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[WiW] My Little Pony FiM 5: We have a Cave Troll


Bang and a Boom
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Onto the fifth one of these crazily enough.

Thread 1 and Index

Thread 2 Index

Thread 3 Index

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Bang and a Boom
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A sexy sexy party... :D

Wait, you already had "sexy" in there didn't you. Never mind.:eek:
Sexy is an infinitely stackable resource so no worries there.

Silly Discord, don't you know that the price of friendship is eternal vigilance! Also Harmony is mandatory and Princess Celestia is your friend.

And a Wolverarity because it's just too damn weird not to share.

She's the best at what she does, and what she does is really, really pretty?


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Someone needs to get Tabitha St Germain to do some classic Rarity lines but replace "darling" with "bub".
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