the kid’s had every scrap of his energy siphoned out by his father…So Mob just casually gives him enough to stand upright and get moving. Yet seeing this done so easily, has Toichiro ready to throw down.

-Back with everyone else, Teruki has his doubts about sending Mob in alone…And Reigen’s contemplating it. The kid has a lot of skills…But Mob’s true strength is simple earnestness and honesty. If he has that…

-And that’s when Dimple, kicked entirely across the city, flutters down to Reigen. And confirms just how bad the situation is. …Right, change of plans. He needs some backup.

-To the fight. Mob tries to talk still, but Toichiro isn’t listening. Also I’ll point out some easy imagery, Mob and Sho are seen through a window reflecting the city and society, while Toichiro is standing in the broken part all alone in shadow. Have that tasty tasty Symbolism.

-And to Toichiro’s end, he will destroy them both, starting with Sho…

-Which is what sets Mob off. His fury is there at full burn, as he’s forced to defend himself against Toichiro…Whose wrath is ferocious. Overwhelming.

-And that’s when Reigen arrives. Having borrowed a straight-up gun, and he has it pointed right at Toichiro as he pulls the trigger.

-The shot hits Toichiro’s barrier and stops cold, of course. But Reigen’s realized he made one very big mistake by letting Mob come here alone…But no more of that. He’s here now.

-And while Mob’s unconscious, Reigen decides to try and work an angle, as he steps up, asking to join Toichiro’s service and bring the others around PUNCH TO THE FACE

-That was slick, but it sure didn’t work worth a damn. Okay, okay, change of plans, time to beg for forgiveness—

-Mob wakes up in time to see Reigen shot out of the damn window with a mighty kaboom. And through the smoke, emerges…

-Serizawa, who blocked the shot, and let his umbrella burn.

-And now…Now the beast has woken up. What Mob has seen now, has tipped him over the edge. He tried talking. He tried de-escalation. He tried letting his master take over. And now…Now, all that’s left is to war.

-If you want this to be a raw test of power? To only listen to someone stronger than you? FINE. Time to meet your better! Serizawa, get everyone else out of the line of fire!

-Toichiro goes in for the punish, and gets blocked hard. The backlash breaks off a piece of the tower room, sending the others falling…

-When plants rise up, catching them! Minegishi actually did learn from seeing the situation shift…

-So Toichiro starts lasering the entire field, ready to kill them all…When Mob catches him, slamming him through the bulk of the tower!

-Toichiro’s output, 10%.

-He’s able to endure…But as the beast rises, he lifts so much rubble…Holding the entire tower in the air…Now, with no more worry of collateral damage, you will feel his rage.


…This will not end well.


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All the people on Tumblr who'd read the manga flipped out when Serizawa showed up in the anime, so I was like 'this guy better have a decent payoff'.

He did. He really did.


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-And that’s when Serizawa’s blast hits him at full burst…As Mob reaches 100%.

-But not the beast. No, this is Mob, who draws it in, focuses…And returns the force to Serizawa. Not with anger, but with understanding, as Serizawa feels the struggles Mob has gone through…And truly understands what this boy was saying.
How much that boy has grown.
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