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[WIW] Mob Psycho 100 II! Where the hero wants to finally stand out

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Finally caught up, one episode before the end. It's been a ride. This show... this show's got heart.

"I have no need to rely on others to make up for my deficiencies because I have the ability to steal, use, and rule." And yet those wouldn't matter without other people to steal from, use, and rule. If everyone else in the world disappeared tomorrow, your powers would, at best, make it slightly easier to find food and supplies, and maybe travel. Mob's point to your goons stands. You can't manufacture a can; you can't grow crops.

In short: "No matter what makes you extraordinary, you are one of seven billion, and the others do not exist for your sake. Deal with it." That's a good message. And I don't think we've seen a better use of those extraordinary powers in either season than Mob reassembling that manuscript -- connecting him to some else, and to something they care about.


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Finally caught up, one episode before the end. It's been a ride. This show... this show's got heart.
Yes. This thing is a labor of love, and it shows.

Not just that, it's a show that loves people, as flawed as they can be. I think this series was needed in the current world and general feeling of nihilism.

"No matter what makes you extraordinary, you are one of seven billion, and the others do not exist for your sake. Deal with it."
It's the other side of the opening lyrics: "Your life is your own."

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Yes. This thing is a labor of love, and it shows.

Not just that, it's a show that loves people, as flawed as they can be. I think this series was needed in the current world and general feeling of nihilism.
It also seems thematically adjacent to Thunderbolt Fantasy's ethos of "What's it worth to be the best there is at the Thing, anyway? What good does it do anyone, in itself?"


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All the people on Tumblr who'd read the manga flipped out when Serizawa showed up in the anime, so I was like 'this guy better have a decent payoff'.

He did. He really did.
As someone who hasn't read the manga, I'm confused as to why everyone was flipping out. Was his part in the manga bad or stupid or something?


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As someone who hasn't read the manga, I'm confused as to why everyone was flipping out. Was his part in the manga bad or stupid or something?
No, the good flipping out. As in "yes, this guy, finally!".


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Okay, let’s finish this. It’s Mob Psycho 100 II, episode 13. Here we GO!

Spoiler: Show


-Episode 03! Boss Fight ~The Final Light~

-So Mob has them both up in the air, as Toichiro is forced to push up to 20% of his output…And yet Mob simply pushes through it, bobbing and weaving through the psychic barrage Toichiro puts on him…As the beast’s fangs are finally able to sink deep into bloody meat and go all out!

-On the ground, Ritsu stares, seeing it all…And sees, with raw horror, what his brother has always been in danger of becoming.

-In that moment, Mob sees Ritsu in turn…Remembers the one time he lashed out, the one time someone got hurt…And in an instant, the beast is muzzled. Mob pulls back into control, and realizes he let the tail wag the dog…

-While Toichiro, still holding fully into his own form of emotional lockdown, is ready and willing to keep going. He pushes up to 50% output, ready to wreck young Mob…

-Who realizes that it wasn’t bad luck, but lack of connections, that made Toichiro exactly who he became. That solitude, that terrible loneliness, is something Mob knows too well. And it is tragic what must now come to pass.

-As all of the city’s rubble is turned against Toichiro, building after building slammed into his wake! He desperately dodges them again and again, only to be engulfed into a sphere of rock…Is this the end? Is it over?

-Sho knows it isn’t. He feels something change. His father’s taking off his own lockdown…

-And Toichiro bursts through the rock, bodyslamming Mob before throwing him into the earth hard enough to leave a crater! The entire rock ball is slammed in on top of him, crushing Mob…Everyone, at this point, is thinking Mob just needs to get the hell out of there…

-As Toichiro lifts up Mob’s body, and demands he wake up, and fight! Mob, who doesn’t want to fight, is willing to admit he doesn’t have the power to simply overcome Toichiro…

-When the man’s arm suddenly twists itself up. His whole body begins to warp…As Mob has to give the beast a chance to feed. Mob couldn’t do this. Not with the ways he wanted to. Now, the only option left is to destroy this threat to everyone he loves.

-And as Toichiro’s body is crushed…He hits 100%. And becomes raw, overwhelming energy. Mob is staring death in the face…

-When he hears Reigen’s voice…Remembers everyone he’s fighting for…And holds the line. Because the only thing worse than falling here, will be if he loses them. As Toichiro pulls back into a singular form, all of his raw hate and arrogance manifest, Mob too pulls himself together…Hitting stable 100%, full emotional expression! Those crimson eyes shine bright, as Mob pushes his body to its limits…

-And looks a hell of a lot like Deku when he does, as an aside. Complete with popping all the muscly bits in his own arm from trying to handle too strong an impact.

-But he gets an opening, tearing through Toichiro…Whose fires flash out, leaving just a raw, scorched corpse full of rage…Whose power is bursting out of the seams. He’ll explode. He’ll explode? …HE’LL EXPLODE! TIME TO BOOK IT

-Mob gets back to the surface, and all of you, RUN! NOW! Everyone here is in danger! The people start booking it indeed, with Ritsu having to pull Sho away from trying something stupid…When Reigen’s the first to look back. And realizes Mob is actually trying something stupid.

-Because Mob goes back down into the sewers, where Toichiro’s power is going to burst out overwhelming. And he knows it. So kill him, boy, and save your friends.

-Mob will not. He locks down a barrier around them…He’s going to contain it, and save the city. Because he can’t make everything work out…He can’t fix everything…But he’s not going to abandon you. Not at the end. Nobody deserves that.

-Toichiro, in that moment, remembers…The arguments with his wife. Her constant efforts to get him to be kinder, gentler, to be a better man to set the better example for his son. To be more than simply a wall of brutal force. It was his refusal that made her leave him…That cost him everything that really mattered….

-As Mob starts trying to absorb the power, to contain it…To hold it at bay…If he can manage to take in just enough, they might just get to walk away from this…! They might both be able to do what still needs to be done! For Toichiro to apologize, for Mob to confess, for both of them to face the people they love…!

-And that’s when everything goes up. A massive, terrifying mushroom cloud, erupting from Japan…

-Commercial break.

-And we’re back…To Mob waking up. Found in the rubble, deep underground. Their bodies are healed, even Mob…Though the eruption from his chest, from where his heart literally burst out of him, is still there. Teruki, Ritsu, and Reigen are all there, pulling Mob out of the thick…But where are they? What is this?

-Mob collapses, his mind so exhausted from the stress of putting out overwhelming force…As Ritsu really considers how few options they have right now. Reigen offers to take the kids in for a bit, but first, Mob at least needs some clothes that aren’t destroyed…

-So it’s a stop into the school…Where the Body Improvement Club captain finds them trying to steal workout clothes! THIEVES!



-And the captain, once he understands the situation, quickly makes a few calls…And the whole club arrives in a flash! They WILL offer all the help you need, young men! Reigen immediately abandons them into the Club’s care and calls himself a cab.

-While Teruki gets back to…The wreckage of his place. …Maybe he should call Reigen and see about that spot to sleep, after all.

-The next day, the news choppers and people are starting to investigate what’s in the center of town…It’s…

-It’s a broccoli sprout. One the size of a building. Multiple buildings, really. All of the energy Mob needed to disperse…Poured not into destruction, but into life.

-With the psychic kids…They’re facing doubts. And they’re thinking that the psychic research needs to stop. This endeavor has shown what dangers the world will face, if psychic power is weaponized again…But, their friendship and their connection will never die.

-Some of the ex-Claw guys are stuck dealing with the question of what to do. Even their scars have faded, healed by the overwhelming release of energy. Everyone’s got to figure out a new life.

-And when it’s all over…Toichiro, still alive, is being taken in. For what he’s done…His best shot is to be kept alive as a research subject. Or else, executed for the sheer depth of his crimes. It’s a grim fate…But one Toichiro is accepting of. Sho and Serizawa watch, as he’s taken away…And he has a final message for them. Serizawa…Be careful. Don’t let others manipulate you as he did. And Sho…For everything, he’s sorry. Most of all, he’s sorry he never patched things up with your mother.

-Well, it’s not over. Not yet. She’s going to be visiting you once this all settles. You’re going to hear everything she’s had to say this whole time, old man. No way around it.

-Eventually, it’s back to the office…Where it was determined that Reigen’s place got burned by a simple short circuit, so they got the cash to start over. It’s a little bland, though…So out come some more decorative plants, which Mob churns up to rapid growth. And that reminds him of the damn broccoli seeds. They’d been in his chest pocket the entire time.

-And Reigen and Mob both realize, as they look to the massive structure in the center of the rebuilding city…Perhaps they shouldn’t tell anyone about this discovery. Yes. That would be wise.

-Which is when Serizawa arrives. To now work under Reigen, and find his place in society. It’s not a perfect place…But it’s the best Serizawa will be getting any time soon. …Now sit down while Reigen gets the clippers.

-Soon Serizawa is clean shaven and short haired, and scared…But Reigen, Mob and Dimple will do right by him. Even if Mob has no idea what to do with suddenly having a kouhai at his age. It’ll be a mess, but they’ll figure it out.


Well…That was a hell of a finish. I’ve got more thoughts, but I’m gonna save them for their own post.

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...Goddammit, it was right there from the first season's OP, wasn't it?

Mob couldn’t do this. Not with the ways he wanted to.
Mob isn't Naruto. He can't make all the bad guys stop being bad with just the right words.

But he desperately wishes he could.


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So...I did you wrong.

I did you the reader wrong. I did Mob Psycho 100 II wrong. I did a lot of things and people wrong.

One thing that’s increasingly obvious is that I’m not in a good place. I had a pretty rough downturn partway through this one, which accelerated a draining sense of burnout. It’s my own fault, in a lot of ways. I was feeling tired in setting up all these Big Important Shows that needed a lot of time and attention in the windup to Comic Party, and then after that I wanted to immediately do a show I’d promised to another. Then I was behind on toku from the runup to series 100, so I broke right into that. And then I wanted to start hitting some of the Important Shows people were waiting for me to watch...

I’m not in a great place. I had one of the most stressful times of my life recently. My rather aged cat had what turned out to be an infected scratch, and while she recovered, there were several days where I thought I was going to lose her. It tore me up, but I kept it out of here, tried to just work and push through it. There was a night in there where I got maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep, scattered around an eight hour period.

Which brings us to now. To Mob Psycho 100. And to the way I was in such a deep funk in the back half of the show, that it’s message wasn’t reaching me. I wasn’t able to care about Mob’s connections and growth, or want to see those connections prosper, because of how far down the hole I was...and still am, in a lot of ways.

A few petty arguments online had me realizing how much I’ve internalized the idea of all matters of opinion as being a dominance game. You argue until someone submits to your will, cuts off their own opinion and internalizes your own. I’ve looked to media authorities, video essayists and well written bloggers, to form my opinions for me. And when people disagreed, what for them was a simple discussion of personal opinion became, for me, an existential battle, where the only possibility was someone having to lose a piece of themself.

I thought, a few months back, that I just had anxiety problems and a small social circle, two things fairly...straightforward, to fix. But with recent things taking away so much of my ablative armor, I’m all too aware of how much I have to work on.

One of those is the sheer amount of...self sacrifice I take on. Even these recaps have become that, have become a thing that denies instead of helps. I avoid shows I want to watch so I can put them up as recaps. I avoid shows that might be too disreputable or trashy so I’m not putting them out in public. And I avoid shows that are beloved by those who I perceive to have more ‘authority’ than me, so that I don’t have to face the possibility of liking the show and not knowing if that’s my own opinion or me aping someone else...or worse, not liking the show, and facing self denial or ostracization.

All of this is to say...I should have done better on Mob Psycho 100 II.

And I need a break.

Not a long one, I don’t think. A week or two, maybe. But I just...I need some time to myself. To figure myself out a little more. And to not be denying myself, putting my own happiness second for...what? To make better recaps of shows on an elfgame forum? That can’t keep going on.

I’m not going to quit posting entirely, I’ll still be around, but...yeah. I need some air.

I hope to be doing better when we meet again.
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